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Events: 1 Oct 2017 - 31 Oct 2017

Tropical Forest Restoration in Human-Dominated Landscapes ELTI - 2 months ago
ELTI invites participants to explore the social, biological, and political processes that shape reforestation and forest restoration in tropical regions. This course is designed for a diverse audience, including management professionals, policy makers, mid-career practitioners and others involved with natural resource management, land use decision-making, forest finance, or landscape restoration. English Language Duration: 6 weeks 6-8 hours/week $1,300 USD - Regular Registration *Limited partial...

Starts: 25 Sep 2017 - Ends: 5 Nov 2017 - Location: Online

Forests & Livelihoods: Assessment, Research, and Engagement (FLARE) 2017 FLARE - 3 months ago
FLARE is pleased to announce that registration has opened for the 3rd annual meeting. Previous meetings (Paris 2015, Edinburgh 2016) emerged as a unique space for presentations and discussions around forests and livelihoods, and for generating new relationships among those in our field, especially for younger researchers. This year?s meeting is being organized in partnership with Stockholm University, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative...

Starts: 29 Sep 2017 - Ends: 2 Oct 2017 - Location: Stockholm, Sweden

5th International Conference on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources IUFRO - 5 months ago
From 2017-10-02 to 2017-10-07, Gomel, Belarus, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 2.02.00 At the conference information on innovative approaches in conservation, reproduction and rational use of forest genetic resources (FGR), protection of forests and increase in their efficiency and stability in the conditions of the changing environment will be provided and discussed; the international experience of scientific, educational and forestry enterprises on studying and preservation of FGR will be generalized;...

Starts: 2 Oct 2017 - Ends: 7 Oct 2017 - Location: Gomel, Belarus

FSC General Assembly 2017 FSC - 4 months ago
The general assembly of FSC members, held every three years, is the highest FSC platform for decision-making.

Starts: 8 Oct 2017 - Ends: 13 Oct 2017 - Location: Vancouver, Canada

European Forestry Commission - 38th Session FAO - 8 months ago
Mon, 09 Oct 2017 - Fri, 13 Oct 2017, Organizer: FAO/UNECE, Poland, . European Forestry Commission - 38th Session

Starts: 9 Oct 2017 - Ends: 13 Oct 2017 - Location: , Poland

Committee on World Food Security 44 FAO - 3 months ago
Registration for CFS 44 is now open. Member Countries should register in the password protected areas of the Members? Gateway.The deadline for expression of interest is 18 September 2017. For expressions of interest submitted before 1 September 2017, approval emails will be sent out between 4-5 September 2017. For those submitted after 1 September 2017, approval emails will be sent out between 21-22 September 2017. If no response is received during the dates indicated, the expression of interest...

Starts: 9 Oct 2017 - Ends: 13 Oct 2017 - Location: Rome, Italy

Solutions for Wood Mobilisation in Europe - Registration open SIMWOOD - 4 months ago
Regional, national and European stakeholders interested in wood mobilisation are invited to the conference ?Solutions for Wood Mobilisation in Europe? (SIMWOOD project final conference). The programme is designed to address both forest practitioners (forest managers, entrepreneurs, wood suppliers etc.) and policy-makers. PROGRAMME - ? Lessons learned from the SIMWOOD pilot projects and regional learning labs; ? Experiences shared by participating SMEs; ? Demonstration of tools and products developed...

Starts: 12 Oct 2017 - Ends: 13 Oct 2017 - Location: Paris, France

28th IUFRO conference for Specialists in Air Pollution and Climate Change Impacts on Forest Ecosystems: "Actions for Sustainable Forest Ecosystems under Air Pollution and Climate Change" IUFRO - 11 months ago
From 2017-10-22 to 2017-10-26, Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 7.01.00

Starts: 22 Oct 2017 - Ends: 26 Oct 2017 - Location: Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan

TEAKNET Partner Event in the 27th Asia Pacific Forestry Commission Meeting: Strategies and global efforts for the conservation and sustainable management of teak genetic resources IUFRO - 3 months ago
From 2017-10-23 to 2017-10-27, Colombo, Sri Lanka, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 5.06.02 IUFRO Teakwood Working Party (Div 5.06.02) will be co-sponsoring a Partner Event organized by the International Teak Information Network (TEAKNET), India in the upcoming 27th Session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka during 23-27 October 2017, hosted by the Forest Department of Sri Lanka. The Partner Event is entitled “Strategies and global efforts for the conservation and...

Starts: 23 Oct 2017 - Ends: 27 Oct 2017 - Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

27th Session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission FAO RAP - 2 months ago
The 27th session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) will convene in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 23 to 27 October 2017, hosted by the Forest Department - Sri Lanka. APFC is one of six regional forestry commissions established by FAO to provide a policy and technical forum for countries to discuss and address forest issues on a regional basis. FAO encourages wide participation of government officials from forestry and other sectors as well as representatives of international, regional and...

Starts: 23 Oct 2017 - Ends: 27 Oct 2017 - Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Protecting Bio-diversity by utilizing wood FFPRI - 4 days ago
On October 24, 13:20 - 16:40, the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) will hold the free walk-in Seminar open to the public focusing on protecting biodiversity by using wood, at Yakult Hall, Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan. Contact: Flyer (Japanese)

Starts: 24 Oct 2017 - Ends: 24 Oct 2017 - Location: Yakult Hall, Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan