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Un mot du nouveau Directeur général par intérim du CIFOR .
TREE AID's project in Niger, Building Resilience and Adaptation against Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED), has helped over 400,000 vulnerable women, children and men to adapt to climate extremes. The project has supported local people to develop sustainable and climate resilient livelihoods, and it has developed systems and governance structures at local, national and regional levels that support fair, sustainable and climate resilient natural resource. TREE AID has worked with partners CARE...
The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has launched an assessment of the EU’s plans to combat desertification to determine “whether the risk of desertification in the EU is being effectively and efficiently addressed". EU countries considered to be most at risk of desertification are Spain, southern Portugal, southern Italy, south-eastern Greece, Cyprus and areas of Bulgaria and Romania bordering the Black Sea.
Plants can undergo external fluctuations in the natural light and dark cycle. The photosynthetic apparatus needs to operate in an appropriate manner to fluctuating environmental factors, especially in light. Yellow-poplar seedlings were exposed to nighttime artificial high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting to evaluate night light-adaptation strategies for photosynthetic apparatus fitness relative to pigment contents, photosystem II photochemistry, photosynthetic parameters, histochemical analysis of...
Management of forest genetic resources requires experimental data related to the genetic variation of the species and populations under different climatic conditions. Foresters also demand to know how the main selective drivers will influence the adaptability of the genetic resources. To assess the inter- and intraspecific variation and plasticity in seedling drought tolerance at a relevant genetic resource management scale, we tested the changes in growth and biomass allocation of seedlings of...
EcoAgriculture Partners and IUCN Netherlands have launched a trial version of the Landscape Investment and Finance Toolkit (LIFT), aimed at helping multi-stakeholder platforms access financing for integrated landscape management plans. The toolkit comprises a set of three modules that guide users through the process of defining, developing, and finding finance for their landscape priorities.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research, e-First Articles. Managing forest resources occurs under various sources of uncertainty. Depending on the management problem, this uncertainty may have a substantial impact on the quality of the solution. As our knowledge on the sources and magnitude of uncertainty improves, integrating this knowledge into the development of management plans becomes increasingly useful, as additional information can improve the decision-making process. This adjustment requires...
The landlocked mountainous nation will become the second country in the world to have a national agroforestry policy, with support from the World Agroforestry Centre and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)... The post Nepal makes progress towards a national agroforestry policy appeared first on Agroforestry World .
A group of scientists has published a Letter exploring the use of forest biomass to produce energy, ahead of the European Parliament vote on the EU Renewable Energy Directive on 17 January. Download the letter as a pdf There is heated debate about the best way to realize the potential of our forests in the fight against climate change. In the EU, the debate is currently very much focused on questioning the use of forest biomass to produce bioenergy. Our view[1] is that bioenergy from sustainably...
In December 2017, the One Planet Summit and a ‘Climate Finance Day’ resulted in a high number of climate financing-related announcements. Nigeria issued a US$26.9 million sovereign green bond, becoming the fourth country in the world to do so, after Poland, France and Fiji. The GCF opened a call for concept notes and funding proposals in response to its pilot programme for REDD+ results-based payments.

Results 1 - 10 (4064) RSS
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