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Climate Change Adaptation

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The Mountain Partnership serves as the “custodian agency” of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 (life on land) indicator 4.2, also known as the Mountain Green Cover Index. Mountains' Week focused on some of the priority issues relating to páramo and mountain ecosystems and discussed the formalization of strategic alliances for the integrated management of mountain territories in the context of climate change. The Mountain Partnership released its annual report titled, ‘Stepping up for mountains:...
While it’s well known that trees and forests provide an important carbon sink, the carbon stored in forest products is often overlooked. Forest products and materials such as those used for construction and furniture store carbon for decades and even centuries. A new report,  Harnessing the Potential of Private Sector Engagement in Productive Forests for Green Growth,  shows how sustainably harvesting wood products can help meet growing demand while providing jobs, mitigating climate change and...
To meet its commitment to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, Indonesia, which is the world’s third-biggest emitter, has been working hard to learn how to plan and implement reductions, with support from the World Agroforestry Centre. At a national workshop... The post Toward an even greener Indonesia 2030: technical support for plans that work appeared first on Agroforestry World .
Key insights from the 17th Meeting of the GCF Board in Songdo, Korea
  Representatives from Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam met to share innovations developed during the Climate-Smart, Tree-based, Co-investment in Adaptation and Mitigation in Asia project ‘Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to achieving the Sustainable Development... The post Sharing innovations in climate-smart agriculture appeared first on Agroforestry World .
The Green Climate Fund announced its disbursements are “picking up pace”. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development reported a third of its investments in 2016 were “green”. At the UN Ocean Conference, the European Investment Bank pledged to “respond to the needs in particular of SIDS, to reduce their vulnerability to climate change and assist them in building a more resilient ocean economy”.
Water availability, together with temperature, represents the most limiting abiotic factor regulating soil CO2 efflux (SR). Besides the direct effect of water limitation, drought also influences plant activity, determining changes in the quality and quantity of root exudates, thus indirectly affecting soil microbial activity. To determine how the seasonal changes of plant activity and soil microbial metabolism and structure affect SR response to drought, we investigated the correlation between leaf...
Equator Prize 2017 Winners Announced IISD - News - 2 weeks ago
The UN Development Programme (UNDP) announced the winners of the Equator Prize 2017, which showcase innovative solutions for tackling poverty, environment and climate challenges from around the world. UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner expressed hope that others will be “inspired by their example”.
During the month of June, adaptation and resilience projects in the Horn of Africa, the Caribbean, Moldova and Mongolia obtained funding from multilateral development banks. In the area of disaster relief, multilateral support was approved for Somalia and Sri Lanka. The World Bank, UNDP and Bangladesh have drawn lessons from recent projects.
Entre los días 29 y el 30 de junio, Mario Beltrán, técnico experto en gestión forestal sostenible del CTFC, participa en la conferencia final del proyecto LIFE Resilformed en Pantelleria (Italia), centrada en la gestión del bosque mediterráneo y el cambio climático. Su intervención se basa en la amplia experiencia […]

Results 1 - 10 (3958) RSS
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