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Timber is the right disruption for the future timberbiz - News - 1 week ago
When you get timber design right, working with different professions, it’s like beautiful music says UK architect Andrew Waugh. Source: The Fifth Estate But timber buildings are also like a tsunami – the UK has 500 already and his firm is “run off its feet” with demand. Designing with timber means learning to move away from a concrete and steel dominated model, according to UK architect Andrew Waugh, in Australia as part of a tour for Wood Solutions and as a speaker at Green Cities. Tackling climate...
Xlam feeding the need for CLT  timberbiz - News - 3 weeks ago
The long wait for Australian-made cross laminated timber (CLT) is nearly over. Xlam Australia will open its first CLT manufacturing plant in Wodonga and be producing panels for construction by the close of 2017. Source: Architecture and Design The company shared its plans to build a factory in the Albury Wodonga region with Architecture & Design last year but only now do we know that it is actually going to happen. Fairfax is reporting that the plant has the backing of local, state and federal government...
Flat pack apartments now more common  timberbiz - News - 3 weeks ago
A material used in construction for centuries is making a comeback, as developers and builders take timber to new heights. Source: ABC News On a site in Campbelltown, where four apartment towers are being built, almost the only noise you can hear is from another construction site nearby. A panel thuds into place. A drill whirs. A radio sings out over workers’ voices. Then, the screech of machinery from the other site. Over the road, a conventional build is underway – mostly steel and concrete. But...
Why Thermal Imaging Can Inspire Home Retrofits UBC Forestry - News - 4 weeks ago
Being able to see where heat is escaping from your own home is a powerful—and underutilized—way to encourage home energy retrofits, especially when those infrared images are packaged with other incentives and promoted within your community. That’s a key finding that researchers want energy efficiency promoters across Canada to know. Some 63 per cent of […]
The institute brings together the OSU College of Forestry; OSU College of Engineering; and the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts. It’s the nation’s only research collaborative that focuses exclusively on the advancement of structural wood products, and will serve as a... (more) Additional Information:  Full Story
The global engineered wood market is estimated to reach $41.2bn by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 24.8% from 2016 – 2022. Source: Forestry Expo North America and Europe account for nearly 70% of global engineered wood production and will continue to maintain high CAGRs, according to a new report from market research firm Allied Market Research (AMR). Demand for engineered wood is driven by the industry looking for alternatives to concrete and hardwood to conserve energy, speed up construction, cut labour...
CLT for big and small developments timberbiz - News - 1 month ago
Hume Partners Property, the developer behind Melbourne’s tallest timber commercial tower, is also building its smallest – a single-storey childcare centre. Source: Australian Financial Review The company backed by BRW Rich-Lister Peter Scanlon has partnered with childcare industry veteran Vin Harink to build Australia’s first childcare centre out of cross-laminated timber (CLT). Construction of the one-storey centre in South Oakleigh, with approval for 139 children, will start as soon as a building...
Lontoo rakentaa puusta Puuinfo - News - 1 month ago
Lontoossa on käynnissä suurin puurakentamisen buumi sitten suuren Lontoon palon (1666). Lontoon alueelle on noussut viime vuosina enemmän puukerrostaloja kuin koko Suomeen. Buumin taustalla on CLT-massiivipuun suosio. Sen avulla rakennetaan kohti korkeuksia jo 10-kerroksisia taloja ja puisia pilvenpiirtäjiäkin suunnitellaan. Puurakentamisen vahvuudeksi on suurkaupungin rakentamisessa osoittautunut sen nopeus ja keveys. Puurakentamisen työmaat eivät häiritse ympäristöä ja liikennettä samalla tavoin...
Looking for a little roadster made from wood? Your wait is over, with the award-winning Setsuna concept car by Toyota. Built almost entirely from Japanese cedar, which came exclusively from an SGEC-certified forest owned and managed by Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., the car will last for... -- Delivered by Feed43 service

Results 1 - 10 (398) RSS
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