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At the International Mass Timber Conference last month in Portland, Jason McLennan of McLennan Design, the architect who designed the Bullitt Center in Seattle and the creator of the stringent green building certification the Living Building Challenge, gave a keynote address. In his speech, he stated that he believes we are at a tipping point where wood construction will take over the commercial building industry much the way the automobile replaced the horse and buggy in the early 20th century....
Conditional upon grant funding, a graduate research assistantship will be available for a Master of Science (MS) student in the Louisiana Forest Products Development Center, School of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University (LSU) to start fall semester 2017. The successful candidate will be involved in a cutting-edge project in the field of forest products marketing/business development with a focus on evaluation of market potential for Cross-Laminated Lumber (CLT) and Massive Veneer...
Application time expires: 25 May 2017
Stora Enso har fått uppdraget att leverera massiva träprodukter till bostadsprojektet Trummens Strand i Växjö. Det är totalt cirka 6 300 kubikmeter träprodukter i form av CLT (korslimmat trä) som Stora Enso kommer att leverera till Trummens Strand, vilket gör detta till ett av Sveriges största trähusprojekt. / Stora Enso
Timber towers is the way timberbiz - News - 2 weeks ago
Timber construction is the only way cities can build enough housing for their growing populations and keep within agreed climate change emissions reductions, leading British architect Andrew Waugh said at Green Cities in Sydney. Source: Australian Financial Review London has a housing target of 50,000 new dwellings a year and to build those conventionally, with an average emissions footprint of 20 tonnes of CO₂ per dwelling, would see the British capital produce an extra 1 million tonnes of CO₂...
SA’s steps to Carbon Neutral Adelaide timberbiz - News - 2 weeks ago
SA Premier Jay Weatherill witnessed testimony to the environmental and manufacturing opportunities for South Australia that can flow from innovative tall wood construction solutions. Source: Timberbiz The Premier was speaking at Building Greener Cities with Timber, an event highlighting the environmental benefits of building with sustainable timber. “The South Australian government has been a leader in recognising the need to reduce carbon emissions,” Mr Weatherill said. “Following our Carbon Neutral...
Mass Timber Conference 2017 Theforestblog - News - 3 weeks ago
On March 28th & 29th in Portland Oregon, the second annual Mass Timber Conference took place.  Hosting approximately 800 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors to discuss everything to do with mass timber.  The well-attended conference was organized by the Forest Business Network. Each day had a morning general session with keynote speakers that included renowned London-based … Continue reading "Mass Timber Conference 2017" The post Mass Timber Conference 2017 appeared first on Theforestblog .
Wooden structures and even skyscrapers are spreading all over the world and Finland, too, wants to be involved in the […]
Maailmalla rakennetaan yhä enemmän puukerrostaloja ja myös Suomi haluaa olla mukana kestävän rakentamisen talkoissa. Professori Katja Lähtisen mukaan uutta vauhtia […]
NZ missing the mark on CLT timberbiz - News - 4 weeks ago
New Zealand is missing a prime opportunity to combine its sustainable timber resources with an innovative manufacturing system to build faster and more efficiently. Source: Urban Developer Lend Lease Australia’s Head of Operational Excellence Daryl Patterson says Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is the missing link. CLT is an engineered wood system made from several layers of dimensional lumber boards, stacked crossways and bonded together. Speaking at the Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association...
Effective Bonding Parameters for Hybrid Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Larkin, Blake Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a massive engineered wood product made of orthogonally bonded layers of solid-sawn lumber, and is intended for roof, floor, or wall applications. Although it was developed in Europe in the early 90s, CLT is relatively new to North America. CLT products must be certified for structural use. First North American product standard stipulating test methods and qualification criteria for...

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