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Pop ups and high rise CLT the go for 2018 timberbiz - News - 6 days ago
More pop-up shops, high-rises made of wood and the demise of big box shopping malls — these are just some of the architecture trends you can expect to see in 2018. Source: ABC News Celebrated Brisbane architect Michael Rayner said tastes were changing when it came to spaces in which people lived, worked and shopped. “The new public space isn’t the static space anymore; it’s something where events keep changing, programming keeps changing,” he said. “I think there’s a kind of realisation you need...
Laajaa yhteistyötä tiedotusvälineiden kanssa Metsämiesten Säätiö - News - 3 weeks ago
Suomen Metsäyhdistys on harjoittanut vuoden 2017 aikana laaja-alaista biotalousviestintää Metsämiesten Säätiön rahoituksella. Yhdistyksen toimittajayhteyksien tarkoitus on varmistaa, että valtakunnallisten ja maakunnallisten tiedotusvälineiden avaintoimittajilla on riittävät perus- ja ajankohtaistiedot metsäasioista. Toiminnassa keskitytään henkilökohtaiseen toimittajayhteistyöhön sekä uuden tiedon julkistamiseen toimittajayhteisöjen kanssa. Merkittäviä hankkeita ovat olleet yhteistyö tiedotusvälineiden...
CLT Panels Go Up On New OSU Forestry Building OSU CoF - News - 2 months ago
Oregon State University College of Forestry is constructing its new headquarters entirely out of engineered wood products. It will the first in the U.S. to use a “rocking wall” seismic design so it can survive a major earthquake. (more) Additional Information:  Full Story
La promoción de la construcción con madera laminada cruzada, eje de la reunión En el marco del proyecto europeo iForWood, diversos agentes del sector catalán de la madera se reunieron en el CTFC en el primer encuentro interprofesional sobre la construcción con CLT (madera laminada cruzada) en Cataluña. Dos arquitectos […]
Pese el aporte que entrega dicho material en términos de eficiencia y sustentabilidad, su utilización implica una serie de exigencias técnicas. The post Destacan desafíos y usos técnicos de la madera en la construcción appeared first on Lignum .
AUS vs imported glulam labelling timberbiz - News - 2 months ago
The Australian building and construction industry uses a wide range of timber products manufactured in Australia as well as imported. Sometimes confusion may due to differing overseas product marking/labelling requirements; a potential for such confusion is the marking/labelling of structural glued laminated timber (glulam). Source: Timberbiz It has been reported that the availability of European structural glulam products in the Australian market may lead to confusion when simply looking at the...
A new world’s largest CLT building timberbiz - News - 3 months ago
Work has been completed on a 10- storey carbon-neutral apartment complex in London’s Dalston, which architecture firm Waugh Thistleton claims is the “world’s largest cross-laminated timber building”. Source: Dezeen Not only is Dalston Works believed to use more cross-laminated timber (CLT) than any other building in the world, at 33.8 metres tall, it is also among the tallest structures pioneering the use of engineered wood. The external walls may be clad with brick, but their frames – as well as party...
Barangaroo wins Grand Prix Timber Design Award timberbiz - News - 3 months ago
Australia’s first engineered timber multi-storey office building, International House at Sydney’s Barangaroo, was announced as the winner of the Grand Prix Award at the Australian Timber Design Awards (ATDA) dinner, held in Melbourne. Source: Timberbiz Among the other winners were Geoffrey Marshall and Jeff Thornton, the recipients of the inaugural Dangerous Designs competition annual prizes. Already the recipient of international acclaim and extensive editorial coverage, International House Sydney,...
Creativity and technology are fuel for the innovation generation. International House Sydney is a fusion of these two components, giving a platform to develop a culture of change and to drive sustainable growth. Source: Timberbiz Standing at the gateway of Barangaroo, International House Sydney is set to become an icon for the new CBD, a pure expression of design excellence and an architectural response to Sydney’s place on the global stage.  Acclaimed Australian architects Tzannes and Associates...
Can you build a house overnight? Can it be beautiful, stylish and sustainable? The answer is yes – as the thousands of visitors to Helsinki Design Week can testify! For the fourth edition of PEFC Wood Works, PEFC Finland teamed up with architect and environmental artist Marco Casagrande to... -- Delivered by Feed43 service

Results 1 - 10 (467) RSS
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