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Zambia, 20th April 2017— In an encouraging move for East African forestry management and timber trade, the Zambian government has announced a ban on all “In Transit” timber within the country. The declaration, passed today, takes place effective immediately until further notice.
For the first time, scientists have created a global map measuring the cooling effect forests generate by regulating the exchange of water and energy between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere. The information offers a valuable new tool in efforts to mitigate climate change, according to a new article.
CBD Executive Secretary Cristiana Paşca Palmer said her top priority is to raise the profile and political visibility of the Convention while working cooperatively with other entities to achieve the SDGs. The CBD Secretariat along with UNEP-WCMC and IIED published the report of a workshop, titled ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Development and the Sustainable Development Goals: sharing and developing workable solutions’.
On 13 and 14 June, 2017 the first African Forestry Investment Working Conference will be held in Accra, Ghana at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. After the 2-days conference an optional fieldtrip to Form Ghana Ltd. will be organized on the 15th June.
Training, demonstrations and the establishment of a bamboo shoots enterprise are helping to spread the word about bamboo edibility in Madagascar. Even though bamboo is recognised around the world as a healthy food option and is savoured by food enthusiasts, many people are still unaware of this unique plant’s edibility. One such place is Mananjary, […]
The region looks to a new observatory to help protect its remaining forests
Nairobi, Kenya, 13th April 2017 —A new TRAFFIC and WWF report launched today highlights the challenges facing timber trading nations in eastern and southern Africa, in particular the need for improving trade monitoring and financial integrity and addressing issues related to politics, corruption and ethics at a national and regional level.
The fifth Mediterranean Forest Week resulted in nine countries affirming their support to forest and landscape restoration, land degradation neutrality, and biodiversity conservation efforts in the Mediterranean region. The 19th Commonwealth Forestry Conference convened under the theme ‘Forests for Prosperity and Posterity'.
Nairobi, Kenya, 12th April 2017— representatives from across Eastern Africa meet this week to discuss implementation of the Zanzibar Declaration on Illegal Trade in Timber and other Forest Products and formally launch its Steering Committee.
Study assesses the social, economic and environmental impact of palm oil certification

Results 1 - 10 (5874) RSS
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