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Flying under the radar? ITTO - News - 2 days ago
Throughout the tropics, the wood sector provides hundreds of thousandsof people with jobs, including in artisanal operations that can go unnoticed in official statistics but which are crucial employers in rural areas. In this edition of the Tropical Forest Update, Paolo Cerutti and co-authors (page 3) report that artisanal chainsaw millers in C?te d’Ivoire?mostly young people seeking to become financially independent?produce at least one-quarter of the country’s domestic wood supply and probably...
Hong Kong, 23rd March 2017 —Continuation of Hong Kong’s 150-year-old ivory trade hangs in the balance as the Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs meets next Monday, 27th March, to consider a bill to phase out local ivory trade in the city. The proposed ban will require a legislative amendment in conjunction with a proposal to raise maximum penalties for wildlife crimes.
Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 23rd March 2017 —Viet Nam continues to take centre stage in the global illicit rhino horn trade in 2017 with two large, back-to-back seizures totalling 67 horns in Southeast Asia that reaffirm the country’s links to rhino horn consumption and trafficking.
The issues of forests and energy are closely interlinked, and this is why this issue was the theme of this year’s International Day of Forests. If the current trend of slowing forest loss, combined with forest restoration and plantation efforts continues, a future where we achieve zero net global deforestation can go from being a dream to a reality soon. Sustainably managed forests are healthy, productive, resilient and renewable ecosystems, which can meet the growing need for forest products, including...
Beijing, China, March 2017— Last week, TRAFFIC, WWF and Qyer co-hosted a “Wild Africa” salon on the theme of “Being a Responsible Traveller”, aimed at Chinese citizens interested in visiting destinations in Africa.
Attendees visit a plantation near a wood processing company. March 18 2017 – International Forest day was colourfully celebrated at Debre Birhan, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Government Environment’s Forest and Climate Change Ministry (MEFCC) and REDD+ organized an event attended by more than 300 people from a diverse range of international and national organisations: […]
On this International Day of Forests, INBAR celebrates the many ways in which bamboo and rattan can contribute to the health of forest resources. Forests are an irreplaceable source of energy, livelihoods and habitation, and act as invaluable carbon ‘sinks’ to help mitigate the effects of climate change. It is increasingly important that we harness […]
In 2017, Ghana changed its role from an observer to a Participating member of ISO TC 296. This change in status was effected with INBAR’s support, and promises exciting developments for bamboo and rattan standards over the next few years. ISO TC 296 is a Technical Committee established under the International Standardization Organization (ISO). It works […]
L’interface forêt-ferme est un paysage de mosaïques associant de façon intégrée des modes de production et de gestion incluant diverses ...
The forest-farm interface is a mosaic landscape of integrated management and production practices that combines agricultural, forest and livestock land ...

Results 1 - 10 (7353) RSS
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