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Women are playing a leading role in coping with and adapting to climate change in the mountainous rural areas of China’s Yunnan province, where disruptions in weather patterns and increasingly extreme events are expected to impact agricultural livelihoods. But while they are assuming more responsibility than men, their voices are mostly excluded from the policy-making processes that affect their daily lives. The post Why China should include a gender-perspective in its climate change policies ...
Shen Zhen, China, 23 to 29th July, 2017– the 19th International Botanical Congress (IBC), known as the Olympics of botany, was attended by TRAFFIC for the first time. The IBC is an academic conference for botanical scientists and organizations to showcase a diverse variety of exhibitions concerning plant conservation.
Toyota turns to wood timberbiz - News - 7 days ago
Car designers could turn to wood in a bid to make cars lighter, stronger and cheaper. Source: The Sun UK A material made from wood pulp is five stronger than steel but weighs 80% less, according to researchers in Japan. And a leading supplier to Toyota is working alongside the boffins at Kyoto University to experiment with plastics that feature wood pulp. A prototype version of a car using these revolutionary cellulose nanofibres is due to be completed by 2020. The processing method developed is...
The head of state of Sweden visited Indonesia and attended a seminar on the role of forestry in sustainable development. The post Farms, forests and fuel in Sweden and Indonesia appeared first on Agroforestry World .
Siberian silkmoth (Dendrolimus sibiricus Tschetv.) is a dangerous pest that has affected nearly 2.5 × 106 ha of “dark taiga” stands (composed of Abies sibirica, Pinus sibirica and Picea obovata) within the latitude range of 52°–59° N. Here we describe a current silkmoth outbreak that is occurring about half degree northward of its formerly documented outbreak range. This outbreak has covered an area of about 800 thousand ha with mortality of conifer stands within an area of about 300 thousand ha....
PDF for download   The coordinator of a session on citizen science planned for the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress is aiming high. He hopes the session will inspire discussion about the merit and potential of a global initiative on invasive forest pest monitoring, with special emphasis and resources for countries with developing economies. The focus […]
Forests in India are a colorful canvas of the ecological conditions, rich biodiversity and lifestyles of the different communities in and around them. “Our ‘Experience Forests, Experience Life’ photo contest opened a platform for photographers to reflect and give shape to these... -- Delivered by Feed43 service
This paper provides an overview of China’s climate mitigation policy related to the forestry sector, with a special focus on the development of carbon forests which are established to mitigate climate change. A total of 3.5 million ha of carbon forest were planted in the past decade. In recent years, the number of Voluntary Emission Reduction forest carbon projects has increased rapidly. The main challenges for future development of carbon forests under market mechanisms include increasing costs,...
Beijing, China, 12th August 2017, World Elephant Day— Following China’s announcement late last year of a domestic ivory trade ban by the end of 2017, TRAFFIC and WWF surveys have found that the number of ivory items offered for sale—in both legal and illegal ivory markets in China—has declined alongside falling ivory prices.

Results 1 - 10 (7853) RSS
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