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Singapore, 19th February 2016 —A new TRAFFIC report has documented over 14,000 birds for sale in shops in Singapore over four days, 70% of them species non-native or formerly native to the country—a stark departure from patterns observed in other bird markets in the region.
The Government of Buol District, Indonesia, has committed to replicate three activities of the Smart Tree-Invest project run by ICRAF with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development.   The activities include farmers’ learning groups that run... The post Indonesian district government funds replication of ICRAF approaches appeared first on Agroforestry World .
    Sekitar 2.500 individu antelope Saiga mati mendadak di penghujung Januari 2017, disebabkan virus mematikan. Inilah pertama kalinya, wabah penyakit menular, membunuh ribuan Saiga di Mongolia dalam waktu singkat. Gejala kematian ini terdeteksi di Penghujung Desember 2016, ketika ditemukan bangkai Saiga di barat Provinsi Khovd, sebagaimana diberitakan The New York Times. Antelop Saiga di Mongolia [...]
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 13th February 2017 —Malaysian authorities have nabbed a gang of seven men they termed the "most wanted elephant hunters" in Peninsular Malaysia togetier with the seziure of explosives, guns and parts of tusks.
Smallholder farmers and indigenous communities must cope with the opportunities and threats presented by rapidly spreading estate crops in the ...
Across the Congo Basin, bush mango (Irvingia spp.) nuts have been harvested from forest landscapes for consumption, sold as a ...
Extreme fire events are being reported around the world, in some cases involving substantial loss of life and property.
Anyone who has walked outside on a sunny day knows that forests and trees matter for temperature, humidity and wind speed. Planting trees speaks to concerns about climate change, but the directly important aspects of the tree-climate relationships... The post Cool insights for a hot world: trees and forests recycle water appeared first on Agroforestry World .
Looking for a little roadster made from wood? Your wait is over, with the award-winning Setsuna concept car by Toyota. Built almost entirely from Japanese cedar, which came exclusively from an SGEC-certified forest owned and managed by Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., the car will last for... -- Delivered by Feed43 service
Quantifying Forest Biomass Carbon Stocks From Space Springer - Publications - 2 weeks ago
Abstract Purpose of Review This review presents cutting-edge methods and current and forthcoming satellite remote sensing technologies to map aboveground biomass (AGB) . Recent Findings The monitoring of carbon stored in living AGB of forest is of key importance to understand the global carbon cycle and for the functioning of international economic mechanisms aiming to protect and enhance forest carbon stocks. The main challenge of monitoring AGB lies in the difficulty of obtaining field measurements...

Results 1 - 10 (7106) RSS
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