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  Trees in, and around, rice fields help farmers’ become more resilient to climate change, improve their incomes and protect the environment. A new practical manual helps guide farmers in Southeast Asia, the rice bowl of the world.... The post Helping rice farmers grow trees for adapting to climate change appeared first on Agroforestry World .
“40 per cent of migrant workers in Guangdong are coming home to Chishui; three quarters of the returnees are involved in the bamboo sector” – the new phenomenon of urban-rural migration in China’s bamboo heartland Bamboo has always been an integral part of Chinese culture, traditions and the economy. As a world leader in utilising […]
From Bamboo to paper INBAR - News - 3 days ago
The journey of bamboo to a pulp paper factory in Chishui. From carvings on cave walls to etchings on stone and calligraphy on artistic sheets, writing has always been part of human history. Bamboo, closely intertwined with the Chinese culture, has been used to make good quality paper. With the constant innovation in the bamboo […]
Bathed in green, the undulating landscapes of Chishui offer a picturesque view. Located along the Yangtze River, in the remote and mountainous northwest of Guizhou Province, it is a key focus of China’s national poverty alleviation program. Chishui is also a target of the largest ecological conservation and land restoration programme (Yangtze River Shelter Forest […]
RECOFTC alumni - We are learning together RECOFTC - Videos - 6 days ago
Kusdamayanti, or Ida, is a trainer at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in Indonesia. Ida’s learning journey as a trainer transformed her from a conventional lecturer to an experienced participatory facilitator who has enhanced the effectiveness of the Minstry’s training programmes and mobilized local communities to participate in forest management.
The Ambassador of the Philippines H.E. Jose Santiago L. Sta. Romana (centre left) and INBAR Director General Hans Friederich (centre right) plant bamboo in the garden of the Philippines Embassy in Beijing PRESS RELEASE – As the Paris Agreement takes effect in the Philippines, the country’s Ambassador to Beijing welcomes the proposal to have bamboo […]
by Dr David Ganz, Executive Director, RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests 22 April is Earth Day! To celebrate the occasion, RECOFTC Executive Director Dr David Ganz makes the case that now more than ever we must continue to work to empower local people to effectively engage in mechanisms like REDD+ and other forms of […]
For the first time, scientists have created a global map measuring the cooling effect forests generate by regulating the exchange of water and energy between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere. The information offers a valuable new tool in efforts to mitigate climate change, according to a new article.
CBD Executive Secretary Cristiana Paşca Palmer said her top priority is to raise the profile and political visibility of the Convention while working cooperatively with other entities to achieve the SDGs. The CBD Secretariat along with UNEP-WCMC and IIED published the report of a workshop, titled ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Development and the Sustainable Development Goals: sharing and developing workable solutions’.

Results 1 - 10 (7467) RSS
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