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Especialistas de Chile y Australia dialogaron sobre cómo se están enfrentando fenómenos como los incendios forestales en el nuevo escenario de cambio climático.   The post Destacan relevancia de invertir en prevención para mitigar impactos de desastres naturales appeared first on Lignum .
Which countries have the most forest timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
On International Day of Forests, which is a global celebration of trees and woodland, which countries boast the most? Source: Telegraph UK Unsurprisingly, the tropical lands of South America, the Caribbean, Africa, south-east Asia and the South Pacific dominate, with Suriname, Micronesia, Palau, Gabon, Guyana, American Samoa and the Solomon Islands all in the top 10. But some more northerly countries fare well too, with Finland (72.9% forest area) 11th, Sweden (69.2%) 15th, and Japan (68.6%) 17th. A...
Two forest views on the Day of Forests timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
The United Nations General Assembly designated March 21 as the International Day of Forests to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and of trees outside forests. Source: Bellingen Shire Courier Sun There are two different perspectives about the state of our forests – the National Parks Association of NSW and Forestry Corporation. National Parks Association of NSW High rates of forest clearing in Queensland and Western Australia – with NSW set to follow – means...
International Forest Day timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
On International Day of Forests 21 March 2017, the Turnbull Government re-affirms its strong support of Australia’s forestry industry. We support the jobs of hard working local people in the forest industries. Everyone should be celebrating our forestry industry, not demonising it. A strong timber industry means towns in regional Australia prosper—they keep their schools, shops and hospitals. What’s more, there are significant and expanding opportunities to utilise the energy in our forests. This...
Proposals to improve the sustainability performance of residential buildings as part of a new Queensland Building Plan are ignoring the biggest carbon win, according to chief executive of Timber Queensland Mick Stephens. Source: The Fifth Estate His association has called on the government to ensure that sustainable materials are made part of the policy, and that embodied energy impacts are given equal weighting to operational energy efficiency. “Historically there has been a strong emphasis on...
Record highs for NZ log prices timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
Buoyant New Zealand activity has pushed up local log prices to new record highs. Source: Scoop Media The average price for roundwood logs used in the horticulture sector rose to NZ$92 a tonne in March, up NZ$2 from February’s average price and at the highest level since AgriHQ began collecting the data in early 2002, according to AgriHQ’s monthly survey of exporters, forest owners and saw millers. Structural log prices also increased, with S3 logs hitting NZ$114 a tonne, the highest since AgriHQ...
Planet Ark reports on calm benefits of wood timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
A new report shows significant health and wellbeing benefits can be had by incorporating wood in interior design and the construction of buildings according to a new report by Planet Ark. Source: Timberbiz The use of wood, especially in conjunction with the principles of ‘nature connected design’ also known as biophilic design, has significant health and wellbeing benefits including lowering heart rates and stress response for students and workers, speeding recovery afer surgery and encouraging...
NZ forestry worth $1.4b timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
The forestry and logging sector is worth NZ$1.4 billion to GDP, making a substantially larger contribution than either the sheep meat or beef sectors, says a new report released in Rotorua. Sources: The New Zealand Herald, Rotorua Daily Post The report was commissioned by the New Zealand Forest Owners Association and Farm Forestry Association from NZIER. Forest Owners Association chairman Peter Clark said the public had underestimated the forest sector’s role and importance. “Our sector is growing...
10 truckloads of timber for Easter Show timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
Ten truckloads of timber from Badja, Bago and Yambulla State Forests are making their way to the Sydney Royal Easter Show to be used in wood chop competitions. Source: Eden Magnet Forestry Corporation of NSW’s sales and distribution supervisor Andy Costello said 4017 chopping blocks and 107 tree poles would be used over the two-week event. “The wood chop events at the Sydney Royal Easter Show attract many thousands of visitors each year and Forestry Corporation has been supplying sustainable timber...
Ballarat to double its tree canopy timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
Climate change, powerlines, pests and diseases are some of the challenges the city of Ballarat will face as it looks to double the amount of tree canopy coverage. Source: Ballarat Courier The City of Ballarat has released a discussion paper highlighting some of the key priorities and challenges of its urban forest strategy, with community response to form part of the final action plan. The strategy was adopted in mid 2015 and outlined plans to increase tree canopy coverage from an estimated 17 per...

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