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Lonza – Backing Grown in Britain GIB - News - 1 day ago
Entering its second year of support for Grown in Britain, Lonza Wood Protection is continuing to develop products and technologies which will help the timber industry make the most of our home grown timber species. Andy Hodge, Marketing Director at Lonza said “Grown in Britain is a fantastic organisation that is driving change for good […] The post Lonza – Backing Grown in Britain appeared first on Grown In Britain .
The UNFCCC report compiles information on, among others, progress, lessons learned, gaps and needs, as well as financial and technical support received by developing countries and provided by developed countries, in the process to formulate and implement NAPs as at 9 February 2018. In relation to gaps and needs in particular, the publication recommends that stakeholders be aware of the linkages between national monitoring, and the evaluation and monitoring of NDCs, the SDGs and other global frameworks....
The new Russian forest inventory and planning instruction has been officially published and will come into force on May 4, 2018. See more details in Russian here: Новая Лесоустроительная инструкция официально опубликована и вступит в силу 4 мая 2018 года
Since the turn of the year, Norway has the chairmanship of SNS. The chairman is Ivar Ekanger, a man with many assignments and long experience, who would like to see that SNS connects more closely with the forestry industry.   Ivar Ekanger is a happy dot with great engagement and… Read more
Africa Climate Week aimed to capture regional concerns to motivate climate action on the ground in such sectors as energy, agriculture and human settlements. UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa called on Africa to implement integrated policies that align with the goals of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs. During the Africa Carbon Forum, speakers called for a “new and robust” mechanism to help African countries meet emissions targets, and emphasized the “unique capacity” of Africa to innovate.
The Mountain Partnership has published baseline data for the Mountain Green Cover Index, one the official indicators for Sustainable Development Goal target 15.4. To develop the baseline data, interactive visualizations were derived from FAO’s Collect Earth and the 2015 global map of mountains produced by FAO and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat.
Have a look at the publication from EFI: Climate-Smart Forestry: mitigation impacts in three European regions. The science-policy report demonstrates how different climate-smart forestry measures in three European regions can enhance the role of forests in tackling climate change. “The approach builds on three pillars: • reducing and/or removing greenhouse… Read more
Bright future for Big data SNS - News - 1 week ago
Forest machine data may help to take efficiency and precision of forestry to the next level – there are many exciting examples of how machine-generated data can be captured and used. But there are also questions about data ownership, ethics and GDPR-compliance. The SNS CAR NB NORD will arrange a… Read more
NAMA Facility reports a high proportion of NAMA Support Project Outlines received during the 5th Call have been found eligible. Ecofys analysis highlights lack of successful financial mechanisms attached to NAMAs as one reason behind limited success in securing funds. Countries and organisations discuss climate actions, enhanced cooperation and capacity building, including with focus on transparency.
The first pilot of the Youth Climate Leaders Program will involve an immersion in Paris, France, and several cities in Kenya, three-month tailored field placements, and a one-week trip to COP 24 to the UNFCCC in Katowice, Poland. This year’s group project will focus on sustainable agriculture (SDG 2) and land use (SDG 15). It will support Endeleza, a non-profit organization seeking to promote human and community development through education, empowerment and sustainability, in scaling its ‘Sustainable...

Results 1 - 10 (16204) RSS
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