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Burung Air, Kenapa Harus Disensus? Mongabay - News - 1 week ago
Indonesia merupakan negara penting bagi burung air penetap maupun migran, jenis yang setiap tahun melakukan pengembaraan. Pantai Indonesia yang panjang, yang sebagian besar merupakan hamparan lumpur dan pohon mangrove, adalah berkah bagi makhluk bersayap ini untuk mencari makan. Berdasarkan Buku Studi Burung Pantai terbitan Wetlands International Indonesia 2003, sekitar 19 lokasi lahan basah di Indonesia […]
E Sciences, Incorporated has an immediate opening for an experienced environmental consultant in our Fort Lauderdale, FL office. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years of experience as an environmental consultant in Florida, preferably with experience in transportation projects (both PD&E studies and design permitting).  Strong written and oral communication skills required. Responsibilities: Jurisdictional wetland delineations Local/state/federal wetland permitting Project management...
Application time expires: 5 Jan 2018
Start Date: As early as May 21, 2018 End Date: December 31, 2019 with possible extension Position Type: Full Time Temporary Benefits: Housing (optional), 10 paid vacation/sick days a year, paid holidays, health insurance Shultz Forest Management and Consulting LLC is seeking applicants to fill a full time (40hrs/week) Wetland and Forest Restoration Technician position. The primary focus of this position is to conduct wetland restoration on private lands in accordance with NJ DEP regulations and...
Application time expires: 11 Feb 2018
Job Description: ABOUT US:  The Southern Maryland Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Board, Inc. is a nonprofit organization administering projects related to resource conservation, habitat restoration, forestry, agricultural preservation and wetland restoration. We were founded in 1971. ABOUT THE POSITION:  The RC&D has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to fund a Forester position to provide forestry technical services in...
Application time expires: 29 Jan 2018
A UN Environment report warns that illegal logging and wildlife crime threaten biodiversity and livelihoods in Europe’s Danube-Carpathian region, despite the numerous policies, conventions and organizations in place to protect natural resources. The analysis concludes that compliance and enforcement of relevant legislation need to be complemented by more inter-agency collaboration, and capacity across institutions, authorities, and local communities.
Natural climate solutions NGP - News - 3 months ago
Most nations recently agreed to hold global average temperature rise to well below 2 ?C. We examine how much climate mitigation nature can contribute to this goal with a comprehensive analysis of ?natural climate solutions? (NCS): 20 conservation, restoration, and/or improved land management actions that increase carbon storage and/or avoid greenhouse gas emissions across global forests, wetlands, grasslands, and agricultural lands. We show that NCS can provide over one-third of the cost-effective...
Global review finds tenure rights key to conservation of coastal forests
NZ government alerted to Kauri sell off timberbiz - News - 3 months ago
Government officials have checked out a company which seems to offer bulk swamp kauri on a Chinese e-commerce site but say no laws have been broken. Source: New Zealand Herald The rupturing of a vital fuel pipeline near Ruakaka last month – possibly after it was damaged by a digger trying to extract swamp kauri logs some years earlier – has put a spotlight back on to Northland’s swamp kauri industry and sparked a flurry of tip-offs to the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). Some of those related...
Lower environmental standards for forestry timberbiz - News - 4 months ago
Environment Southland, New Zealand has expressed concern that forestry operators will be allowed to operate at lower environmental standards than others, under new government rules. Source: The Southland Times A report to an Environment Southland meeting says a national environmental standard for plantation forestry was enacted in July and will come into force next May. The national standard covers all activities relating to plantation forestry including earthworks, river crossings and mechanical...
Making peat a priority CIFOR - News - 4 months ago
Peatlands in the spotlight at the IUFRO Congress in Germany

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