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Ballarat to double its tree canopy timberbiz - News - 3 days ago
Climate change, powerlines, pests and diseases are some of the challenges the city of Ballarat will face as it looks to double the amount of tree canopy coverage. Source: Ballarat Courier The City of Ballarat has released a discussion paper highlighting some of the key priorities and challenges of its urban forest strategy, with community response to form part of the final action plan. The strategy was adopted in mid 2015 and outlined plans to increase tree canopy coverage from an estimated 17 per...
Kauri disappearing timberbiz - News - 1 week ago
Lawmakers have called for a ban on the “mining” of an ancient New Zealand timber resource after a government report showed that half of it might have already disappeared. Source: Xinhuanet The report showed that an estimated 30% to 50% of swamp kauri logs – massive logs of New Zealand’s native kauri hardwood that have been preserved in peat land for thousands of years – have been removed from the ground. It was one of three reports on swamp kauri, which is found in the far northern Northland region,...
Are Tiwi plantations in trouble timberbiz - News - 1 week ago
The forestry operation that Tiwi Islanders have hoped for six decades would lift their communities out of poverty has denied it is about to collapse because it is unable to repay its debts. Source: ABC News Tiwi families on the islands, 70 kilometres north of Darwin, have supported the Tiwi Plantations Corporation (TPC) with millions of dollars in loans since November 2009 when it took over the project. The Northern Territory Government, which is a secured creditor of the corporation, said it agreed...
Wetlands are important providers of ecosystem services and key regulators of climate change. They positively contribute to global warming through ...
Abstract Background Peatlands play an important role in the global carbon cycle. They provide important ecosystem services including carbon sequestration and storage. Drainage disturbs peatland ecosystem services. Mapping drains is difficult and expensive and their spatial extent is, in many cases, unknown. An object based image analysis (OBIA) was performed on a very high resolution satellite image (Geoeye-1) to extract information about drain location and extent on a blanket peatland in Ireland....
Planning the key to forestry farming timberbiz - News - 2 weeks ago
Improving a farm environment by planting a forestry block gives farmers as much satisfaction as lifting the values of their land. But it also required careful planning if landowners are to reap its benefits. Source: Stuff NZ That would dictate how the trees are managed, New Zealand Farm Forestry Association Waikato secretary John Simmons told farmers at a Beef+Lamb farm forestry field day in Te Awamutu. Farmers planted trees for many reasons, ranging from nutrient offsetting, timber, erosion protection,...
Job Summary Our client is one of the largest employers of full-time, experienced environmental professionals in the eastern United States. Our current staff includes specialists in wetland science, wildlife biology, soil science, fisheries biology, botany, hydrology, forestry, habitat restoration, marine biology, environmental permitting, GIS and surveying. Our clients Environmental Services group is dedicated to managing environmental issues proactively and professionally. We focus on hiring exceptionally...
Application time expires: 7 May 2017
We are seeking experanced tree planters for the 2017 spring planting season. Duties include install of plugs, tublings, and 1 to 3 gallon sized trees in reforestation, stream restoration, and wetland enhanncement projects in the Northern Virginia Area. Work will involve the use of handtools and the carring of heavy loads (50 lbs) while traversing uneven terrain.  Work is conducted outdoors in often inclement weather. Position is seasonal, but could lead to a full time position.
Application time expires: 7 Apr 2017
Interest is growing among the scientific community about the powerful carbon capture and storage potential of mangroves
Infosylva forestry news clippings No. 03/2017 FAO - Publications - 1 month ago
An FAO-coordinated project concerning the community management of forests located in the Lumumbashi region in the Democratic Republic of Congo aims to reforest the area with Miombo trees. Miombo woodlands are important to the livelihoods of many rural people across many countries of South Saharan Africa, as they provide non-timber products such as fruits, honey, fodder for livestock and fuelwood. (In French) In Bhutan, the first volume of the National Forest Inventory (NFI) has been recently released....

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