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Interest is growing among the scientific community about the powerful carbon capture and storage potential of mangroves
Infosylva forestry news clippings No. 03/2017 FAO - Publications - 5 days ago
An FAO-coordinated project concerning the community management of forests located in the Lumumbashi region in the Democratic Republic of Congo aims to reforest the area with Miombo trees. Miombo woodlands are important to the livelihoods of many rural people across many countries of South Saharan Africa, as they provide non-timber products such as fruits, honey, fodder for livestock and fuelwood. (In French) In Bhutan, the first volume of the National Forest Inventory (NFI) has been recently released....
As countries ponder how to encourage mangrove conservation, the role of people, rights, and governance institutions should receive equal consideration
Coastal wetlands excel at storing carbon ScienceDaily - News - 3 weeks ago
While coastal wetlands serve as effective 'blue carbon' storage reservoirs for carbon dioxide, other marine ecosystems do not store carbon for long periods of time, a new analysis suggests.
Protecting Tanzania’s mangroves CIFOR - News - 3 weeks ago
Why the current conservation scheme is falling short, and alternative approaches to strengthen it
By Stephen Brooks, Land Tenure and Resource Governance Advisor for USAID, originally published at USAID Medium, from which it was adapted for CIFOR’s Forests News As global climate change continues to threaten coastal communities in the tropics, governments have increasingly focused on the promotion and conservation of mangrove forests for their protective qualities. Mangroves — trees and shrubs that grow in tropical […] The post World Wetlands Day: The human element of mangrove management appeared...
The Human Element of Mangrove Management CIFOR - News - 3 weeks ago
Forests News invited Stephen Brooks, Land Tenure and Resource Governance Advisor for USAID, to write this special guest article in advance of World Wetlands Day (2 February).
Native vegetation cleaning outcomes report timberbiz - News - 4 weeks ago
The Victorian Government is reviewing the native vegetation clearing regulations to ensure that they sensibly protect sensitive vegetation. Source: Timberbiz Victoria’s ecosystems provide important habitat for our unique native plants and animals. A healthy environment is fundamental to the wellbeing of all Victorians. The Victorian Government has concluded its review of the native vegetation clearing regulations. The outcomes are detailed in the Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations...

Results 1 - 10 (687) RSS
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