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Why wood pellets are more harmful than coal? Forest Monitor - Publications - 2 days ago
New research from MIT, Climate Interactive, and UMass Lowell has revealed that substituting coal with wood as a means to generate power could make climate change worse for many decades. Read more… In a joint Continue reading Artykuł Why wood pellets are more harmful than coal? pochodzi z serwisu Forest Monitor .
Le présent ouvrage se veut complémentaire avec la base de données accessible sur le site internet en proposant au lecteur ...
This report is meant to be complementary to the database (accessible on the internet), by offering the reader a more ...
Canadian Journal of Forest Research, e-First Articles. Currently, there are uncertainties regarding the impacts and (or) efficacy of biomass harvesting and silvicultural practices on stand production on coarse-textured boreal soils. Replicated factorial field experiments examining effects of complete vegetation control (repeated glyphosate application) following operational stem-only harvest with disc trenching (SOT), operational whole-tree harvest with (WTT) and without (WT) disc trenching, and...
Stem size distribution (SSD), which describes tree frequencies in diameter classes within an area, has a variety of direct and indirect applications that are critical for forest management. In this study, we evaluated which structural characteristics derived from Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) data were best able to differentiate between unimodal and bimodal stands in a managed boreal mixedwood forest in Alberta, Canada. We then used wall-to-wall ALS data to predict (for 20 m-by-20 m grid cells)...

Results 11 - 20 (1782) RSS
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