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CIFOR -3 days ago

How timber markets can help save tropical forests

Gerhard Dieterle on the legality, sustainability and profitability of green tropical supply chains...


NYT -yesterday

Scorched Portugal Turns to the Goat as a Low-Cost Firefighter

Portugal is using goats to clear the underbrush that fuels wildfires in hard to reach places and abandoned lands. If only it can find shepherds to tend them....

What Wood -yesterday

Belarusian Svetlogorsk pulp and board mill independently to complete the construction of a plant for the production of bleached sulfate pulp with a capacity of 400,000 tons per year

The General meeting of shareholders of Svetlogorsk pulp and board mill JSC agreed on the procedure and order of completion of the contract construction contract dated 11 October 2010 made between Svetlogorsk pulp and mill JSC and Chinese Engineering Corporation CAMC JSC. As part of the agreement, th...

NYT -yesterday

The Long Road to Injury Recovery

As I ate my breakfast on a tree stump by the trailhead after my run, I finally saw that I was on my way, and that there’s no shame in taking the time I need to get there....

Mongabay -2 days ago

Newly described giant extinct penguin and parrot once lived in New Zealand

Millions of years ago, giant birds roamed ancient New Zealand. There was the moa, an extinct flightless bird, thought to weigh up to 230 kilogram (510 pounds). Then there was the now-extinct Haast’s eagle, the largest eagle known to have ever lived, as well as several species of extinct giant peng...

Mongabay -2 days ago

Norway freezes support for Amazon Fund; EU/Brazil trade deal at risk?

Unilateral changes made to the Amazon Fund by Jair Bolsonaro have caused Norway to freeze US$33.2 million slated to reduce Amazon deforestation....

What Wood -2 days ago

For 7 months of 2019 logging enterprises of GC “Titan” have harvested more than 2 billion cubic meters

In July 2019 the companies of Titan Group, the general supplier of pulpwood to JSC “APPM”, harvested 326,7 thousand m³ of timber. Wood removals amounted to 243,3 thousand m³. In January – July of this year the Holding logging companies harvested 2 062,8 thousand m³, which is by 662,6 thousa...

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Forests and Climate Change

CBD -2 days ago

Warmer winters are changing the makeup of water in Black Sea

Warmer winters are starting to alter the structure of the Black Sea, which could foreshadow how ocean compositions might shift from future climate change, according to new research....

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Climate Change Adaptation

IISD -5 days ago

Sustainable Land Management Critical to Combating Climate Change: IPCC Special Report

The report cites the need to change the ways food is produced and land is managed to cut emissions and keep warming to below 1.5°C above preindustrial levels. WG III Co-Chair Jim Skea explained that land already in use could feed the world in a changing climate, and provide biomass for renewable energy, but emphasized that “early, far-reaching action” is required. WG II Co-Chair Debra Roberts...

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Ecological and Habitat Restoration

The Guardian -1 week ago

Climate crisis reducing land’s ability to sustain humanity, says IPCC

UN report finds ecosystems never before under such threat and restoration is urgentHow climate’s impact on land threatens civilisation – and how to fix itThe climate crisis is damaging the ability of the land to sustain humanity, with cascading risks becoming increasingly severe as global temperatures rise, according to a landmark UN report compiled by some of the world’s top scientists.Glob...

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Climate Home -4 days ago

Meat and potatoes: international media majors on diet in IPCC coverage

Reporting on latest science around climate change and land use focused on rich nation's eating habits, but did it miss the bigger picture? The post Meat and potatoes: international media majors on diet in IPCC coverage appeared first on Climate Home News....

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Forests & SDGs

IISD -3 days ago

Event: Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019

The tenth annual Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 will convene on the sidelines of the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the UNFCCC, bringing together over 600 delegates to explore four key pillars of low-carbon transition: climate finance; energy transition; sustainable mobility; and circular economy. Day one will open with high-level policy discussion and keynote speeche...

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timberbiz -5 days ago

Scion’s new timber innovation hub on the rise

Scion’s new innovation hub in New Zealand is taking shape with the three-storey building rising up as the massive timber components, assembled into diagonal grids, are secured in place. Source: Timberbiz Ready-to-assemble diagrid components arrived on site 26 July 2019. A specialist team started putting all the pieces together on Monday 29 July and the building is coming along in leaps and bound...

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The Guardian -2 weeks ago

'Part of German soul' under threat as forests die

Action plan to be drawn up as dry summers, storms and pests destroy swathes of woodlandA catastrophic combination of heat, drought, storms, forest fires, beetle plagues and a fungi blight have so far this year destroyed swathes of German forest equivalent to more than 200,000 football fields.Forests are one of the most efficient ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and in Germany alone they ar...

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CBD -1 week ago

Can we really protect natural habitats to 'offset' those we are destroying every day?

In the forests of northern Sweden, a major train line cuts through land originally protected for migratory birds - so new seasonal wetlands have been established for the birds nearby....

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Forest & Food Security

CIFOR -1 week ago

GLF Bonn 2019 Outcome Statement

In the face of the climate crisis and threats to food security, a safe water supply and biodiversity, GLF Bonn 2019 sought to hear the voices of Indigenous Peoples, local communities, women and youth – all of those with the greatest stake in confronting such global challenges. The post GLF Bonn 2019 Outcome Statement appeared first on Center for International Forestry Research....

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