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timberbiz -2 weeks ago

Asia-Pacific Forestry Week – certification leads to empowerment

Empowering communities, managing landscapes and lifting millions from poverty are among key benefits underpinning PEFC forest certification. Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week (APFW2019) in South Korea, PEFC International CEO, Ben Gunneberg challenged participants to celebrate the values underpinned by PEFC forest certification. Source: Timberbiz “These are the direct, known benefits. But it is the lesser known, indirect benefits of forest certification which contribute to ou...


timberbiz -2 hours ago

Vietnam timber exports to reach $11b

Việt Nam’s export of timber and wood products is expected to reach US$11 billion this year, said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường. Mr Cường said export value reached $5.23 billion in the first half of this year, up 20% compared with the same period i...

timberbiz -2 hours ago

New forwarders from John Deere

John Deere’s new 910G and 1010G Forwarders provide loggers with ultra-comfortable cabs and a variety of boom, load space, axle and cabin options, and they can be customized for different worksites or operational needs. Source: Timberbiz “With the addition of the new 910G and 1010G Forwarders, w...

timberbiz -2 hours ago

Canada steps up to processing locally to create jobs

The Government of British Columbia in Canada is taking the first step toward ensuring that more logs are processed there, creating jobs for British Columbians by applying a new, targeted fee-in-lieu of manufacturing for exported logs harvested from a coastal BC Timber sales licence. Sources: Timberb...

timberbiz -2 hours ago

The 57th Australian Export Awards open to forestry

Forestry exporters are invited to nominate for the awards to celebrate their contribution to Australia’s record exports and strongest ever trade surplus. This year there are 13 national awards categories including Agribusiness, Emerging Exporter, Sustainability, Manufacturing and Advanced Material...

timberbiz -2 hours ago

Longer log trains deliver for KiwiRail

Longer log trains between Waingawa and Wellington in New Zealand will deliver clearer roads and lower greenhouse gas emissions according to KiwiRail Group Chief Executive Greg Miller. KiwiRail has increased the number of wagons on its daily trains transporting logs from Masterton to CentrePort. ...

timberbiz -2 hours ago

FWPA RD&E projects to support industry

FWPA has supported a range of RD&E projects, funded jointly by industry and the Australian Government, under its voluntary matched funding program. Voluntary matching has allowed FWPA to work with some of the best minds in the country on the development of technologies and initiatives that will ...

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Forests and Climate Change

Springer -just now

The utility of farmer ranking of tree attributes for selecting companion trees in coffee production systems

Abstract There is increasing interest in the potential of agroforestry to improve the productivity and sustainability of coffee production, but designing management options is knowledge intensive. Tree-crop interactions and the biophysical and socio-economic factors influencing farmers’ decision-making about companion trees are complex and context-specific but fine scale data...

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Climate Change Adaptation

USFS -5 days ago

Changing river ice seasonality and impacts on Interior Alaskan communities

Subsistence harvesters in high latitudes rely on frozen rivers for winter access to local resources. During recent decades, interior Alaskan residents have observed changes in river ice regimes that are significant hindrances to travel and subsistence practices. We used remote sensing in combination with local observations to examine changes in seasonality of river breakup and freeze-up and to ass...

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Ecological and Habitat Restoration

Elsevier -4 days ago

Overstory trees in excess: A threat to restoration success in Brazilian Atlantic forest

Publication date: 1 October 2019Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 449Author(s): Carlos Delano Cardoso de Oliveira, Izabela Regina Cardoso de Oliveira, Marcio Seiji Suganuma, Giselda DuriganAbstractTree planting is the most widely used technique for tropical forest restoration because it accelerates the recovery of forest structure and ecosystem functioning. Despite the importance of tr...

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Forests & SDGs

IISD -20 hours ago

Policy Brief: Why Biodiversity Matters: Mapping the Linkages between Biodiversity and the SDGs

A series of major global scientific assessments underscore that biodiversity underpins sustainable development, and coordinated policy responses are needed to address global challenges as a whole. The 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference adopted a number of decisions showcasing the interlinkages between biodiversity and the SDGs....

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timberbiz -2 days ago

Private Forests Tas hosts event to show market opportunities

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) recently held an event to discuss market opportunities for the northern Tasmania private forests sector with attendees from timber processors, forestry companies, general foresters, farmers and politicians. Source: Timberbiz Penny Wells, PFT’s CEO, opened the event and introduced the Hon Guy Barnett Minister for Resources, Minister for Primary Industries and Water,...

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timberbiz -2 hours ago

Vietnam timber exports to reach $11b

Việt Nam’s export of timber and wood products is expected to reach US$11 billion this year, said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường. Mr Cường said export value reached $5.23 billion in the first half of this year, up 20% compared with the same period in 2018.  Source: Viet Nam News “The increase of exports of timber and wood products have contrib...

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USFS -6 days ago

Mapping black ash dominated stands using geospatial and forest inventory data in northern Minnesota, USA

Emerald ash borer (EAB; Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire, 1888) has been a persistent disturbance for ash forests in the United States since 2002. Of particular concern is the impact that EAB will have on the ecosystem functioning of wetlands dominated by black ash (Fraxinus nigra Marsh.). In preparation, forest managers need reliable and complete maps of black ash dominated stands. Traditionally, fo...

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Forest & Food Security

CBD -3 days ago

Jamaican women tackle the climate crisis on all sides

Globally, startling changes in the environment disproportionately affect women in developing countries, largely because of their lower economic and social status. In Jamaica, women head about 46 percent of households and bear the brunt of responsibility for shelter, water, and food security....

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Forests & Invasive Pests, Plants, & Diseases

USFS -2 days ago

Riparian ecosystems of the Salmon-Challis National Forest: An assessment of current conditions in relation to the natural range of variability

This assessment was conducted to provide information on the current conditions of riparian, wetland, and groundwater-dependent ecosystems in reference to their natural range of variation on the Salmon-Challis National Forest during forest plan revision. We used peer-reviewed literature, data from the Forest and other partners, and site visits to evaluate the status of eight key ecosystem character...

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