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Mongabay -7 days ago

Hotter and drier: Deforestation and wildfires take a toll on the Amazon

The climate in the Amazon has been changing over the last few decades. The average temperature in the basin rose about 1º Celsius (1.8° Fahrenheit) between 1979 and 2018, with increases of up to 1.5ºC (2.7°F) in some regions. And there have been three “one-in-a-century” episodes of extreme drought in the last 15 years: in […]...


Mongabay -8 hours ago

‘Stampede’ of legislation threatens accelerated destruction of the Amazon

June 8, 2021 was a tense day for environmental organizations and citizens’ groups working to protect the Amazon and Indigenous Brazilians. Groups like Greenpeace and APIB (Brazilian Indigenous People’s Association) referred to it as “Stampede Day” — the day the Senate converged on three bi... -9 hours ago

Passgenaues Investment: Die hocheffiziente Stanzabteilung von Karl Knauer

Karl Knauer KG hat hohe Ansprüche an Produktivität, Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit und ist mit der neuen Bobst MASTERCUT 106 PER 3.0 diesem Ziel noch näher gekommen....

What Wood -9 hours ago

Segezha Group continues the modernization of the Karelian Wood Company, a logging and wood processing enterprise

More than RUB 100 million has already been invested in the plant’s modernisation. Moving forward, the company plans to expand its production capacity and secure further investments to the tune of RUB 350 million. The details of the contracts pertaining to this process are currently being worke... -9 hours ago

Graphic Packaging bringt OptiCycleTM Linie von nicht-PE-beschichteten Lebensmittelverpackungen auf den Markt

OptiCycle Becher sind so konzipiert, dass sie sich leichter recyceln lassen, da die Flüssigkeitsbarrierebeschichtung problemlos vom Papier getrennt werden kann.... -10 hours ago

Höhn Display + Verpackung GmbH erhöht Druckkapazität mit weiterer Investition in Heidelberg Speedmaster Technologie

Investition zur Erhöhung der Druckkapazitat: Seit Januar 2021 produziert das Druckereiunternehmen auf der Speedmaster XL 106-5+L, eine Fünffarbenmaschine mit Lackierwerk.... -11 hours ago

Begriffsbestimmungen der Leitlinien zur single use plastic directive (SUPD) sind nicht auf Papier, Pappe und Karton anwendbar. Die Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) sieht dringenden Bedarf in der Nachbesserung

Zwei Jahre nachdem die Europäische Union die Einwegkunststoffrichtlinie auf den Weg gebracht hat, mussten die europäischen Mitgliedsstaaten die Richtlinie umsetzen....

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Forests and Climate Change

Springer -just now

Evaluating growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency in hardwood and conifer mixed plantations

Abstract Key message Juglans, Fraxinus, Quercus and Pinus species seem to better maximize the carbon–water ratio providing useful indications on species selection for forestry plantations in areas with increasing drought risk. Abstract Maximizing ...

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Climate Change Adaptation

Springer -just now

Phenological study of congeneric Myrcia species and Clethra scabra in wetland and drained habitats in a Montane Forest

Abstract Although important, phenological studies comparing congeneric species or the same species growing in different habitats are still scarce for the tropics. Herein, we integrate phylogeny, ecology and biometeorology to verify whether the phenophases of congeneric species Myrcia laruotteana and Myrcia amazonica or Clethra scabra differ when their populations inhabit wetlan...

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Ecological and Habitat Restoration

USFS -15 hours ago

Improved forest management as a natural climate solution: A review

Natural climate solutions (NCS), a set of land management, conservation and restoration practices aimed at mitigating climate change, have been introduced as cost-effective strategies to increase carbon (C) sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems. Improved forest management (IFM) has been identified as one NCS for working forests with substantial climate change mitigation potential. However, there...

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USFS -5 days ago

Impacts of historical ditching on peat volume and carbon in northern Minnesota USA peatlands

Peatlands play a critical role in terrestrial carbon (C) storage, containing an estimated 30% of global soil C, despite occupying only 3% of global land area. Historic management of peatlands has led to widespread degradation and loss of important ecosystem services, including C sequestration. Legacy drainage features in the peatlands of northern Minnesota, USA were studied to assess the volume of...

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Forests & SDGs

UNECE-FAO -2 weeks ago

Making the circular transition work for a transformative and prosperous post-COVID recovery

High Level Political Forum | 12 July 2021 | 13:30-15:00 CEST (7:30-9:00 NY times) | VIRTUAL EVENT Organizers: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The post-COVID recovery offers an opportunity to reverse unsustainable economic trends and build back better, to promote sustainable consumption and prod...

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USFS -2 weeks ago

Rocking Behavior of High-Aspect-Ratio Cross-Laminated Timber Shear Walls: Experimental and Numerical Investigation

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a mass timber product that has recently garnered considerable attention for lateral-force resisting system (LFRS) applications. The main objectives of this study were to investigate the rocking behavior of a high-aspect-ratio (height/width) CLT shear wall without post-tensioning, and to validate a finite-element (FE) model based on the cyclic and dynamic response of...

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timberbiz -4 days ago

Icon retires and lends his name to a plantation road

It’s not every day your family gets a plantation road named in their honour however, in the case of 68-year-old Terry Higgins, it’s well deserved. Source: Timberbiz The OneFortyOne icon has retired, following a career spanning five decades and centred around a strong family connection to the Green Triangle forestry industry. North of Nangwarry, Mr Higgins stands proudly on the track which will...

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USFS -5 days ago

Total mercury and methylmercury dynamics in upland���peatland watersheds during snowmelt

Wetlands, and peatlands in particular, are important sources of methylmercury (MeHg) to susceptible downstream ecosystems and organisms, but very little work has addressed MeHg production and export from peatland-dominated watersheds during the spring snowmelt. Through intensive sampling, hydrograph separation, and mass balance, this study investigated the total mercury (THg) and MeHg fluxes from ...

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Forest & Food Security

timberbiz -15 hours ago

TimberLex portal describes forest laws around the world

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched a new online portal providing information on forest-related laws around the world in order to help promote legal forest management, timber production and trade, and contribute to efforts to make forest resource use sustainable. Source: Timberbiz The first such portal of its kind, developed with support from the Japa...

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