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FAO -4 days ago

Nominations reopen for Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award

The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) has reopened its call for nominations for the Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award, an honour granted to an individual who has made extraordinary efforts to improve the world’s forests and the lives of the people who depend on them. ...

RECENT NEWS -8 hours ago


Grund für die Erhöhung sind die Preissteigerungen bei Rohstoffen wie Zellstoff, synthetischen Fasern, Chemikalien und Verpackungsmaterialien. Verpackungsmaterialien....

Mongabay -9 hours ago

In Colombia, legal mining proves a win-win for environment, traditional communities

BOGOTÁ — In Colombia’s Chocó department, renowned by environmentalists for its abundant biodiversity, Afro-Colombian communities collect gold from rivers as part of an ancestral way of life. “When we talk about productive family units here, mining is just one of those activities,” said Hey...

The Guardian -13 hours ago

Sweden’s green dilemma: can cutting down ancient trees be good for the Earth?

The country’s model for managing its trees is bad for biodiversity… and political unityForest-owner Lars-Erik Levin doesn’t seem like an environmental villain. As he walks through his 80 hectares (198 acres) of woodland in southern Sweden, he identifies goldcrests by their song, points out a c...

Mongabay -yesterday

For World Gorilla Day 2021, a conservation success story

I saw my first wild gorillas in Rwanda in 2002 and I was immediately drawn in by their power, their beauty, and the awareness that these amazing creatures were, despite their size and strength, at risk of disappearing from our planet. I was hooked. I’ve been privileged to work alongside scientists... -yesterday

Bundesumweltministerin Schulze bei Mitsubishi HiTec Paper

In offener Atmosphäre tauschte man sich über Themen wie Emissionszertifikate, Strom- und Gaspreise sowie Bielefeld als wichtigem Industriestandort aus.... -yesterday

Koenig & Bauer Durst feiert Erfolg und erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit auf der SuperCorrExpo in Orlando, USA

Koenig & Bauer Durst engagiert sich stark für die Kunden in der Wellpappenbranche und unterstützt sie mit dem gesamten Portfolio an Wellpappenprodukten....

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Forests and Climate Change

Springer -just now

Environment rather than provenance explains levels of foliar phenolics in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) seedlings

Abstract With progressive climate change, the chemical defense in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is likely to change, which might impact its fitness and ability to establish beyond its current northern distribution limit. We studied the phenolic defense in six beech provenances grown in three common gardens in Norway the two first years after planting. ...

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Climate Change Adaptation

CBD -6 days ago

Climate change: From deep scientific understanding to practical solutions

Markku Kulmala, from the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, discusses the ACCC Flagship concerning adaptation to climate change, from deep scientific understanding to practical solutions...

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Ecological and Habitat Restoration

Springer -just now

Plant–soil feedbacks in mangrove ecosystems: establishing links between empirical and modelling studies

Abstract Key message Plant–soil feedbacks in mangrove ecosystems are important for ecosystem resilience and can be investigated by establishing links between empirical and modelling studies. Abstract Plant–soil feedbacks are important as they pr...

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WRI -2 days ago

What Vulnerable Countries Need from the COP26 Climate Summit

What Vulnerable Countries Need from the COP26 Climate Summit Wed, 09/22/2021 - 17:52 The world is at a critical juncture in the fight to solve the climate crisis.  As the coronavirus pandemic continues, unprecedented climate impacts are affecting every region of the globe. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report finds that the world ha...

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Forests & SDGs

IISD -5 days ago

Event: De-risking Agriculture Supply Chains: Including Forests in Due Diligence Processes

The webinar "De-risking agriculture supply chains: Including forests in due diligence processes" will address the theme, "Due diligence processes to de-risk agriculture supply chains." Participants will consider the key question how due diligence processes in the agricultural sector can reduce risks of deforestation and related adverse impacts. This event, which is organized by the Food and Agricu...

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timberbiz -6 days ago

Sodra CLT expands into Denmark

Södra’s sustainable timber construction business is expanding all the way to Denmark. The company already operates there but it is now developing its CLT footprint across the country. Source: Timberbiz The business will be part of the Södra Building Systems business segment, with Kenny Holm as new Marketing Manager for Denmark. “We are seeing a large interest in Södra’s CLT outside Sweden...

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CBD -4 days ago

Driven away by forest fires, wild horses return to Turkey's Antalya

One month after the forest fires that ravaged the southern Turkish province of Antalya, wild horses who fled their habitat are back to Eynif Plain. Herds of free-roaming horses in Ibradi district, one of the locations hit by the forest fires that continued from July to August, dazzle visitors to the plain....

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USFS -4 days ago

Estimating global ecosystem isohydry/anisohydry using active and passive microwave satellite data

The concept of isohydry/anisohydry describes the degree to which plants regulate their water status, operating from isohydric with strict regulation to anisohydric with less regulation. Though some species level measures of isohydry/anisohydry exist at a few locations, ecosystem‐scale information is still largely unavailable. In this study, we use diurnal observations from active (Ku‐Band back...

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Forest & Food Security

UNECE-FAO -2 days ago

Forests for Food: From Food Deserts to Food Forests

Learn about “food forests” – a way of combining agriculture and forestry in an urban environment to create edible landscapes in this video from UNECE and FAO. By mimicking how plants grow naturally on multiple layers within a forest, food forests consist of a canopy with tall fruit and nut trees, shrubs and bushes which bear fruit, a layer including herbs and vegetables, and ground-hugging p...

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