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CIFOR -2 days ago

Expansion of oil palm plantations into forests appears to be changing local diets in Indonesia

New video highlights comparative study of local nutrition and diet


Mongabay -15 hours ago

Fate of the Amazon is on the ballot in Brazil’s presidential election (commentary)

In the early 21st century, Brazil greatly reduced Amazon deforestation. A Jair Bolsonaro presidency would again put forests and the global climate at risk: study....

Mongabay -16 hours ago

5 bird species lose protections, more at risk in new Indonesia decree

JAKARTA — A new decree from Indonesian authorities drops five bird species from a newly expanded list of protected wildlife, and potentially sets the stage for more to follow by widening the scope under which protected status can be rescinded. The capture and trade of the white-rumped shama (Kitta...

Mongabay -17 hours ago

Scientists map the impact of trawling using satellite vessel tracking

A team of scientists has produced the most comprehensive assessment to date of trawling, a fishing technique that produces a sizable portion of the world’s seafood but is also seen as destructive and indiscriminate. The research tracked the movements of trawlers in 24 regions of the world, identif...

The Guardian -17 hours ago

Lovers' memorial beech wins England's Tree of the Year

Nellie’s Tree - entwined by her husband to form her initial – is among the four winners of this year’s Woodland Trust prizeLovers in Paris have caused havoc and serious damage in recent years by commemorating their relationships with padlocks attached to the city’s famous Pont Neuf bridge.Bu...

SFI -17 hours ago

Brian J. Kernohan’s Support for Forest Conservation Wins SFI Inc. Award for Conservation Leadership

Westminster, CO — The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) announced today that Brian J. Kernohan, Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of Policy at Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) is the winner of the 2018 SFI Leadership in Conservation Award. This award, announced at the SFI...

SFI -17 hours ago

South Carolina SFI Implementation Committee Wins Award for Strong Partnerships that Improve Sustainable Forestry and Promote the SFI Program

Westminster, CO — The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) announced today that the South Carolina SFI Implementation Committee is the winner of the 2018 SFI Implementation Committee Achievement Award. The South Carolina committee was selected for its ability to build strong partnerships...

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Forests and Climate Change

CBD -24 hours ago

Larval fish database to show effects of climate change on fisheries

A new larval fish database collated over the last 30 years will be used to measure marine ecosystem state and change as well as seasonal patterns of various fish species....

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Climate Change Adaptation

CBD -24 hours ago

Climate changes require better adaptation to drought

Europe's future climate will be characterised by more frequent heat waves and more widespread drought. Heat and drought will both challenge crop production, but drought in particular will be a problem-especially for spring sown crops such as maize....

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Ecological and Habitat Restoration

ScienceDaily -18 hours ago

Massive organism is crashing on our watch

Researchers have conducted the first complete assessment of the Pando aspen clone and the results show continuing deterioration of this 'forest of one tree.' While a portion of the famed grove is recovery nicely as a result of previous restoration, the majority of Pando (Latin for 'I Spread') is diminishing by attrition....

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Forests & SDGs

CBD -2 days ago

Can agriculture be profitable and sustainable?

Hunger and poverty are global issues and two UN Sustainable Development Goals - no poverty and zero hunger - remind us of the huge task ahead. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, around 815 million people in the world are deprived of food that is required to lead a healthy life. Asia has the largest number of hungry people, roughly two-thirds of the population. 35% of children bel...

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timberbiz -1 week ago

Healthy Homes to showcase CLT build

See a spectacular new Sydney CLT build on Network Ten’s Healthy Homes this Saturday. Source: Timberbiz Take a first look into Sydney architect James Fitzpatrick’s spectacular new home on Network Ten’s long running lifestyle series Healthy Homes Australia. The show will air on Saturday 13 October at 1.55pm on TEN and then Sunday 14 October at 3.30pm on ONE. The bold, striking design s...

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ScienceDaily -1 week ago

Carbon emissions from Amazonian forest fires up to 4 times worse than feared

Carbon losses caused by El Niño forest fires of 2015 and 2016 could be up to four times greater than thought....

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The Guardian -4 days ago

Chopping forest school is a mistake | Letters

The National Trust could do more to find a solution at Toys Hill, writes former Forestry Commission recreation manager Roger BrakeIn the same issue as your article “National Trust criticised for eviction of nursery from its woodland home” (13 October), an ad for the National Trust began: “Dear future leaf rustlers, conker collectors and woodland wanderers …” Um.In the 1990s, working for ...

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Forest & Food Security

CBD -2 days ago

A new 'forever fund' for food security

At the International Rice Research Institute, work is already underway to create new varieties of this staple crop that can withstand both flooding and drought. Now, the institution's efforts to share this knowledge globally will be supported forever, thanks to a "perpetuity grant" offered by the Crop Trust....

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Forests & Invasive Pests, Plants, & Diseases

IUFRO -2 days ago

18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR)

From 2019-03-03 to 2019-03-07, Puerto Varas, Chile, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 3.04.00 The 18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR) will be held in Puerto Varas, Chile on March 3-7, 2019. Since 1975, SSAFR has been the premier international forum for operations researchers, systems analysts and management scientists studying forestry, natural resources management and environment...

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