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What Wood -17 hours ago

Segezha Group plans to build in Egypt its own converting power and multigrocery representation

According to the corporate press service of Segezha Group, the timber group of companies Segezha Group (part of Sistema) will take part in the IV international exhibition “Arabia-EXPO 2019” and the XII session of the Russian-Arab Business Council, which will be held in Moscow In the Cent...

Mongabay -17 hours ago

Hard news from the Soft Commodities Forum (commentary)

Something very significant for conservation happened recently, but only a few media outlets picked up on it. You can kind of understand why: a commitment by a group of soy traders to “a common framework for reporting, monitoring and progress on transparent and traceable supply chains for soy in Br...

Mongabay -17 hours ago

‘Nothing was left’: Flash floods, landslides hit Indonesia’s Papua region

JAYAPURA/JAKARTA — Rain-triggered flash floods and landslides that struck Indonesia’s easternmost province this past weekend have killed nearly 90 people and driven thousands from their homes. The country’s disaster mitigation agency has cited human-caused deforestation as having exacerbated t...

Mongabay -18 hours ago

Forests scramble to absorb carbon as emissions continue to increase

Forests around the world are absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but they still can’t keep up with the sheer volume of the global-warming gas being emitted through human activity, a new study has found. “Intact forests are playing a large role in absorbing the CO2 we’re emit...

ScienceDaily -19 hours ago

When more women make decisions, the environment wins

When more women are involved in group decisions about land management, the group conserves more - particularly when offered financial incentives to do so, according to a new study....

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Forests and Climate Change

Springer -just now

Shade trees decrease pest abundances on brassica crops in Kenya

Abstract Agroforestry practices may mitigate the current loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services due to deforestation and agricultural intensification. To examine the effects of agroforestry on the ecosystem service of pest regulation, we assessed pest abundances and biological control potential in shaded and open kale (Brassica oleracea L. acephala) fields in Western Kenya...

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Climate Change Adaptation

Springer -2 days ago

Allopolyploidization facilitates gene flow and speciation among corn, Zea perennis and Tripsacum dactyloides

Abstract Main conclusion Tripsacum dactyloides is closely related to Zea mays since Zea perennis and the MTP tri- species hybrid have four possible reproductive modes. Eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides L.) and tetraploid perennial teosinte (Zea perennis) are well known to possess genes conferring resistance again...

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Ecological and Habitat Restoration

Springer -just now

Progresses in restoration of post-mining landscape in Africa

Abstract Mining alters the natural landscape and discharges large volumes of wastes that pose serious pollution hazards to the environment, to human health and to agriculture. As a result, the recent 2 decades have witnessed a global surge in research on post-mining landscape restoration, yielding a suite of techniques including physical, chemical, biological (also know...

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Forests & SDGs

IISD -20 hours ago

UNFF Reflects on Forest Policy Coherence

The note suggests that UNFF 14 emphasize the importance of enhancing synergies and collaboration in advancing coherent implementation and achievement of the UN Strategic Plan for Forests, the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, voluntary national contributions and NDCs. The note also emphasizes he need to continue to address interlinkages between forests and the SDGs...

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timberbiz -yesterday

Woodsolutions SA seminar in timber applications

Timber has been used in various applications from residential housing, marine structures, and more recently mid-rise and multi-storey buildings. However, which species of timber and engineered timber product can be used in the various architectural and structural applications available to those specifying timber? This free South Australian seminar is organised by Woodsolutions and will present...

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timberbiz -yesterday

Europe in the loop of climate change and forest fires

A coalition of land and forestry bodies has called on the European Union to show a firm commitment to encouraging forestry management practices that will help prevent or lessen such fires, so forests can be left standing to make a positive contribution to carbon capture. Ahead of the International Day of Forests, a joint statement was issued by the Confederation of European Forest Owners, f...

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WRI -yesterday

Debunking Myths: 5 Things to Know About Green Infrastructure

Debunking Myths: 5 Things to Know About Green Infrastructure Comments|Add Comment|PrintGreen infrastructure like healthy forests, wetlands and coral reefs can cheaply and effectively enhance the performance of traditional built, or “gray infrastructure.” Photo by Marizilda Cruppe/Flickr More than 600 million people lack clean drinking water. Drought affects more than 35 million every year. A...

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Forest & Food Security

timberbiz -2 weeks ago

UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

The United Nations has issued a global ‘call to action’ to mobilize the political and financial support necessary to restore the world’s deforested and degraded ecosystems over the coming decade to support the wellbeing of 3.2 billion people around the globe. More than 2 billion hectares – an area larger than the South American continent – stand to be restored. Sources: Timberbiz, CIFO...

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Forests & Invasive Pests, Plants, & Diseases

Mongabay -4 days ago

Invasive plants a fast-growing threat to India’s rhinos

On a gloomy afternoon in May 2018, conservation biologist Bibhab Talukdar was visiting Pobitora National Park in India’s Assam state. As he rode an elephant into the grasslands at the core of the park he was met with an alarming sight: a luxuriant growth of a low, bushy herb with small green leaves and creamy […]...

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