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Climate Home -3 hours ago

Bolsonaro’s Davos speech promised anguish in indigenous lands

Presenting an acceptable Brazil to global investors, the president failed to mention measures he has taken that are already fuelling violence in indigenous lands The post Bolsonaro’s Davos speech promised anguish in indigenous lands appeared first on Climate Home News....

What Wood -4 hours ago

The state automated information system of wood accounting forest LesEGAIS will be extended to all transactions with wood and forest products, and its use will be mandatory for all market participants

After completion,  LesEGAIS system should monitor the entire chain of forest management – from harvesting to delivery of forest to consumers. The government will introduce personal responsibility for controlling logging officials, and will also provide for administrative responsibility for unjustified sanitary logging. The corresponding order was given by the Deputy Chairman of the governme...

CIFOR -6 hours ago

What do trees do when we are not looking?

The musings of Douglas Sheil, professor at Norwegian University of Life Sciences...


Springer -just now

How does Cariniana estrellensis respond to different irradiance levels?

Abstract Based on reports that variables related to photosynthesis (net assimilatory ratio and chloroplast pigments) are more plastic than the morphological and biochemical variables in a climax tropical species, Cariniana estrellensis, under contrasting irradiance, we hypothesised that plasticity of gas exchange variables is higher in relation to growth, biochemical and anatom...

Springer -just now

Late-entry commercial thinning effects on Pinus banksiana : growth, yield, and stand dynamics in Québec, Canada

Abstract We studied late-entry commercial thinning effects on growth, yield, and regeneration in a 48-year-old jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) stand. Applied thinning intensities were 27, 32, and 47% of merchantable basal area (BA) excluding skidding trails. After 15 years, mean diameter at breast height of surviving trees in the 47% BA removal increased by 4.9 cm (25%) com...

Elsevier -3 hours ago

Research trend: Hidden diamonds – The values and risks of online repository documents for forest policy and governance analysis

Publication date: March 2019Source: Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 100Author(s): Sari Rahayu, Dwi Laraswati, Andita A. Pratama, Dwiko B. Permadi, Muhammad A.K. Sahide, Ahmad MaryudiAbstractSound forest policy and governance analysis requires rich empirical evidence, collected through the use of a (possibly) combination of various scientific methods. Scientific communities are currently offere...

06 Feb 2019 - 06 Feb 2019

Special Session of the International Poplar Commission (IPC)

Rome, Green Room, FAO Headquarters, Italy

06 Feb 2019 - 06 Feb 2019

How far have we reached? Overview the history of REDD-plus and explore opportunities

Ito Hall, Ito International Research Center, Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo, Japan

03 Mar 2019 - 07 Mar 2019

18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR)

Puerto Varas, Chile