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What Wood -17 hours ago

Segezha Group plans to build in Egypt its own converting power and multigrocery representation

According to the corporate press service of Segezha Group, the timber group of companies Segezha Group (part of Sistema) will take part in the IV international exhibition “Arabia-EXPO 2019” and the XII session of the Russian-Arab Business Council, which will be held in Moscow In the Central exhibition hall “Manege” on April 08-10. The program […]...

Mongabay -17 hours ago

Hard news from the Soft Commodities Forum (commentary)

Something very significant for conservation happened recently, but only a few media outlets picked up on it. You can kind of understand why: a commitment by a group of soy traders to “a common framework for reporting, monitoring and progress on transparent and traceable supply chains for soy in Brazil’s Cerrado region” doesn’t exactly set […]...

Mongabay -17 hours ago

‘Nothing was left’: Flash floods, landslides hit Indonesia’s Papua region

JAYAPURA/JAKARTA — Rain-triggered flash floods and landslides that struck Indonesia’s easternmost province this past weekend have killed nearly 90 people and driven thousands from their homes. The country’s disaster mitigation agency has cited human-caused deforestation as having exacerbated the scale of the damage. The flooding and mudslides destroyed buildings and roads in several areas of...

Mongabay -18 hours ago

Forests scramble to absorb carbon as emissions continue to increase

Forests around the world are absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but they still can’t keep up with the sheer volume of the global-warming gas being emitted through human activity, a new study has found. “Intact forests are playing a large role in absorbing the CO2 we’re emitting,” said Benjamin Gaubert, the lead author […]...


CIFOR -3 hours ago

CIFOR-IFSA Testimonial Interview - Yusuf Bahtimi

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is a non-profit scientific institution that conducts research on the most pressing challenges of the forest and landscape management around the world. IFSA is proud to work with CIFOR as one of our main strategic partners to strengthen youth engagement in forestry research fora. In celebration of International Day of Forests 2019, we are happy...

Skogforsk -18 hours ago

Beavers in the Baltic sea region

Beavers are great modifiers of the landscape. By damming they create new water curses and new habitats. The damming activity causes conflict not least with forestry, since large areas are flooded in particular in flat parts of the Baltic Sea region. This short film gives an introduction to beaver management and shows examples how to reduce the conflict, by showing examples of good beaver sites and...

CATIE -19 hours ago

Clima Pesca: pescando con teléfonos inteligentes

Clima Pesca es una herramienta de Centro Clima que brinda datos e información climática que ayuda a los pescadores a planificar mejor su actividad. Además, facilita a los institutos información para analizar los impactos del clima en la pesca....

CATIE -19 hours ago

Centro Clima: información climática para la adaptación de la región al mundo

Centro Clima es una herramienta digital que pone a disposición de los usuarios en Centroamérica y República Dominicana información climática variada por medio de una plataforma de comunicación y enlace entre los institutos meteorológicos y los usuarios sectoriales, a través del sitio Se distingue por ser un sistema de información climática regional abierto, gratuito...


Springer -just now

Progresses in restoration of post-mining landscape in Africa

Abstract Mining alters the natural landscape and discharges large volumes of wastes that pose serious pollution hazards to the environment, to human health and to agriculture. As a result, the recent 2 decades have witnessed a global surge in research on post-mining landscape restoration, yielding a suite of techniques including physical, chemical, biological (also know...

Springer -just now

The economic potential of fruit trees as shade in blue mountain coffee agroecosystems of the Yallahs River watershed, Jamaica W.I.

Abstract Studies in coffee agroecosystems often focus on the conservation and environmental benefits of this managed novel habitat, but rarely examine the socioeconomic benefit of the shade tree products themselves to coffee farmers. An examination of Blue Mountain coffee farmers along an elevation gradient within the Yallahs River watershed saw several tree species emerge as i...

Springer -just now

Integrating local knowledge with tree diversity analyses to optimize on-farm tree species composition for ecosystem service delivery in coffee agroforestry systems of Uganda

Abstract Coffee agroforestry systems deliver ecosystem services (ES) critical for rural livelihoods like food but also disservices that constrain livelihoods like fostering coffee-pests. Since such ES are tree-based, maximizing ES and limiting constraints requires knowledge on optimizing on-farm tree composition especially trees adapted to local conditions. The study was in thr...

Springer -just now

Shade trees decrease pest abundances on brassica crops in Kenya

Abstract Agroforestry practices may mitigate the current loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services due to deforestation and agricultural intensification. To examine the effects of agroforestry on the ecosystem service of pest regulation, we assessed pest abundances and biological control potential in shaded and open kale (Brassica oleracea L. acephala) fields in Western Kenya...