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EVENTS ON December 2018 :


ISTF -1 week ago

ISTF sessions at IUFRO2019

The International Society of Tropical Foresters is organizing or co-organizing seven sessions for the XXV World Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO2019) to be held 29 Sept – 5 Oct 2019 at Curitiba, Brazil. Please consider submitting an oral or poster presentation for one of these sessions or another IUFRO2019 session (see below). Abstracts for presentation...

IUFRO -1 month ago

Transforming Approaches To Forests And Forestry Through Indigenous And Local Knowledges - Reciprocity, relationship-building, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in forest ecosystems

From 2019-06-24 to 2019-06-28, Vancouver, BC, Canada, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 9.03.04, 9.03.05 A key tenet of this conference is principled, reciprocal relationships between researchers and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs). As a point of convergence for Indigenous Knowledges, Local Knowledges, and science, this conference seeks to challenge power dynamics between different ways of ...

IUFRO -1 month ago

2019 IUFRO Tree Biotechnology Conference

From 2019-06-23 to 2019-06-28, Raleigh, NC, United States, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 2.04.06...

IUFRO -1 month ago

2019 Joint Meeting of IUFRO Working Parties: Genetics and Breeding of 5-needle pines (2.02.15) and Rusts of Forest Trees (7.02.05)

From 2019-07-22 to 2019-07-26, Invermere, BC, Canada, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 2.02.15, 7.02.05 This international meeting will address; - Breeding and genetic conservation of 5-needle pines, with special reference to screening and genetics programs for resistance to White Pine Blister rust (Cronartium ribicola); - Update the current state of knowledge of research in rusts (including blister rust)...

IUFRO -2 months ago

Mixed species forests: Risks, Resilience and Management

From 2020-03-25 to 2020-03-27, Lund, Sweden, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 1.01.06, 1.09.00...

IUFRO -2 months ago

Workshop on Open-grown and Urban Trees

From 2019-04-07 to 2019-04-10, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 8.03.06 The response of open-grown trees to wind loading is complex and complicated. In contrast to plantation forest-grown trees, which usually have small crowns and only one main axis, the crowns of open-grown trees are often either much larger and/or have of more than one dominating axis. The resulting complex...

IUFRO -2 months ago

14th International Christmas Tree Research and Extension Conference

From 2019-08-26 to 2019-08-30, Quebec City, Canada, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 2.02.09...

IUFRO -2 months ago

IUFRO WP 5.03.07 "Pulp and Paper" meeting: "Green Technology for Pulp, Paper and Allied Industry"

From 2019-12-05 to 2019-12-07, Dhaka, Bangladesh, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 5.03.07 Wood and non-wood are main raw materials for paper, rayon, cellulose derivatives, biomaterials, biofuel and biochemicals, which are being used in all aspects of the human life. Recently, the developments of the wood and biofiber products have been growing with the increase of environmental concern. In this context sc...

IUFRO -2 months ago

18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR)

From 2019-03-03 to 2019-03-07, Puerto Varas, Chile, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 3.04.00 The 18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR) will be held in Puerto Varas, Chile on March 3-7, 2019. Since 1975, SSAFR has been the premier international forum for operations researchers, systems analysts and management scientists studying forestry, natural resources management and environment...