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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Tenure

timberbiz -16 hours ago

TimberLex portal describes forest laws around the world

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched a new online portal providing information on forest-related laws around the world in order to help promote legal forest management, timber production and trade, and contribute to efforts to make forest resource use sustainable. Source: Timberbiz The first such portal of its kind, developed with support from the Japa...

timberbiz -2 weeks ago

Opinion: Nick Steele – the Tarkine is already well protected

There can be no doubt that Tasmania’s northwest is stunning part of the world. Full of wild coastlines, majestic rainforests and sweeping button grass plains. However, whilst there is no official recognition of the name “Tarkine” I think we all accept that name has stuck, and it is generally agreed that it stretches from the Arthur River in the north to the Pieman River in the south and is b...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Opinion: Michelle Freeman & David Dore

National Park declaration is easy – real management needs long-term thinking, people and budgets. The Victorian Government’s long-deferred decision to announce more National Parks in the West of Victoria last week dodges the real challenges of managing and conserving these forests. The Mt Cole – Pyrenees, Wombat, and Wellsford forests have all been re-assigned after an investigation by the V...

USFS -1 month ago

Transferring Vacant Lots to Private Ownership Improves Care and Empowers Residents

Problem, research strategy, and findings: Several U.S. cities have implemented vacant lot greening programs as planning strategies to address decreased tax base, crime, and other issues associated with high land vacancy in marginalized neighborhoods, yet little is known about the benefits of programs that transfer city-owned lots to private owners. Using a mixed methods approach, we studied whethe...

UN-REDD Programme -2 months ago

Open Tenure: Una herramienta cartográfica para mejorar los esfuerzos de REDD+

La seguridad de la tenencia está ampliamente reconocida como una condición esencial para reducir la deforestación y la degradación de los bosques. La herramienta Open Tenure de la FAO es un software de código abierto diseñado específicamente para satisfacer las necesidades de los profesionales sobre el terreno a la hora de registrar los derechos de tenencia. A través de este seminario web ...

UN-REDD Programme -2 months ago

Open Tenure: A mapping tool to enhance REDD+ efforts

Secure tenure rights are widely recognized as a key enabling condition for reducing deforestation and forest degradation. FAO’s Open Tenure tool is an open-source software application specifically designed to address the needs of field practitioners to record tenure rights. With this UN-REDD webinar, you will learn about the basic workings of the Open Tenure tool and hear about on-the-ground exp...

UNECE-FAO -2 months ago

COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan for Informal Settlements in the ECE Region

Location: Geneva, Switzerland Informal settlements suffer from inadequate housing, the lack of basic services and security of tenure. They are particularly vulnerable to the impact of disease outbreaks, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as disease monitoring and containment can be particularly challenging due to the lack of adequate data that could be used to inform appropriate policy respo...

timberbiz -3 months ago

Catastrophic bushfires made worse by poor rainfall not logging

The 2019-20 bushfires were not made worse by logging but by three years of below-average rainfall which led to an abundance of overly dry vegetation, a study has found. The report, The severity and extent of the Australia 2019–20 Eucalyptus forest fires are not the legacy of forest management just published in the Nature Ecology and Evolution Journal, was authored by a team of researchers led by...

timberbiz -3 months ago

Restoration of 7000ha of degraded Indonesian forest

A joint initiative based on community and organizational collaboration is set to restore more than 7,000 ha of degraded forest land within a contiguous forest complex of over 600,000 ha in the Mahakam Ulu landscape of East Kalimantan province in Indonesia. The area has about 70,000 residents, mostly Dayak Indigenous Peoples who have traditional land rights throughout the landscape. Substantial are...

timberbiz -3 months ago

Time to manage feral deer in Victoria

The time has come for an integrated strategy to manage our feral deer populations, according to the Victorian Forest Products Association. The call follows the release of the ABARES Pest and Weed Survey results, which shows that feral deer are a significant pest in north eastern Victoria and more widely across the state. Source: Timberbiz “The Victorian Government released its Feral Deer Control...

World Bank -3 months ago

Securing Forest Tenure Rights: Forest Tenure Assessment Tool

The forest tenure assessment tool (FTAT) and user guide consists of an integrated set of methodologies and guidelines for assessing both why it is important to secure community-based forest tenure in a specific national or sub-national context, and what needs to be done to strengthen forest tenure in that context. It is a companion piece to the analytical framework (AF), developed during phase one...

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