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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Tenure

FAO -just now

Status of community-based forestry and forest tenure in Uganda

Well-performing community-based forestry has the potential to rapidly restore forests in ecological terms and scale up sustainable forest management to the national level, while improving local livelihoods of billions of the most marginalized people around the world. This document highlights the findings from a forest tenure and community-based forestry assessment done in Uganda. The purpose of th...

CBD -5 days ago

UN desertification conference divided on land ownership and migration

In his speech in Delhi, India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, advocated greater cooperation between developing nations, but land tenure and immigration loom over proceedings...

IISD -2 weeks ago

Event: Restoring Africa’s Landscapes: Catalyzing Action from Above and Below

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) will convene a regional conference on the theme, ‘Restoring Africa’s Landscapes: Catalyzing Action from Above and Below’. The conference aims to:  Consult with countries and key stakeholders on progress towards achieving the Bonn Challenge, New York Declaration on Forests and the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) restoration goals...

timberbiz -2 weeks ago

Stora Enso CEO to leave in 2020

Karl-Henrik Sundström has informed Stora Enso’s Board of Directors that he is leaving the position of CEO. The Board has initiated the search process for a successor. Mr Sundström will continue in his current role and will leave Stora Enso during the first quarter of 2020. The exact date will be communicated once a successor is in place. Source: Timberbiz “Under Karl-Henrik Sundström’s l...

Elsevier -3 weeks ago

Indigenous peoples' land rights and agricultural expansion in Latin America: A dynamic panel data approach

Publication date: December 2019Source: Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 109Author(s): Michele Graziano Ceddia, Ulrich Gunter, Pasquale PazienzaAbstractAgricultural expansion remains an important cause of deforestation in Latin America. There is an on-going debate about whether increasing agricultural productivity leads to land-sparing or Jevons paradox. At the same time, recognizing the customa...

CIFOR -4 weeks ago

Rights shaping landscapes and livelihoods in Nepal

In Nepal, an ambitious government program to hand tenure and forest management rights to local communities has not only had a positive outcome for conservation, but has also generated a sustainable source of income for forest communities. Ongoing research by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and ForestAction Nepal is looking into what kinds of benefits and challenges these for...

USFS -4 weeks ago

U.S.-Affiliated jurisdictions of the insular Caribbean and Pacific

<p>This publication is part of&nbsp;a General Technical Report about the Forest Resources of the United States, 2017. It&nbsp;provides forest resource statistics from the U.S. affiliated jurisdictions of the insular Caribbean and Pacific, contributing to the 2020 Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment. Resource&nbsp;data about forest area and size trends, land tenure systems, tr...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

Forestry is not a threat to koalas

Sustainable timber harvesting is not a significant threat to koalas in New South Wales, a State Government inquiry has been told. The Forestry Corporation of NSW told the Inquiry into koala populations and habitat in New South Wales last week that known threats to koala populations are permanent land clearing, activities associated with urban development, fire and drought. Source: Timberbiz These ...

CIFOR -1 month ago

¿Why does Peru need to assure indigenous communities’ land rights?

For many indigenous communities of Peru’s Amazon forests, obtaining the title to the land they inhabit can be a long and complicated process that sometimes takes decades. Challenges could even persist after the title is granted with many people struggling to improve their livelihoods and forestlands remaining vulnerable to unsustainable use. CIFOR’s Global Comparative Study on Forests ...

Elsevier -2 months ago

Certification of tropical forests: A private instrument of public interest? A focus on the Congo Basin

Publication date: September 2019Source: Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 106Author(s): Alain KarsentyAbstractForest management certification seems to be stagnating or even receding in the Congo basin. This is attributable to the financial difficulties of some European companies, but might also be a consequence of unexpected interactions with the FLEGT process, which is lagging behind in the Con...

IISD -2 months ago

FAO Develops Assessment Tools to Support Effective Community Forest Conservation

‘A Framework to Assess the Extent and Effectiveness of Community-based Forestry’ includes guidance on how to: categorize diverse CBF initiatives; determine and track the extent and effectiveness of the broad spectrum of CBF initiatives; assess the institutionalization of CBF regimes; and assess changes across different forms of capital. The ‘Tool to Support the Implementation of the Voluntar...

IISD -2 months ago

FAO Scenario Study Identifies Synergies as Key to Sustainable Forest Futures in Asia-Pacific

While there has been an overall increase in the area of forests set aside for biodiversity conservation since 2000, “development first” still dominates policy narratives in the Asia-Pacific region, limiting the scope to prevent further biodiversity losses. To avoid “environmental catastrophe,” all actors will need to commit to transformational change that includes “working cross-sectoral...