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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information



CIFOR -4 days ago

Making the most of forest monitoring in Guyana

An early adopter of REDD+ practices shares lessons learned...

CIFOR -2 weeks ago

Results-based payments in Indonesia: A strategy to move REDD+ forward?

Data demonstrate a reduction in forest-related emissions...

UN-REDD Programme -2 weeks ago

Throwback to forests in 2020


REDD-Monitor -2 weeks ago

Robert Walker predicts Amazon tipping point by 2064

A recent paper in the journal Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development predicts that vast areas of the Amazon could reach a tipping point as soon as 2064. The post Robert Walker predicts Amazon tipping point by 2064 first appeared on REDD-Monitor....

CIFOR -4 weeks ago

Graduate students researching REDD+ in Brazil, Indonesia and Peru

A group of eight graduate students working in Brazil, Indonesia and Peru joined CIFOR scientists to help determine what has worked and what hasn’t with the ambitious global strategy to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation known as REDD+. CIFOR's Global Comparative Study on REDD+ has been collecting data, discussing experiences and analyzing research to determine what has w...

CIFOR -4 weeks ago

REDD+ research maps complex path to protect forests, people and climate

Indonesian project prevents conversion of peatland area and invests in restoration...

CIFOR -1 month ago

Webinar: Information, analysis and tools to support subnational REDD+ programs in Brazil

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+) is enshrined in the Paris Agreement and has been adopted by many countries as a way to promote climate and development benefits from forests. After more than ten years of experimentation, the novel feature of REDD+ – the prospect of offering large-scale, results-based finance to developin...

CIFOR -1 month ago

Webinar: Informações, análises e ferramentas para apoiar programas subnacionais de REDD+ no Brasil

Redução de Emissões de gases de efeito estufa provenientes do Desmatamento e da Degradação florestal - considerando o papel da conservação de estoques de carbono florestal, manejo sustentável de florestas e aumento de estoques de carbono florestal (REDD +) - está contemplada no Acordo de Paris. REDD+ foi adotada por muitos países como forma de promover os benefícios climáticos e de des...

USFS -1 month ago

Integration of remote-sensing and ground-based observations for estimation of emissions and removals of greenhouse gases in forests: Methods and guidance from the Global Forest Observations Initiative, Edition 3.0

The GFOI MGD provides practical advice related to the development of a National Forest Monitoring System to help meet national and international reporting requirements by: providing user-friendly guidance for linking UNFCCC decisions with IPCC guidance; focusing on how remotely sensed and ground-based data can be effectively combined to improve estimation of predominately forest related GHG emissi...

UN-REDD Programme -1 month ago

Inger Andersen


CIFOR -1 month ago

Sesión II. Foros multiactor: ¿una solución equitativa para la gestión de paisajes?

La segunda sesión presenta los resultados de la investigación de CIFOR, realizada en el Perú como parte del proyecto comparativo sobre foros multiactor (FMA). Los foros multiactor se han establecido como estrategias equitativas para tratar temas relacionados con REDD+, el uso de recursos naturales, y la tierra, de forma que ayuden a abordar la actual crisis climática. Contó con cuatro presen...

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