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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Bioenergy

Climate Home -4 days ago

Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food

Models suggest large areas of land are needed for forests and biofuel crops to halt climate change, but this risks worsening hunger, draft tells policymakers The post Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food appeared first on Climate Home News....

timberbiz -5 days ago

NZ could set fire to China’s log jam

It is reported that New Zealand logs are piling up on Chinese wharves as cheap, sawn timber makes its way by train into the People’s Republic from Russia and Scandinavia. Five million tonnes of logs, mostly from New Zealand are sitting on wharves in China unsold. Source: Timberbiz News that the export of logs to China is dropping off and harvesting of some trees for export is unprofitable sh...

Mongabay -2 weeks ago

In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, July 5, 2019

Tropical forests Illegal logging in Mozambique has exposed the country to potential devastation as a result of cyclones (The Epoch Times). As policy turns away from palm oil-based biofuels in the European Union, it’s still powering a lot of vehicles (Financial Times). A new law in Côte d’Ivoire aimed at stopping deforestation could lead to […]...

Elsevier -2 weeks ago

The importance of incorporating intertemporal and spatial log market dynamics in projections of residue-based biomass supply for liquid biofuel production in western Oregon and Washington, USA

Publication date: September 2019Source: Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 106Author(s): Darius M. Adams, Gregory S. Latta, Mindy S. Crandall, Isabel G. Guerrero OchoaAbstractNew methods of fiber pre-processing and cellulosic fermentation may allow production of isoparaffinic kerosene, a bio-based jet fuel, from abundant post-logging biomass residues in western Oregon and Washington, USA. Since p...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Djarlma Plan part of new strategic direction for WA forestry

Western Australia has launched a plan that sets a new strategic direction for the state’s forestry industry based on local Aborigines’ spiritual outlook. The state’s Wood Encouragement Policy is a key part of what is called the Djarlma Plan, which was inspired by Djarlma – the Noongar concept that reflects the interconnected relationship of people, forests and woodlands. Source: Philip...

USFS -4 weeks ago

Potential of natural-origin loblolly pine tree fractions as a bioenergy feedstock

Chemical characterization was performed on 10 different samples of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.), representing the various woody components of trees (bole, slab, tops and branches, and precommercial stem-only) harvested from two naturally regenerated forests in southern Arkansas. Ultimate analysis, proximate analysis using thermogravimetry, and the energy content of the samples were determined to...

Elsevier -4 weeks ago

Preferable utilisation patterns of wood product industries' by-products in Finland

Publication date: Available online 20 June 2019Source: Forest Policy and EconomicsAuthor(s): Janni Kunttu, Elias Hurmekoski, Henrik Heräjärvi, Teppo Hujala, Pekka LeskinenAbstractWe explored varying preferable utilisation patterns of wood product industries' by-products, and which actions are needed to implement them. We: (i) concluded scenarios with varying justifications in Finland towards 203...

Mongabay -1 month ago

Norway sees sharp drop in palm oil biofuel consumption after ban on government purchasing

The consumption of palm oil-based biofuels fell 70 percent in Norway last year, following a government policy change on the purchase of the commodity that is being blamed for rampant deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. In 2017, the Norwegian government issued the new policy in response to mounting concern that palm oil production is having […]...

Springer -1 month ago

On the realistic contribution of European forests to reach climate objectives

Abstract A recent article by Luyssaert et al. (Nature 562:259–262, 2018) analyses the climate impact of forest management in the European Union, considering both biogeochemical (i.e., greenhouse gases, GHG) and biophysical (e.g., albedo, transpiration, etc.) effects. Based on their findings, i.e. that additional net overall climate benefits from forest management would be mod...

CIFOR -1 month ago

DRC landscape restoration is electrifying!

Bioenergy to flip the switch on deforestation and poverty in the Congo Basin...

Forest2Market -1 month ago

Bipartisan Legislation Promotes Broader use of Biomass to Produce Renewable Fuels

US Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Jim Risch (R-ID), Angus King, (I-ME), Mike Crapo (R-ID) and Susan Collins (R-ME) recently introduced bipartisan legislation to expand the use of wood-based biomass as a feedstock for producing RFS-qualified biofuels. The legislation would allow eligible wood raw materials removed from certain federal lands in need ecological restoration t...

USFS -2 months ago

Techno-economic and environmental assessments of storing woodchips and pellets for bioenergy applications

Storage is the critical operation within the biomass supply chain to reduce feedstock supply risks and to manage smooth year-around operations of a biorefinery or a bioenergy plant. This paper analyzed the economic and environmental impacts of four different biomass storage systems for woodchips (Outdoor-open, Outdoor-tarped, Indoor, and Silo) and two systems for pellets (Indoor and Silo). Storage...