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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Bioenergy

timberbiz -2 days ago

NZ turns to biofuels – a potential billion-dollar business

Te Uru Rākau, the New Zealand Forest Service, is laying the foundations for a new biofuels industry, to turn forestry waste into a potential billion-dollar industry and working on a business case with help from global investment experts Indufor Asia Pacific. Source: Timberbiz “Establishing a biofuels industry in New Zealand will require significant investment, so we’re moving ahead with d...

timberbiz -4 days ago

Vic Government misses the mark with carbon storage

The Victorian Government’s climate change strategy announcement provides a proposed roadmap for Victoria to achieve zero emissions but misses the opportunity to maximise carbon sequestration from wood and paper products, according to the Victorian Forest Products Association. Source: Timberbiz “The Government’s announcement implies that the best carbon sequestration is to leave trees in the ...

CIFOR -5 days ago

Five things to know about briquettes and sustainable bioenergy in Africa

Circular bioeconomy solution would benefit people and planet...

IUFRO -6 days ago

Helping ensure that forest bioenergy is environmentally sustainable

NOTE: This text is reblogged without changes from a blog post authored by Dr. Brian Titus that originally appeared on the BMC blog network,, on 15 April 2021. This blog post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. One of the authors of the original study, Dr. Viktor Bruck...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Euro study showing 69% increase in logging, it may be just 6%

Is forest harvesting increasing in Europe? Apparently so, but not as much as reported last July in a controversial study published in Nature. The study, titled ‘Abrupt increase in harvested forest area over Europe after 2015’, used satellite data to assess forest cover and claimed an abrupt increase of 69% in the harvested forest in Europe from 2016. Source: Timberbiz The authors, from...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Carbon Neutral by 2050 with sustainable forestry and timber

Increasing sustainable forestry and timber industries is key to achieving the global ‘Carbon Neutral by 2050’ goal, according to the new chairman of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries. Source: Timberbiz “The world is increasingly turning to renewable resources such as timber and fibre-based packaging to meet b...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Forestry NZ to be renamed, relocated and with a greater role

A greater role for a public forestry service has been outlined by New Zealand’s Forestry Minister, to drive the focus on regional economic development, skills training, and a low-emissions future. Stuart Nash announced Te Uru Rākau (Forestry New Zealand) will be renamed Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service, and will shift its operational headquarters from Wellington to Rotorua. “The...

Mongabay -4 weeks ago

Belgium bans biofuels made from palm oil, soy

Belgium will ban biofuels made from soy and palm oil from 2022 onward as part of its effort to combat deforestation, said the European nation’s Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Zakia Khattabi on Tuesday. “These fuels have little or no advantage over conventional fossil fuels from a climate point of view, but lead to […]...

Springer -1 month ago

Additive predictions of aboveground stand biomass in commercial logs and harvest residues for rotation age Pinus radiata plantations in New South Wales, Australia

Abstract Two systems of additive equations were developed to predict aboveground stand level biomass in log products and harvest residue from routinely measured or predicted stand variables for Pinus radiata plantations in New South Wales, Australia. These plantations were managed under three thinning regimes or stand types before clear-felling at rotation age by cut-to-length ha...

CIFOR -1 month ago

Pongamia: Potential benefits for restoration and bioenergy in Indonesia

Fast-growing tree offers versatility across sectors...

USFS -1 month ago

Wood-bark density of hybrid sweetgum stems at an afforested site in north Louisiana

This is the third in a series of studies to quantify yields of hybrid sweetgum (Liquidambar formosana x styraciflua) biomass at an afforested site in north Louisiana. Pooling across herbicide and varietal treatments to produce a single model system to estimate weight was determined to be statistically appropriate on the 2-year-old (1-0) seedling stock. An equation constructed from that study, wher...

timberbiz -1 month ago

Opinion: Dr Julian Elder – NZ climate commission report is visionary

The recently released draft advice from He Pou a Rangi – the Climate Change Commission is a very thoughtful piece of work. The draft advice raises some important issues for New Zealand and reinforces that forestry has a critical role in both reducing gross greenhouse gas emissions and in using indigenous trees to offset hard-to-reduce emissions. Trees and forests cast in their supporting role pr...

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