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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forests and Climate Change

CBD -2 days ago

Warmer winters are changing the makeup of water in Black Sea

Warmer winters are starting to alter the structure of the Black Sea, which could foreshadow how ocean compositions might shift from future climate change, according to new research....

CBD -2 days ago

Climate change 'disrupts' local plant diversity, study reveals

Faster rates of climate change could be increasing the diversity of plant species in many places, according to research from the University of York....

WRI -3 days ago

Good News, Bad News: 4 Trends in US Energy Use

Good News, Bad News: 4 Trends in US Energy Use Comments|Add Comment|Print In 2018, the United States set a new record for energy consumption: 101 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) of energy. Of this total, 81 quadrillion Btu (or 80%) were from fossil fuels: petroleum, natural gas and coal. What does this growing consumption mean for climate change, and is it still possible for the United ...

IISD -3 days ago

Event: Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019

The tenth annual Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 will convene on the sidelines of the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the UNFCCC, bringing together over 600 delegates to explore four key pillars of low-carbon transition: climate finance; energy transition; sustainable mobility; and circular economy. Day one will open with high-level policy discussion and keynote speeche...

CBD -3 days ago

Pacific Islands leaders agree on climate plan with loopholes

FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (Reuters) - Pacific Islands leaders failed to agree on tough new climate change commitments at an annual summit on Thursday, agreeing instead to endorse a plan that allows them to opt out of specific measures they opposed....

CBD -3 days ago

Fight climate change by eating meat, Ottawa farmers say

An age-old method for raising cattle can actually help reduce greenhouse gases, farmers argue...

CBD -3 days ago

The secret to making people care about climate change is surprisingly simple

Climate change is getting old. We've grown tired of hearing that last year was the fourth-warmest year ever....

CBD -3 days ago

How do countries cover climate change? Depends how rich they are.

Deadly heat waves, violent downpours, wildfires that seem to get more intense every year - the climate crisis leaves no part of the globe untouched. But around the world, the media spins warming and its effects differently....

CBD -3 days ago

Ecotourism for ocean warriors: 5 places where travelers can help make a difference

It's no secret that the world's oceans are struggling. Overfishing, damaging commercial fishing practices, an ever-growing micro-plastic problem and the effects of climate change are taking their toll on seas, oceans and waterways across the world....

timberbiz -3 days ago

Shanghai International Forum on tropical timber

Growing worldwide timber demand, combating deforestation and the need to move to a bio-based, de-carbonised global economy will be topics at he International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT) International Forum to be held in Shanghai in October. Source: Timberbiz The event is titled Together Towards Global Green Supply Chains and takes place from October 22 to 23. It is being held ...

timberbiz -3 days ago

Gene editing to combat wilding pines

A forest industry leader is calling for serious public debate on the advantages of using gene editing to combat wilding pines and in the broader context of fighting climate change through carbon sequestration. Source: Timberbiz New Zealand Forest Owners Association president Peter Weir says the Royal Society’s just released report on gene editing should be taken seriously by anyone concerned abo...

Climate Home -4 days ago

Meat and potatoes: international media majors on diet in IPCC coverage

Reporting on latest science around climate change and land use focused on rich nation's eating habits, but did it miss the bigger picture? The post Meat and potatoes: international media majors on diet in IPCC coverage appeared first on Climate Home News....