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Forests and Climate Change

UN-REDD Programme -9 hours ago

Homegardens: Looking back at tradition for a greener future in Sri Lanka

Homegardens in Sri Lanka are among the oldest land use activity, next to shifting cultivation. The construction of a house and its surroundings, including the homegarden, termed as “vasthu”, date back to a period of 6,000 years, and became more common after the introduction of Buddhism to the country in 247 B.C. Homegardens are defined as a sustainable land use system that combines agrofores...

WRI -15 hours ago

4 Ways Cities Can Build More Climate-Resilient Neighborhoods

4 Ways Cities Can Build More Climate-Resilient Neighborhoods Comments|Add Comment|PrintA community resiliency workshop in Surat, India. Photo by Lubaina Rangwala/WRI As 21st century cities continue to grow, their capacities to adapt, learn and transform need to increase as well, especially in vulnerable neighborhoods. Cities are key players in the global movement to address the threats posed by cl...

CBD -17 hours ago

10 minutes with Josh Henretig, Microsoft

Josh Henretig: It's a cross-company program that takes Microsoft's deep investments in artificial intelligence research and technologies, adds on our commitment to using technology to address big, societal challenges to then deliver AI resources in the hands of organizations working at the intersection of climate change, agriculture, water and biodiversity....

CBD -17 hours ago

UN climate accord 'inadequate' and lacks urgency, experts warn

The world has been put on notice that its best efforts so far will fail to halt the devastation of climate change, as countries came to a partial agreement at UN talks that failed to match up to the challenges faced....

CBD -17 hours ago

The whole world finally nods to enforce Paris Climate Change Agreement rules

Nearly 200 nations have agreed to enforce rules on implementing the landmark 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement....

CBD -17 hours ago

What's the best job for fighting climate change?

You don't have to quit your day job to make a difference on climate change. Waite: "No matter if you're in healthcare, media, journalism, science and tech, you can integrate sustainability, you can pursue it and you can have both purpose and profit."...

CBD -17 hours ago

Using archaeology to understand the past, present, future of climate change

A photo from the tragic "Camp Fire," the most destructive wildfire in California history, shows a house burned down to its foundation. Such images are difficult to process, particularly with 86 people dead....

CBD -17 hours ago

Know about coasts subject to harm by climate change in Egypt

Egyptian General Authority for Coast Protection is set to implement several protection projects on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to protect them from the adverse effects of climate change....

CBD -17 hours ago

Stage set for the fight against climate change

The common rules to govern the efforts by nations to fight global warming, adopted at a key United Nations conference on climate change in Poland over the weekend, only set the stage for implementing the 2015 Paris agreement to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide....