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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Loss

CBD -4 days ago

Fifteen Years to Save the Amazon Rainforest from Becoming Savannah

The pace of deforestation in the Amazon, coupled with last year's devastating forest fires, has pushed the world's largest rainforest close to a tipping point beyond which it will turn from a carbon sink to a carbon source....

Mongabay -5 days ago

Catastrophic Amazon tipping point less than 30 years away: study

Deforestation and climate change could convert Amazon rainforest to savanna by 2050. New infrastructure development would quicken process....

Forest Sweden -5 days ago

Sustainable teak and cocoa plantation in Nicaragua scores top impact points

A project to expand FSC certified teak and UTZ certified cocoa plantations in the rural Siuna and Bonanza regions of Nicaragua scores exceptionally high points in Finnfund’s development impact assessment. The high score is based on the project’s contribution to carbon capture, protection of fauna and curbing deforestation as well as the various social impacts, such as proper jobs, improved inc...

CIFOR -6 days ago

Pay, talk or ‘whip’ to conserve forests: Framed field experiments in Zambia

Despite many efforts to conserve tropical forests, high rates of deforestation and forest degradation continue, threatening the products and environmental... The post Pay, talk or ‘whip’ to conserve forests: Framed field experiments in Zambia appeared first on Center for International Forestry Research....

The Guardian -7 days ago

Oceans, biodiversity, deforestation: what's on the climate agenda for 2020?

This year could be crucial in determining the response to the environmental crisesWorld leaders and business chiefs meeting in Davos this week will be confronted for the first time with an agenda on which the climate and ecological crises take top billing. Financial and economic concerns have been shunted down the list of priorities in favour of five environmental issues: climate breakdown and ext...

ScienceDaily -7 days ago

Zero-deforestation pledges to protect wildlife in oil palm

New research has found that environmental efforts aimed at eliminating deforestation from oil palm production have the potential to benefit vulnerable tropical mammals....

The Guardian -7 days ago

Trump hails 1tn trees plan but ignores roots of problem

If US president really wants to protect trees he should rethink his climate-wrecking policiesTrees are great. They give us oxygen, take away CO2, provide nests for birds and habitats for wildlife, protect against flooding and even help to clean up lung-shredding air pollutants from traffic.As the world’s forests come under increasing threat from fires, agriculture and logging, the WWF-led initia...

Mongabay -1 week ago

Deforestation clips howler monkey calls, study finds

Howler monkeys change their calls when they’re close to deforested areas, a new study has found. A team of researchers, led by anthropologist Laura Bolt of the University of Waterloo in Canada, looked at the frequency and intensity of mantled howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) calls through several different study zones in Costa Rica in 2017 […]...

CBD -1 week ago

Fires set stage for irreversible forest losses in Australia

Australia's forests are burning at a rate unmatched in modern times and scientists say the landscape is being permanently altered as a warming climate brings profound changes to the island continent....

REDD-Monitor -1 week ago

The Amazon rainforest: Tipping points and false solutions

In September 2007, a paper by a group of Brazilian researchers was published in Geophysical Research Letters. The title was “Regional climate change over eastern Amazonia caused by pasture and soybean cropland expansion”. The opening line of the paper explains that, Field observations and numerical studies revealed that large scale deforestation in Amazonia could alter......

Mongabay -2 weeks ago

Belo Monte boondoggle: Brazil’s biggest, costliest dam may be unviable

Amazon mega-dam was built with 11,233 MW capacity, but has fallen far short, even as deforestation and drought make the goal more remote. The US$9.5 billion dam may never be profitable....

ScienceDaily -2 weeks ago

Transformational innovation needed to reach global forest restoration goals

New research finds that global South countries have pledged the largest areas of land to forest restoration, and are also farthest behind in meeting their targets due to challenging factors such as population growth, corruption, and deforestation....

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