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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Loss

timberbiz -7 hours ago

Friday analysis: Log an objection with the WWF – we are not deforesting

The World Wildlife Fund seems a little confused over what logging is. Put simply, the WWF seems to have incorrectly lumped timber harvesting and private native forestry as contributing factors of deforestation and degradation. Source: Bruce Mitchell In a “shock, horror” statement, the WWF identified Australia as the only developed nation on the list of the world’s deforestation hotspots. Amo...

Mongabay -2 days ago

Palm oil plantations, coal mines linked to deadly Indonesia flood

JAKARTA — Recent floods that inundated large areas of the southern part of Indonesian Borneo might have been exacerbated by massive deforestation for oil palm plantations and coal mines, activists say. Heavy rains over the course of several days in early January battered the province of South Kalimantan, causing the Barito and other rivers to […]...

Mongabay -4 days ago

An eye in the sky on deforestation: Q&A with Jean Jardeleza and Kim Carlson

Though other stories might have dominated the headlines, 2020 was a year of tremendous change in land use and land cover. Massive fires burned across Australia, the Amazon, and the Western U.S. Worldwide, as government oversight shifted to the pandemic, deforestation increased dramatically. And as these changes unfolded, scientists had an unprecedented front seat, no […]...

timberbiz -4 days ago

WWF confused over deforestation in Australia claims IFA

The World Wildlife Fund’s claims linking deforestation and forestry in Australia have been challenged by the Institute of Foresters. Source: Timberbiz “Land clearing or land-use change is when forests are converted for example to urban development and agriculture,” IFA President Bob Gordon said. “It is important that land clearing or deforestation that converts forests to other land uses s...

Mongabay -6 days ago

Indigenous Cacataibo of Peru threatened by land grabbing and drug trade

Mario’s nervousness is evident on the other end of the phone as he speaks about how three men tried to stab him in November 2020. This wasn’t the first time something like this happened; Mario says he has faced harassment and threats for more than a year for denouncing deforestation in his village, the Indigenous community […]...

timberbiz -7 days ago

Allegations of Indonesian pulp producers mislabelling in China exports

TPL and APRIL, two major pulp and paper producers in Indonesia, may have deprived the country of US$168 million in taxes from 2007 to 2018 by mislabelling a type of pulp that they exported to China, a new investigation alleges. Source: Two major pulp and paper producers associated with widespread deforestation and land conflicts in Indonesia may also have skimped on $168 million in ta...

timberbiz -7 days ago

Opinion – Andrew Walker: Logging forests aren’t a fire risk, but state forests are

Indigenous Tasmanians managed the forests right for 60,000 years, now our state forests are left to become tinderboxes under a struggling Parks and Wildlife department, wrote Andrew Walker in The Mercury newspaper. The time has come to have a mature debate about the future wellbeing of Tasmanian forests, and I am not just talking about their use as a timber resource. Let’s put aside for a moment...

Mongabay -1 week ago

Deforestation spurred by road project creeps closer to Sumatra wildlife haven

JAKARTA — An upgrade to a road that cuts through one of Southeast Asia’s last great swaths of intact rainforest is driving deeper encroachment by humans into blocks of forest that may spread into a national park. The road runs 36 kilometers (22 miles) between the districts of Karo and Langkat in Indonesia’s North Sumatra […]...

Mongabay -1 week ago

Deregulation law ‘raises corruption risk’ in Indonesia’s forestry sector

JAKARTA — A controversial new law that makes sweeping cuts to environmental regulations may also pave the way for greater corruption in Indonesia’s forestry sector, academics have warned. An analysis of the so-called omnibus law on job creation — passed by parliament in October to cut red tape and make it easy for companies to […]...

Mongabay -1 week ago

California-sized area of forest lost in just 14 years

An area of forest roughly the size of California was cleared across the tropics and subtropics between 2004 and 2017 largely for commercial agriculture, finds a new assessment published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The report, titled Deforestation Fronts: Drivers and Responses in a Changing World, looks at the state of forests and causes […]...

The Guardian -1 week ago

Australia the only developed nation on world list of deforestation hotspots

WWF report finds area six times the size of Tasmania has been cleared globally since 2004Australia remains one of the world’s hotspots for deforestation according to a new report by WWF, which finds an area six times the size of Tasmania has been cleared globally since 2004.The analysis identifies 24 “deforestation fronts” worldwide where a total of 43 million hectares of forest was destroye...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Scientists’ study says trees are smaller due to rising temperatures

As the climate changes, ecosystems around the world are also changing. A new study published by scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) suggests that these changes are causing trees to become smaller and younger. Rising temperatures are a source of stress for trees. Source: Timberbiz Matti Maajärvi, Senior Specialist of Global Forest Affairs at UPM Forest, says that as the ...

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