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CBD -yesterday

Research investigates impact of climate change on glacier-fed rivers in Peru

Remote communities in the Peruvian Andes, as well as communities downstream, depend on the water from melting glaciers and mountain ecosystems to provide them with food and power, and to support industry....

The Guardian -2 days ago

Country diary: swelling buds await spring's starting gun

Durham City: Sycamore and red-berried elder are among the first trees to flower hereIn drizzly rain, the view southwards from Pinnock hill, with hedges and woodland receding into the distance, faded like a series of watercolour washes: burnt umber, through sepia, to Payne’s grey on the horizon. Despite February’s freakish weather, with its false promise of spring, there was no sign yet of the ...

Mongabay -2 days ago

Sea otters leave behind unique archaeological traces, study finds

Sea otters get creative when it comes to satisfying their hunger. While they use their teeth to crack open hard-shelled prey like mussels and clams, they’ve also been seen using rocks and stones to get the job done. Sometimes they use a stone underwater to pry loose abalone from a substrate. They may also pound […]...

Springer -3 days ago

Variation in glomalin in soil profiles and its association with climatic conditions, shelterbelt characteristics, and soil properties in poplar shelterbelts of Northeast China

Abstract Glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP) sequesters large amounts of carbon and plays important roles in maintaining terrestrial soil ecosystem functions and ecological restoration; however, little is known about GRSP variation in 1-m soil profiles and its association with stand characteristics, soil properties, and climatic conditions, hindering GRSP-related degraded soil i...

USFS -3 days ago

Diets of two nonnative freshwater turtle species (Trachemys scripta and Pelodiscus sinensis) in Kawai Nui Marsh, Hawaii

Island ecosystems provide habitat for many endemic species that may be threatened by nonnative species introductions. We examined nonnative freshwater turtle occurrences and diets to examine potential predation effects on native species in Kawai Nui Marsh, Oahu, Hawaii. No freshwater turtles are native to the Hawaiian Archipelago. The Pond Slider (Trachemys scripta) and Chinese Softshell (Pelodisc...

WRI -3 days ago

Water Is a Growing Source of Global Conflict. Here's What We Need to Do

Water Is a Growing Source of Global Conflict. Here's What We Need to Do Comments|Add Comment|PrintA man carries water for cooking, drinking and washing in East Timor. Flickr/Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade This blog was originally posted at WEF Forum. The most intensive drought ever recorded in Syria lasted from 2006 to 2011. Water scarcity hit households, businesses and infrastruct...

Mongabay -3 days ago

Audio: What underwater sounds can tell us about Indian Ocean humpback dolphins

On today’s episode, we speak with marine biologist Isha Bopardikar, an independent researcher who is using bioacoustics to study humpback dolphins off the west coast of India. Listen here:   Last month, Mongabay’s India bureau published an article with the headline “What underwater sounds tell us about marine life.” Mongabay contributor Sejal Mehta notes in […]...

CBD -3 days ago

Climate change and human rights - Can the courts fix it?

Climate change is already threatening people's guaranteed rights. It is affecting rights such as the rights to life and health, to food, water and housing. In the case of small island states it touches on the very right to exist. The number of climate-related lawsuits is rising worldwide - including in Germany and Europe. But what part can the courts play in the battle against climate change? This...

CBD -3 days ago

Climate change: Water shortages in England 'within 25 years'

Within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand, the head of the Environment Agency is warning. The impact of climate change, combined with population growth, means the country is facing an "existential threat", Sir James Bevan told the Waterwise Conference in London....

CBD -3 days ago

Our climate mitigation efforts will need to be ocean friendly

Dealing with climate change requires careful attention to impacts on water quality. Climate action could be a threat to water quality due to increased eutrophication that certain decisions entail, a new study in Nature Communications suggests....

CBD -3 days ago

The business of biodiversity: can we put a value on nature?

Nature provides people with everything from food and water to timber, textiles, medicinal resources and pollination of crops. Now, a new approach aims to measure exactly what a specific ecosystem supplies in order to incentivise decision-makers and businesses to help combat biodiversity loss....

Mongabay -4 days ago

Bid to protect Borneo’s wild cattle hinges on whether it’s a new species

LAMANDAU, Indonesia — At the headwaters of the Belantikan River on the island of Borneo, an organization committed to protecting orangutans is extending its efforts to a slightly less charismatic megafauna: the endangered Bornean banteng, a type of wild cattle. Long thought to be subspecies of the banteng found on Java, Bos javanicus, a growing […]...