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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Biodiversity

Springer -2 days ago

Institutional quality, economic development and illegal logging: a quantitative cross-national analysis

Abstract Illegal logging is a global concern, associated with severe negative environmental, social and economic impacts, such as deforestation, degradation of biodiversity and loss of government revenues. Despite recent international efforts to combat illegal logging activities, the problem remains widespread. While the academic literature on the subject is extensive, little sys...

Global Forest Coalition -2 days ago

Civil society organizations and experts call draft new global action plan on biodiversity conservation disappointingly weak and unacceptable

CBD-Alliance, 3 May 2021 — As governments worldwide begin today a new round of formal discussions on proposed new measures under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to protect Earth’s biodiversity, a global alliance of NGOs and experts has issued a stern warning that the talks are going off track, with potentially dire consequences. [1] In an open letter from the CBD-Alliance [2],...

timberbiz -2 days ago

Metsa Group facilitates planting of 270 million seedlings

Metsä Group and forest owners planted 270 million seedlings in Finnish forests between 2010 and 2020. This northern summer, the figure will increase by more than 35 million seedlings. Source: Timberbiz Metsä Group supplies forest owners with native tree species that occur naturally in Finland. Under the Finnish Forest Act, a new forest must always be established after felling. This can be done t...

timberbiz -2 days ago

Midway and Climate Friendly’s strategic alliance improves marginal land

Midway Tasmania and Climate Friendly, two leading service providers in their respective fields of forestry and carbon project development, have announced a strategic alliance that combines farm forestry with carbon farming. Source: Timberbiz The partnership model will provide services to local land managers in Tasmania, enabling them to become small-scale private forestry growers and to improve th...

CBD -2 days ago

Global warming causes depletion in biodiversity: Study

We all know that global warming is harmful to the earth as it increases the water level in the sea but now it is also endangering the biodiversity present on the planet. Studies suggest that an increase in temperature leads to the loss of biodiversity, mainly marine life as the elevated temperature reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen and hence leading to the unavailability of oxygen for marine ...

CBD -2 days ago

We need to rethink the way we measure environmental impact

Biodiversity loss is a global phenomenon. Driven by habitat degradation, climate change, the introduction of invasive species and other anthropogenically induced factors, around 1 million of the 8 million plant and animal species on earth are threatened with extinction. Increasingly, biodiversity loss is being recognised as a systemic risk with far-reaching consequences, including financial risks ...

CBD -2 days ago

Wawu Mountain in SW China ramps up biodiversity protection

Wawu Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan Province has ramped up its biodiversity conservation efforts. Located in Hongya County, Meishan City in Sichuan, the mountain has rich wildlife resources and is a key area for global biodiversity conservation....

Mongabay -2 days ago

Biden lays out vision for protecting 30% of US land, waters by 2030

Today the Biden Administration formally laid out its vision for conserving 30% of America’s land and waters by 2030. The “America the Beautiful” report, released by the Departments of Commerce, Interior, and Agriculture, includes few specifics but conceptualizes how the U.S. can better protect and restore biodiversity, improve the resilience of ecosystems to climate change, […]...

CBD -3 days ago

Feral horses, donkeys dig desert holes to hydrate biodiversity

When it comes to finding water and staying hydrated in desert environments, animals will take all the help they can get. This includes from other wildlife, even ones that pose threats to natural ecosystems....

CBD -3 days ago

What to expect from the rewilding of Italy's largest mountain range

Italy's largest mountain range is the latest focus of an ambitious "nature corridors" project aimed at elevating the area's biodiversity....

CBD -3 days ago

Bees thrive where it's hot and dry: A unique biodiversity hotspot located in North America

The United States-Mexico border traverses through large expanses of unspoiled land in North America, including a newly discovered worldwide hotspot of bee diversity. Concentrated in 16 km2 of protected Chihuahuan Desert are more than 470 bee species, a remarkable 14% of the known United States bee fauna....

CBD -3 days ago

Research confirms trawl ban substantially increases the abundance of marine organisms

Biodiversity is of crucial importance to the marine ecosystem. The prohibition of trawling activities in the Hong Kong marine environment for two and a half years has significantly improved biodiversity, an inter-university study led by City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has found....

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