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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Biodiversity

timberbiz -19 hours ago

Victorian Labor – one hand gives, while the other takes away

Corryong sawmill operator and pallet manufacturer Graham Walker received a letter in October from Victoria’s Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Resources Jaclyn Symes good enough to take to the bank. In fact, he did. The letter recommended he continue to work with VicForests to “fully utilise the available timber resources” to supply his mill. Source: Timberbiz It was the Vic...

CBD -2 days ago

Created micro-climate of biodiversity that is secure from climate change: Manoj Kumar

Several recent research studies and assessments by the United Nations have underlined that runaway climate change is increasing hunger and inequality. A UN special rapporteur has warned of "climate apartheid" due to widespread displacement and hunger. In an interview to Hindustan Times, Manoj Kumar, a corporate banker-turned-social entrepreneur, talks about how the world could address both poverty...

CBD -2 days ago

7 Indigenous Technologies Changing Landscapes

Indigenous ways of managing landscapes have often been framed as the antithesis to progress. But most Indigenous communities hold intimate place-based knowledge, gained across generations, which is an ideal starting point for addressing contemporary challenges such as biodiversity loss, land degradation and climate change....

Elsevier -4 days ago

LiDAR data as a proxy for light availability improve distribution modelling of woody species

Publication date: 15 January 2020Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 456Author(s): Rafael O. Wüest, Ariel Bergamini, Kurt Bollmann, Andri BaltensweilerAbstractModern multifunctional forest management can profit from high-quality information on the potential distribution of woody species generated by species distribution models (SDMs). Forest structure is an important factor in determini...

The Guardian -5 days ago

Poorly planned Amazon dam project 'poses serious threat to life'

Operator faces choice of weakening 14km barrier or potentially devastating a biodiversity hotspot The biggest hydroelectric project in the Amazon rainforest has a design flaw that poses a “very serious” threat to human life and globally important ecosystems, according to documents and expert testimony received by the Guardian.The studies suggest engineers failed to anticipate the impact of wat...

CBD -5 days ago

Protecting Biodiversity in West Africa's Offshore Oil & Gas Development

In September 2019 BirdLife Africa successfully conducted an oil and gas workshop in Senegal. The aim of this workshop was to map out vulnerable marine and coastal areas in West Africa that are under threat offshore oil and gas activity....

CBD -5 days ago

"Creating a more beautiful and more responsible world": Guerlain partners with UNESCO for major sustainability initiative

French beauty house Guerlain has partnered with UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) for a major sustainability initiative to preserve bees and biodiversity....

CBD -5 days ago

Bhutan, India and Nepal to strengthen trans-border conservation

Beginning next year, a large-scale transborder conservation of biodiversity will be strengthened through community involvement in the Manas and Kangchenjunga landscapes within Bhutan, India, and Nepal....

CBD -5 days ago

Opinion: Wildlife, forest and fisheries crimes

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), each year countless species is driven closer to extinction, while criminals make billions from the sale of protected wildlife and forest products. These crimes have a devastating impact on biodiversity; they undermine national, regional political and economic security; weaken the rule of law, and threaten global efforts to responsi...

CBD -5 days ago

Conservation scientists call for reverse to biodiversity loss

A group of international conservationists is urging governments across the globe to adopt a new approach to address the impact of economic development on the natural world. Renowned researchers, including University of Queensland scientists, aim to draw attention to what they call "net positive outcomes for nature"....

CBD -6 days ago

To tackle the biodiversity, climate and farm income crises, we need to farm with nature

Policy decisions over the next 12 months are crucial for Ireland's rural landscapes. The development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan for Ireland presents a rare opportunity to deliver high quality food outcomes and enhance farm livelihoods while mitigating our climate and biodiversity crises - and it's one we need to grasp with both hands....

CBD -6 days ago

EIT Climate-KIC strengthens biodiversity through systems change

Climate change threatens our ecosystems and their precious biodiversity, while supporting them-through 'nature based solutions' (NBS) like afforestation and reforestation-can mitigate climate change via increased carbon sinks, and enhance resilience....

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