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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Landscape Restoration

Elsevier -15 hours ago

The influence of prescribed fire on wild turkeys in the Southeastern United States: A review and synthesis

Publication date: 1 January 2020Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 455Author(s): Gregory T. Wann, James A. Martin, Michael J. ChamberlainAbstractThe pine-grassland ecosystems once prevalent in the Southeastern United States were dependent on frequent fire events to maintain plant communities and avoid succession to hardwood and shrub-dominant communities. The use of prescribed fire has ...

timberbiz -18 hours ago

Queensland saves native forestry jobs and keeps harvesting open

Thousands of hectares of native forest north of Noosa, which had been due to become national park, will now be kept open to the timber industry in order to save hundreds of jobs. Source: Timberbiz The Queensland Government made the decision to extend the current harvesting permits in the Wide Bay-Burnett region until 2026 but would not say how much land would be accessed. The current permits were ...

Springer -6 days ago

Biomass and dominance of conservative species drive above-ground biomass productivity in a mediterranean-type forest of Chile

Abstract Background Forest productivity has a pivotal role in human well-being. Vegetation quantity, niche complementarity, mass-ratio, and soil resources are alternative/complementary ecological mechanisms driving productivity. One challenge in current forest management depends on identifying and manipulating these mechanisms to enh...

USFS -6 days ago

Twenty‐five years of the Northwest Forest Plan: what have we learned?

The Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) has guided the management of 17 federal forests in the US Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years. The existing management plans for these national forests – which were amended by the NWFP – are now being evaluated for revision under the US Forest Service’s 2012 planning rule. To help inform federal land managers, we reviewed the scientific literature publish...

USFS -6 days ago

Fire deficits have increased drought sensitivity in dry conifer forests: Fire frequency and tree‐ring carbon isotope evidence from Central Oregon

A century of fire suppression across the Western United States has led to more crowded forests and increased competition for resources. Studies of forest thinning or stand conditions after mortality events have provided indirect evidence for how competition can promote drought stress and predispose forests to severe fire and/or bark beetle outbreaks. Here, we demonstrate linkages between fire defi...

USFS -6 days ago

Discussion: “Meadow restoration increases baseflow and groundwater storage in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California” by Luke J.H. Hunt, Julie Fair, and Maxwell Odland

We discuss a recent paper which evaluated the hydrologic changes resulting from a pond-and-plug meadow restoration project in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. In the study, measurements of streamflow into and out of the meadow suggested late-summer baseflow increased as much as five-fold when compared with prerestoration conditions. However, the volume of streamflow attributed to the res...

USFS -6 days ago

Estimating biomass availability and cost when implementing forest restoration with tethered harvest systems

Using an adaptation of Forest Inventory and Analysis’s BioSum framework, which models prospective management of forested landscapes using forest inventory data, we tested several fire-resistance-promoting restoration treatments, implemented with tethered cut-to-length harvest systems, for effectiveness and economic feasibility in the dry national forests of southern Oregon and northern Californi...

CIFOR -7 days ago

Framework for assessing ecosystem services from bamboo forests: Lessons from Asia and Africa

Bamboo is well known for supporting people’s livelihoods, and is widely used in landscape restoration programs while providing a wide... The post Framework for assessing ecosystem services from bamboo forests: Lessons from Asia and Africa appeared first on Center for International Forestry Research....

USFS -7 days ago

The Story of Prescribed Fire - A vital part of Western landscapes

This video tells the story of why the Forest Service conducts prescribed or planned fires. It explains how reintroducing fire on Western landscapes has led to restoration of forests that rely on fire to keep forests vibrant and healthy....

USFS -1 week ago

Organic or inorganic nitrogen and rhizobia inoculation provide synergistic growth response of a leguminous forb and tree

Our objective was to better understand how organic and inorganic nitrogen (N) forms supplied to a tree, Robinia pseudoacacia, and a perennial forb, Lupinus latifolius, affected plant growth and performance of their symbiotic, N-fixing rhizobia. In one experiment, we tested five sources of N [none; three inorganic forms (ammonium, nitrate, ammoniumnitrate); and an organic form (arginine)] in combin...

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