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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Sustainable Forest Management

CEPI -16 hours ago

Enhancing the EU forest policy framework through a stronger EU forest strategy post 2020

Cepi position on the new EU Forest Strategy post-2020                                                            European forests and the forest-based sector provide multiple solutions that contribute to Europe’s part in keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees by strengthening its role in the circular bioeconomy. The Confederation of Euro...

Elsevier -20 hours ago

How feminization of forest management drives households' adoption of technologies: Evidence from non-timber forest products operations in China

Publication date: June 2020Source: Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 115Author(s): Zhen Zhu, Jun Zhou, Bowei Li, Yueqin Shen, Yaoqi Zhang...

USFS -2 days ago

Site Index: Accuracy of Prediction

With the current forecasts of increasing demands for forest products from a decreasing land base, many foresters are preoccupied with ways to increase productivity. Therefore, it is appropriate that foresters take a look at just how well they are evaluating productivity, or site quality, at the present time. Evaluation of site quality has always been an important part of forest management. As mana...

USFS -2 days ago

An expanded concept of the role of forest industry in private nonindustrial forestry

Forest industries in the southeastern United States offer assistance to private nonindustrial forest landowners in planning and accomplishing regeneration of cutover land and management of subsequent stands. In general, if the landowner sells a tract of timber to the company, t :,e company will develop an intensive regeneration and management plan for the tract and carry it out at company cost to ...

Hindawi Publishing Corporation -2 days ago

Estimates of Volume and Carbon Stock Removals in Miombo Woodlands of Mainland Tanzania

Miombo woodlands are major vegetation type covering about 93% of the forest land of Mainland Tanzania. It forms an integral part of the rural landscape in Tanzania and plays a crucial role in providing a wide range of goods and services including carbon sequestration. However, the sustainability of forest resources is mostly affected by the magnitude of its utilization. There should be a balance b...

USFS -5 days ago

Climate associations with headwater streamflow in managed forests over 16 years and projections of future dry headwater stream channels

Integrating climate-smart principles into riparian and upland forest management can facilitate effective and efficient land use and conservation planning. Emerging values of forested headwater streams can help forge these links, yet climate effects on headwaters are little studied. We assessed associations of headwater discontinuous streams with climate metrics, watershed size, and forest-harvest ...

Springer -1 week ago

Variation in forest landowners’ management preferences reduces timber supply from Finnish forests

Abstract Key message Forest owners who maximize profitability with a low discount rate or whose management goals are related to conservation and recreation, rarely sell timber. These owners make it difficult to achieve the high harvesting targets of the growing ...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Responsible Wood answering to COVID-19 issues in Australia and NZ

Representatives from Australia and New Zealand met to discuss AS/NZS 4708 as the historic Trans-Tasman forestry standard moves a step closer. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, representatives from up to 26 different organisations participated in a teleconference instead of face-to-face due to travel restrictions. Source: Timberbiz Following three full days of meetings, 16-18 March 2020, Responsible Wood...

EUFORGEN -2 weeks ago

Tree genetic diversity: A new indicator of how much we conserve

EUFORGEN today published a report that for the first time offers a way to measure the conservation and use of the genetic diversity of forest trees across Europe in a standardized way. This new indicator is based on an agreed revision of a commonly adopted framework. Genetic diversity ensures that forest trees can survive, adapt and evolve under changing environmental conditions. The new indicator...

Springer -2 weeks ago

Effects of diameter distribution errors on stand management decisions according to a simulated individual tree detection

Abstract Key Message Tree-level forest inventory data are becoming increasingly available, which motivates the use of these data for decision-making. However, airborne inventories carried out tree-by-tree typically include systematic errors, which can propagate ...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Interacting effects of global change on forest pest and pathogen dynamics

Pathogens and insect pests are important drivers of tree mortality and forest dynamics, but global change has rapidly altered or intensifed their impacts. Predictive understanding of changing disease and outbreak occurrence has been limited by two factors: (a) tree mortality and morbidity are emergent phenomena determined by interactions between plant hosts, biotic agents (insects or pathogens), a...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Karri freeze in WA

The Western Australian Government has placed a 12-month freeze on the logging of “two-tier” karri forests in the state’s wooded South West region. Two-tier karri forests are defined as mixed-age forests comprised of mature trees and younger regrowth trees. Source: Timberbiz The Forest Products Commission (FPC) manages the logging of WA’s native forests and has excluded two-...

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