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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Palm Oil & Plantations

Mongabay -1 week ago

Their lawsuit against a coal firm in limbo, Bornean villagers take their fight online

As the forests of South Kalimantan province were whittled away by extractive industries, just one district in this corner of Indonesian Borneo remained free of both mining and oil palm plantations: Central Hulu Sungai district. Today, that status is uncertain. The district’s people, who have long fought to keep corporate interests off their land, are […]...

Mongabay -1 week ago

RSPO questions effectiveness of Indonesian palm plantation moratorium

JAKARTA — A year after the Indonesian government imposed a ban on issuing new licenses for oil palm plantations, the leading certification body for sustainable sourcing of the crop has criticized the policy as essentially ineffective. The licensing moratorium, signed by President Joko Widodo in September last year and expected to remain in force for […]...

Mongabay -2 weeks ago

Debate rages over intensive oil palm farming in Gabon

Nearly 88 percent of Gabon is covered in forests. As the country seeks to diversify its economy, including developing agriculture and commercial plantations, can it continue to protect this important resource for local communities and biodiversity? Numerous NGOs are worried by the industrial cultivation of oil palm by the multinational Olam and have launched a […]...

The Guardian -3 weeks ago

Wildlife corridors to save Borneo elephants – in pictures

Malaysia and Indonesia are home to the oldest jungles in the world and produce more than 85% of the world’s palm oil. However, cultivation and production of the oil have caused deforestation, pollution, land degradation and human-wildlife conflict. Deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia has endangered the Borneo elephant, which depends on forest connectivity to survive, by isolating it from lar...

The Guardian -3 weeks ago

Shock and gnaw: rat-eating macaques 'stun' scientists

Animals act as natural pest control in Malaysia’s vast palm oil plantations, reducing crop losses from rodentsScientists in Malaysia have said they were “stunned” to discover monkeys regularly killing and eating rats on palm oil plantations, providing a natural anti-pest measure in the country, which is responsible for 30% of the world’s palm oil production.A report released in Current Bio...

CBD -3 weeks ago

Researchers discover rat-eating monkeys acting as 'pest control' on Malaysia's oil palm plantations

Macaques could reduce crop damage by rats from 10 per cent to less than 3 per cent, equivalent to a gain of around US$650 million per year, researchers said. Anna Holzner It seems like there's monkey business afoot as scientists have discovered that some monkeys in Malaysia regularly kill and eat rats in the nation's vast palm oil plantations....

Mongabay -1 month ago

Suspicions of murder in death of Indonesian environmental activist

MEDAN, Indonesia — Environmental activists in Indonesia have raised suspicions over the death this week of a human rights defender who was a staunch advocate of communities threatened by oil palm plantations. Golfrid Siregar, 34, a member of the legal advocacy team for the North Sumatra chapter of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), […]...

Mongabay -1 month ago

Restoring Sumatra’s Leuser Ecosystem, one small farm at a time

TENGGULUN, Indonesia — Around 20 Acehnese men sit cross-legged while smoking clove cigarettes on the terrace of a simple wooden building in this village on the island of Sumatra. The lodge in Tenggulun was established as a planning and meeting point in 2015, shortly after authorities began repossessing illegal oil palm plantations here in the […]...

CBD -2 months ago

Indonesia: Indigenous Peoples Losing Their Forests, Says HRW

The Indonesian government is failing to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples who have lost their traditional forests and livelihoods to oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan and Jambi provinces, Human Rights Watch said in a report. Loss of forest occurs on a massive scale and not only harms local indigenous peoples but is also associated with global climate change....

timberbiz -2 months ago

World Bank forest rescue program kickstarted by German funds

A World Bank forest rescue program has been given a multi-million “kickstart” by Germany. Norway has done a deal with Gabon that it sustains its tropical forests to absorb carbon dioxide and help avert climate warming. German Development Minister Gerd Müller signed a €200 million ($210 million) pledge from Germany in New York to launch ProGreen, a World Bank program to stem defo...

NYT -2 months ago

Indonesian Wildfires Choke Region in Blanket of Smoke

Thousands of fires, most of them set to clear land for plantations that make palm oil, created thick clouds of smoke that disrupted air travel and sickened people....

NYT -2 months ago

As Amazon Smolders, Indonesia Fires Choke the Other Side of the World

Thousands of fires, most of them set to clear land for plantations that make palm oil, created thick clouds of smoke that disrupted air travel and sickened people....

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