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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Palm Oil & Plantations

Mongabay -2 days ago

That coconut oil you love? Species have gone extinct over it. True story

For conscious consumers, palm oil tends to be the pariah of tropically grown crops. This is due to the well-publicized fact that oil palm plantations are highly destructive to biodiversity, displacing critically endangered species like orangutans. But palm oil isn’t the only consumable oil that causes environmental damage, according to a new study. It argues […]...

Mongabay -1 week ago

How we calculated Korindo’s revenues from clearing Papuan rainforest

This article was co-published with The Gecko Project.  This post details the analysis we carried out to estimate the revenues generated by the Korindo Group from harvesting timber as it cleared rainforest in the Indonesian province of Papua for oil palm plantations. The analysis is cited in an article we published last week based on […]...

ScienceDaily -2 weeks ago

Tropical forest loss is increased by large-scale land acquisitions

A new study finds that tropical forest loss is increased by large-scale land acquisitions and that certain kind investment projects -- including tree plantations and plantations for producing palm oil and wood fiber -- are ''consistently associated with increased forest loss.''...

ScienceDaily -2 weeks ago

Protecting natural forest in oil palm plantations crucial for conservation

A study has found that patches of protected forest on oil palm plantations play an important role in helping to conserve endangered species including hornbill birds and dipterocarp trees....

Global Forest Coalition -1 month ago

Forest loss for large-scale agriculture and extractive industries goes hand in hand with violence against women

by John C. Cannon, originally published on Mongabay Gender-based violence shakes communities in the wake of forest loss Women in the province of East New Britain in Papua New Guinea say they have faced increasing domestic violence, along with issues like teenage pregnancy and drug abuse, in their communities as logging and oil palm plantations have moved in. Traditionally, women have been the stew...

timberbiz -1 month ago

Study of Indonesian standards for forestry management

A recent study explores the environmental credentials and performance of the Indonesian sustainable forest management standard known as the PHPL (Pengelolaan Hutan Produksi Lestari). Source: Timberbiz Conducted by the Independent Forest Monitoring Network (JPIK) with the support of the EU FLEGT Facility, the analysis assesses the extent to which the PHPL could contribute to sustainability and lega...

Mongabay -2 months ago

Indonesia moves to end smallholder guarantee meant to empower palm oil farmers

JAKARTA — Palm oil companies will no longer be required to allocate a fifth of their land for smallholder farmers under a new bill, a move activists and officials call harmful to the livelihoods of these farmers. These so-called plasma farms were made mandatory in 2007 to ensure rural communities benefited from the large plantations […]...

CBD -2 months ago

Palm Oil Deforestation: A Threat to Orangutan Populations, Indigenous People and Biodiversity

The California fires in November 2018 were more severe than ever and yet - the amount of forest that was lost in the combined fires makes up only a fraction of Indonesian forest that is burned every year in slash-and-burn practices to clear palm oil plantations....

timberbiz -2 months ago

Top 10 forestry tech start-ups in Europe

This is a list of the 10 most promising European forestry tech startups set to digitize the industry, boost trust in forest management and combat rising levels of CO2 by embracing digital advancements. Source: EU Start Ups Xylene revolutionises the way wood is offered on the market. Founded by Giuseppe Benenati and Christopher Edwards in 2019, in Reutlingen, Germany, the company provides a transpa...

Mongabay -3 months ago

Palm oil giant Olam under scrutiny again over Gabon plantations

The World Rainforest Movement (WRM) has accused Singapore-based agribusiness company Olam of making meaningless “zero deforestation” pledges about a major oil palm development in Gabon and neglecting the rights of local communities. In a report published last month, WRM also says Olam is failing to fulfill commitments made to villagers in the central-southern province of […]...

Mongabay -4 months ago

Indonesia’s point man for palm oil says no more plantations in Papua

JAKARTA — A top Indonesian official has declared a halt to new oil palm plantations in the country’s heavily forested Papua region in favor of other, “greener,” crops, apparently contradicting his vigorous earlier defenses of the industry. The remarks by Luhut Pandjaitan, the chief minister in charge of investments, including in the palm oil industry, […]...

Mongabay -4 months ago

Activists skeptical of win as court orders Papua plantation maps published

JAKARTA — A court in Indonesia has ordered the government to publish detailed maps of oil palm plantations in the country’s easternmost Papua region, an area increasingly targeted by the plantation and logging companies that have depleted much of the tropical rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo. But indigenous and land rights activists say they’re skeptical […]...

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