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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Certification

timberbiz -10 hours ago

FSC extends transition period for national standards

The coronavirus pandemic has been an obstacle for certification bodies that cannot conduct audits as usual. It also makes it difficult for certificate holders to adjust their operational systems to conform with the requirements of new normative documents. Source: Timberbiz To support a smooth transition, FSC International has approved an extension of the transition period of some national standard...

timberbiz -10 hours ago

NZ rolls out paper bags in Plastic Free July

New World and Prolife Foods of New Zealand have announced the nationwide rollout of recycled paper bags at Alison’s Pantry departments on the eve of Plastic Free July. The recycled paper bags are made of 70% recycled content, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, kerbside recyclable, and feature a glassine, paper-based window. Source: Timberbiz It follows on from Woolworths’ decision la...

timberbiz -2 days ago

PEFC survey – your views on forest certification

PEFC is committed to supporting and improving service delivery for members, certificate holders and stakeholders. Accordingly, they are conducting a short survey to get a deeper understanding of what is relevant and important when it comes to forest certification. Source: Timberbiz The survey will run between Tuesday 30 June and Tuesday 13 July 2020. This will help to develop the PEFC offe...

timberbiz -2 days ago

FSC International flow-on financial effects of COVID-19

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, FSC International has expressed concern regarding the financial risks posed by continuing extended shutdowns across the 90 plus countries using FSC for certification. Source: Timberbiz The financial risks to FSC stem from: The global nature of the pandemic; The global contraction – leading to recession; The disruption to supply chains and the labour marke...

timberbiz -5 days ago

Bunnings’ reckless timber judgement will mean job losses

Bunnings decision to stop selling timber logged by VicForests has been widely condemned by industry bodies, with VicForests claiming up to 170 jobs in regional Victoria are now at risk. Bunnings on Wednesday announced it would stop selling timber logged by VicForests after a court found the state government-owned forestry agency breached conservation laws. Source: Timberbiz “Bunnings has a zero-...

timberbiz -5 days ago

Bunnings knee-jerk timber decision slammed by politicians

Bunnings’ decision to stop sourcing timber from VicForests has been slammed by politicians representing Gippsland. The Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said Bunnings had shown complete contempt for their suppliers while State Shadow Assistant Minister for Forestry, Gary Blackwood said the move by Bunnings was a knee-jerk reaction. Source: Timberbiz The decision has also been met with ...

timberbiz -6 days ago

Bunnings to stop selling VicForests timber

  Bunnings will stop selling timber logged by VicForests after a court found the state government-owned forestry agency breached conservation laws. “Bunnings has a zero-tolerance approach to illegally logged timber that dates back two decades and our commitment is to only source timber products from legal and well managed forest operations,” Bunnings’ director of merchandise, Phil Bisho...

timberbiz -7 days ago

VicForests hampered by government, media and restrictions says forestry expert

VicForests, as it begins a new role as a plantation developer, has been hampered by government operational restrictions and malicious, unfair media attacks, according to a senior forestry expert and consultant. Source: Philip Hopkins for Timberbiz Gary Featherston, who is registered to assess both PEFC and FSC certification systems, was part of the founding team that set up VicForests in 2004. The...

timberbiz -1 week ago

DoubleHelix offers Chain of Custody certification in Asia Pacific

Environmentally conscious companies have a new choice when it comes to certification of forest products. Singapore-based Double Helix Tracking Technologies (DoubleHelix) now offers PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification to companies there, and also across the Asia-Pacific region. Source: Timberbiz PEFC CoC certification shows that forest products like paper, wood flooring, furniture (or even no...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

APFA says retailers should follow Woolworths’ lead

All Australian retailers should choose to follow Woolworths’ lead and reintroduce paper bags and packaging, the renewable and environmentally friendly solution, and help kickstart the Australian economy as the nation reopens in the wake on the CoVid-19 pandemic. Source: Timberbiz From 3 June 2020 Woolworths customers across the nation have had the option of purchasing FSC certified paper shoppin...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

Friday analysis: From possums to paper bags, the more things change the more they stay the same

There is no escaping some issues, they resurface over and over but despite very learned reports, researched and written by very learned men and women knee jerk reactions remain – of course I am talking about our Leadbeater’s possum. Clearly cute but clearly not as endangered as we are led to think. Source: Mandy Parry-Jones With a short week due to the Queen’s Birthday holiday in Australia w...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

Woollies offers FSC paper shopping bags

From 3 June 2020 Woolworths customers across the nation have had the option of purchasing FSC certified paper shopping bags. All paper used has been sourced responsibly, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, with recycled paper used in conjunction with non-recycled paper to provide a stronger structure. Source: Timberbiz The bags have been tested to carry up to 6kg worth of groceries. Ma...

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