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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Certification

timberbiz -4 days ago

Restoration of 7000ha of degraded Indonesian forest

A joint initiative based on community and organizational collaboration is set to restore more than 7,000 ha of degraded forest land within a contiguous forest complex of over 600,000 ha in the Mahakam Ulu landscape of East Kalimantan province in Indonesia. The area has about 70,000 residents, mostly Dayak Indigenous Peoples who have traditional land rights throughout the landscape. Substantial are...

timberbiz -2 weeks ago

Australian builders declare their support for timber

Australian builders declare is a movement to raise awareness of the need for action in building construction to play a major part in emissions and to advocate for faster change in the industry towards an improved standard of construction and more regenerative construction practices. Source: Timberbiz Buildings and construction play a major part in emission problems accounting for nearly 40% of ene...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Woolworths rolls out locally made paper carry bags to more states

Woolworths is now offering its customers in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia a locally made paper carry bag as it progressively onshores manufacturing in support of local industry and jobs. Source: Timberbiz Woolworths has partnered with family-owned Australian manufacturer Detpak in a multi-million-dollar deal to produce the locally made bags, which first launched in South Australia an...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Comments open for Australian Standard for Chain of Custody forest and tree product

Public comment is being sought on a revised draft for the Australian Standard for Chain of Custody for Forest and Tree based Products – AS 4707. Source: Timberbiz The Australian Standard, along with the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) was developed by Responsible Wood and are key components of the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme (RWCS). AS / NZS 4707 underpi...

USFS -4 weeks ago

Economic overview and policies

The 2020 edition of the UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review provides a statistical review of market developments in the UNECE region in 2019 and the first half of 2020 and the policies driving those developments. This year, the Review also includes forecasts for 2020 and 2021. The UNECE region has three subregions: Europe; EECCA; and North America. It encompasses about 1.7 billion ha of...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

FSC technical update interpretation of old-growth forest

Periodically, FSC ANZ or FSC International’s Performance and Standards Unit (PSU) receive requests for interpretations seeking guidance on the correct application of a specific requirement within an FSC standard. One such interpretation request involving a nationally determined standard was submitted to FSC regarding the potential for harvesting of old-growth forest in the Australian Nati...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

FSC on the Map to trace forestry from your desktop

Imagine a remote forest, difficult to find, track down, let alone find data about. From the satellite straight to the comfort of your desk, you can now find some of the FSC forests around the globe on your computer screen, see how they are managed. Source: Timberbiz FSC developed a map of certified forests – one of the three maps under the FSC on the Map initiative – so that it could visualise...

EFI -1 month ago

Urban cultural values identified in the forest certification process

Presented by Ramona Scriban of the University Ștefan cel Mare of Suceava....

timberbiz -2 months ago

Timber Queensland now complete with Queensland timbers

Visitors to Timber Queensland’s head office used to be puzzled: there was no timber in site. That paradox has now vanished, as TQ’s chief Mick Stephens noted at the opening of the new headquarters last Thursday, which was attended by more than 50 people. Source: Philip Hopkins for Timberbiz The breadth and depth of Queensland’s timbers and products is now on display in its full glory. “The...

timberbiz -2 months ago

PEFC reproaches Greenpeace for shortcomings and factual errors

PEFC notes the concerns voiced by Greenpeace in a recent report, namely that ‘[c]ertification on its own has not helped companies meet their 2020 commitments to exclude deforestation from their supply chains’ and cautions that certification was never designed – and never claimed – to do so on its own.  Source: Timberbiz “Forest certification is an important part of the toolbox needed to...

timberbiz -2 months ago

FSC hits back at Greenpeace report

FSC has hit back at a recently published Greenpeace report that suggests that certification systems including FSC are “greenwashing forest destruction”; a statement that is not only broad but is also an incorrect portrayal of the purpose and activities of certification. Source: Timberbiz As a multi-stakeholder driven and non-profit organization, FSC said it welcomes constructive criticism that...

timberbiz -2 months ago

Opinion: Jason Ross – Global supply chains and the search for sustainable wood

The forest products industry has never been too far from the headlines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it be the pulp and paper sector, top-of-mind during the run-on toilet paper, or more recently the surge in demand for sawn wood and panels for housing we are amid a shortage in timber supply – not only in Australia but increasingly around the world. Timber supply chains has been further c...

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