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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Reporting

Elsevier -yesterday

Assessing forest availability for wood supply in Europe

Publication date: February 2020Source: Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 111Author(s): I. Alberdi, S. Bender, T. Riedel, V. Avitable, O. Boriaud, M. Bosela, A. Camia, I. Cañellas, F. Castro Rego, C. Fischer, A. Freudenschuß, J. Fridman, P. Gasparini, T. Gschwantner, S. Guerrero, B.T. Kjartansson, M. Kucera, A. Lanz, G. Marin, S. MubarekaAbstractThe quantification of forests available for wood ...

USFS -6 days ago

Estimating biomass availability and cost when implementing forest restoration with tethered harvest systems

Using an adaptation of Forest Inventory and Analysis’s BioSum framework, which models prospective management of forested landscapes using forest inventory data, we tested several fire-resistance-promoting restoration treatments, implemented with tethered cut-to-length harvest systems, for effectiveness and economic feasibility in the dry national forests of southern Oregon and northern Californi...

USFS -3 weeks ago

An approach to estimating forest biomass change over a coniferous forest landscape based on tree-level analysis from repeated lidar surveys

Forests represent a significant opportunity for carbon sequestration, but quantifying biomass change at the landscape scale and larger remains a challenge. Here we develop an approach based on repeated tree-level analysis using high-resolution airborne lidar (around 8 pulses/m<sup>2</sup>). The study area was 53 km<sup>2</sup> of actively managed coniferous forestland in th...

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Trump aims to lift protections on Tongass Forest Alaska

The Trump administration is seeking to lift federal protections on the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, paving the way for possible timber harvests and road construction in the largest national forest in the US. Source: NPR Last week, the US Forest Service, part of the Department of Agriculture, called for the Tongass to be fully exempted from the Roadless Rule, a 2001 policy passed in the wanin...

USFS -3 weeks ago

Roundwood use by southern wood pellet mills: Findings from timber product output mill surveys

Between 2012 and 2017, southern wood pellet exports grew by approximately 180 percent, whereas the regions’ wood pellet mill capacity increased from 3.8 to 7.7 million tons over the same period. This capacity and production growth generates concerns regarding impacts on resource sustainability and to traditional forest industries that use feedstocks similar to those used by pellet mills. Informa...

Springer -3 weeks ago

A technical and socioeconomic approach to estimate forest residues as a feedstock for bioenergy in northern Mexico

Abstract Background Forest residues can be a feasible alternative for converting energy into fuels, electricity, or heat. Compared to other second-generation bioenergy sources, they do not compete for food, are relatively cheap, abundant in forest-rich areas, and more importantly their energy balance is close to zero. Biomass estimat...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

Independent review of strategic wood fibre supply in Indonesia

Indufor Group was engaged by Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) to undertake an independent review of the strategic wood fibre supply forecast of the company’s commercial plantations supplying PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper mill (RAPP) at Riau province, Indonesia. Source: Timberbiz The review supported APRIL’s aim to ensure transparency and implementation of the company’...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

Future Timber Hub pavilion design commended in Barcelona

A commendation was awarded to Australia’s Future Timber Hub Pavilion design project which was finalist in an international competition and exhibition held in October at Form and Force 2019, Barcelona. From over 30 entrants the Future Timber Hub Pavilion was one of only four to receive this award. Source: Timberbiz For the jury, elements of particular merit were the design of the timber node c...

Forest Sweden -4 weeks ago

91 percent of the area under regeneration was approved

The proportion of regeneration areas assessed and approved under the Forestry Act has shown a positive development since the turn of the century. The latest 3-year average showed that 91 percent of the area under regeneration was approved under §6 of the Forestry Act. This level is unchanged compared with the previous year’s results and remains at the highest level since the inventory started i...

timberbiz -1 month ago

US lumber prices bounce back despite low housing starts

North American lumber prices have bounced back but how long will this last? Madison’s Lumber Reporter has been following the ups-and-downs of North America construction framing softwood dimension lumber prices in 2019, which remain baffling. Sources: Timberbiz, Forest2Market A look at the latest US housing starts and home sales data shows continued mixed performance with US housing starts droppi...

USFS -1 month ago

The carbon consequences of thinning Allegheny hardwoods: Lessons learned from a study designed to inform SILVAH development

About 50 years ago, scientists and managers collaborated in an effort that would evolve into the Silviculture of Allegheny Hardwoods (SILVAH) system. Stout and Brose (2014) summarize this unusual story. SILVAH includes components that range from inventory methods to training sessions to management prescriptions, all of which were designed from the ground up and driven by the needs of managers work...

USFS -1 month ago

NED and SILVAH: A history of the coalition

Forest management decision support software has been used for several decades. Many people have tried a variety of approaches, with varying degrees of success, to provide information that helps forest managers make decisions. This chapter documents some of the successes and failures of NED and SILVAH. In 1988 the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Northeastern Forest Experiment Station...

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