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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Reporting

USFS -2 days ago

Decadal dead wood biomass dynamics of coterminous US forests

Due to global change, temperate forests are expected to face growing threats to forest health (e.g. insects/disease) and increasing probabilities of severe disturbances (e.g. wildfires), which may result in amplified tree mortality against a backdrop of a changing climate and associated ecosystem/atmospheric feedbacks (i.e. increased rates of dead wood decay/combustion). Despite these expectations...

USFS -3 days ago

Stakeholder Perceptions on the Need for Updated Tree Species Distribution Maps

Tree species distributions presented as range maps are powerful tools for forest‐based decision‐making processes. In the United States, Silvics of North America is a well‐known reference for over 200 tree species. However, the current range maps are likely outdated due to changes in land use, advancements in technology, shifts in plant hardiness zones due to climate change, and shifting soci...

IUFRO -4 days ago

2nd North American Mensurationists Conference

From 2022-12-11 to 2022-12-14, Portland, Oregon, United States, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 4.01.00, 4.03.00 The 2nd North American Mensurationists Conference will present traditional biometrics and forest measurements techniques as well as novel modeling methods, such as machine learning, or forest inventory based on phodar or UAV (to list just a few). The event captured the interest of two research ...

timberbiz -5 days ago

Canadian trucker design hybrid forestry truck

Larry Bolduc has been a truck driver for more than 25 years and is now the head of the family business Transport Raoul Bolduc in Girardville, Quebec, Canada. He also launched another business in parallel, called Électrocamion. The business plan is to convert forestry or mining trucks into hybrid diesel-electric vehicles, whether they are new or existing. Source: Truck News (Canada) Like ma...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Timber losses from Hurricane Ida significant

On August 29, Hurricane Ida slammed into the coast of Louisiana as a Category 4 storm and became the second-most damaging hurricane to strike the state on record (Hurricane Katrina holds the top spot). Though not nearly as severe as the storm surge from Katrina, Ida also inflicted widespread flooding across the state and caused over $18 billion in damage. Source: Forest2Market The LSU AgCenter is ...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Huge pushback mounting against new EU forest policy

The new 2030 Forest Strategy is triggering diplomatic clashes in the EU over who should be responsible for forest policy, as EU auditors voice concern on biodiversity loss. Europe’s biggest timber nations lined up at an Austrian conference this week to reject a climate strategy proposed in Brussels to sustainably regulate how woodlands are managed. Sources: Bloomberg, euobserver Resistance ...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Spatiotemporal dynamics and risk factors of oak decline and Mortality in the Missouri Ozarks of the United States based on repeatedly measured FIA data

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>During recent decades there has been widespread oak decline and mortality in the Missouri Ozarks, USA. We extracted data of 18,403 oak trees measured during 1999–2019 from the US Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) database to examine the spatiotemporal patterns of oak decline and mortality and associated risk factors. The Missouri Ozark...

USFS -2 weeks ago

A comprehensive forest biomass dataset for the USA allows customized validation of remotely sensed biomass estimates

There are several new and imminent space-based sensors intended to support mapping of forest structure and biomass. These instruments, along with advancing cloud-based mapping platforms, will soon contribute to a proliferation of biomass maps. One means of differentiating the quality of different maps and estimation strategies will be comparison of results against independent field-based estimates...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Considering spatiotemporal forage variability in rangeland inventory and monitoring

Rangelands provide numerous ecosystem services, including forage for livestock grazing. Effective grazing management requires measuring forage availability, which influences the level of grazing that can be sustained while maintaining healthy ecological conditions. However, spatiotemporal variability makes such determinations of forage quantity difficult, potentially hindering optimal management. ...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Missouri forests 2018: summary report

This summary report provides an overview of findings from the fourth annualized inventory of Missouri forests based on data collected from 2012 to 2018. Forest land area remained stable at 15.4 million acres, and 80 percent of forest land is in the oak/hickory forest-type group. Forests in the State continue to mature with 64 percent in large diameter stands and 61 percent in stands older than 60 ...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Improving individual tree crown delineation and attributes estimation of tropical forests using airborne LiDAR data

Individual tree crown (ITC) segmentation is an approach to isolate individual tree from the background vegetation and delineate precisely the crown boundaries for forest management and inventory purposes. ITC detection and delineation have been commonly generated from canopy height model (CHM) derived from light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data. Existing ITC segmentation methods, however, are li...

Forest Ecosystems -2 weeks ago

Large scale mapping of forest attributes using heterogeneous sets of airborne laser scanning and National Forest Inventory data

The Norwegian forest resource map (SR16) maps forest attributes by combining national forest inventory (NFI), airborne laser scanning (ALS) and other remotely sensed data. While the ALS data were acquired over......

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