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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest Reporting

IUFRO -16 hours ago

2020 Western Mensurationists Conference: Forestry at the Crossroads: Advancements in Natural and Artificial Intelligence

From 2020-06-15 to 2020-06-16, Online, United States, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 4.03.02 The advancements in computer sciences and material sciences that occurred in the last two decades changed the way how forest measurements and forest modeling is perceived and approached. To this end, not only methods that are computational intensive are now dominating the modeling world, but also the measurements...

USFS -2 days ago

New Hampshire Forests 2017

The second full remeasurement of the annual inventory of the forests of New Hampshire was completed in 2017 and covers more than 4.7 million acres of forest land, with an average volume of over 2,300 cubic feet per acre. The data in this report are based on 1,162 plots located across New Hampshire. Forest land is dominated by the maple/beech/birch forest-type group, which occupies 52 percent of to...

Springer -3 days ago

Hundred year projected carbon loads and species compositions for four National Forests in the northwestern USA

Abstract Background Forests are an important component of the global carbon balance, and climate sensitive growth and yield models are an essential tool when predicting future forest conditions. In this study, we used the dynamic climate capability of the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) to simulate future (100 year) forest conditi...

timberbiz -7 days ago

Australian mills continue to operate while NZ mills shutdown

Australia’s timber mills are continuing to operate during the COVID-19 lockdown as normal and will do so until ordered otherwise. Building sites have been already been deemed essential activities by the Federal Government, spared from the tight restrictions placed on restaurants, pubs, clubs, cinemas and other non-essential businesses. Source: Timberbiz However, New Zealand moved to Alert Level ...

Springer -7 days ago

Extending harmonized national forest inventory herb layer vegetation cover observations to derive comprehensive biomass estimates

Abstract Background National forest inventories (NFI) have a long history providing data to obtain nationally representative and accurate estimates of growing st`ock. Today, in most NFIs additional data are collected to provide information on a range of forest ecosystem functions such as biodiversity, habitat, nutrient and carbon dyn...

USFS -1 week ago

New possibilities for virtual street tree inventories

Urban forestry professionals can use online tools to learn a lot about a site before a field visit. For example, Google Street View<sup>TM</sup> (GSV) provides street-level panoramic photographs that can be used to preview a street tree that is slated for maintenance or removal so that an arborist can anticipate what equipment will be needed in the field. Using street-level imagery, a ...

Springer -1 week ago

Gap models across micro- to mega-scales of time and space: examples of Tansley’s ecosystem concept

Abstract Background Gap models are individual-based models for forests. They simulate dynamic multispecies assemblages over multiple tree-generations and predict forest responses to altered environmental conditions. Their development emphases designation of the significant biological and ecological processes at appropriate time/space...

Springer -1 week ago

Comparison of estimators of variance for forest inventories with systematic sampling - results from artificial populations

Abstract Background Large area forest inventories often use regular grids (with a single random start) of sample locations to ensure a uniform sampling intensity across the space of the surveyed populations. A design-unbiased estimator of variance does not exist for this design. Oftentimes, a quasi-default estimator applicable to sim...

Elsevier -1 week ago

Evaluating the effects of nitrogen and sulfur deposition and ozone on tree growth and mortality in California using a spatially comprehensive forest inventory

Publication date: 1 June 2020Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 465Author(s): Mark E. Fenn, Haiganoush K. Preisler, Jeremy S. Fried, Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Susan L. Schilling, Sarah Jovan, Olaf Kuegler...

timberbiz -2 weeks ago

In the North America COVID-19 is slowing business and halting conferences

Joining previous declarations from National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association and the National Retail Hardware Association, the Midwest Building Suppliers Association has petitioned governors in Indiana and Michigan to classify lumber and building materials providers as “essential services” which would prevent against mandatory government closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. S...

Springer -2 weeks ago

Effects of diameter distribution errors on stand management decisions according to a simulated individual tree detection

Abstract Key Message Tree-level forest inventory data are becoming increasingly available, which motivates the use of these data for decision-making. However, airborne inventories carried out tree-by-tree typically include systematic errors, which can propagate ...

Springer -3 weeks ago

The legacy of management approaches and abandonment on old-growth attributes in hardwood floodplain forests in the Pannonian Ecoregion

Abstract In the absence of primeval floodplain forests, near-natural remnants are key references for close-to-nature forestry and nature conservation. Old-growth forest characteristics (OGCs) were quantified in 16 managed (rotation or selection) and abandoned semi-natural floodplain forests by taking snapshot inventories of structural features. Principal component analysis reveal...

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