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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forest & Food Security

UNECE-FAO -2 days ago

Forests for Food: From Food Deserts to Food Forests

Learn about “food forests” – a way of combining agriculture and forestry in an urban environment to create edible landscapes in this video from UNECE and FAO. By mimicking how plants grow naturally on multiple layers within a forest, food forests consist of a canopy with tall fruit and nut trees, shrubs and bushes which bear fruit, a layer including herbs and vegetables, and ground-hugging p...

CBD -2 weeks ago

Latin American and Caribbean forests are key to environmental sustainability and global food security

The Latin American and Caribbean Forestry Commission highlighted the strategic role of regional forests in improving livelihoods, countering climate change and halting biodiversity loss....

FAO -2 weeks ago

The forests of Latin America and the Caribbean are key to the planet’s environmental sustainability and food security

The Latin America and Caribbean Forestry Commission highlighted the strategic role of the region’s forests for improving life, combatting climate change and halting biodiversity loss....

timberbiz -3 weeks ago

Planet and Google collaborate in high resolution forest basemaps

To enable greater impact from the NICFI Satellite Data Program, Planet has teamed up with Google to make high-resolution, tropical forest Basemaps available within the Earth Engine platform. This brings the power of Google’s cloud to the entire NICFI community to run analysis at regional and global levels to study the effects and solutions of tropical forest loss at scales not possible through t...

IUFRO -4 weeks ago

Rewilding the Soil - Regenerating and Re-naturing the land and the soil: issues, implications and solutions

From 2021-09-16 to 2021-09-22, , online, IUFRO Unit(s) involved: 9.03.00 The online conference takes place over three days in September 2021 with around 6 speakers per day and opportunities for discussion. Themes over the three days include: the impact of de-natured soils and their implications for environmental sustainability and food security; erosion of peatland/ fenland and arable soils and th...

Mongabay -2 months ago

A world of hurt: 2021 climate disasters raise alarm over food security

Record extreme weather in the U.S., Brazil, China and elsewhere is impacting food production this year, with the future expected to be far worse. Agriculture requires “transformational change” to meet the climate crisis, say experts....

The Guardian -2 months ago

Reforestation hopes threaten global food security, Oxfam warns

Over-reliance on tree-planting to offset carbon emissions could push food prices up 80% by 2050Governments and businesses hoping to plant trees and restore forests in order to reach net-zero emissions must sharply limit such efforts to avoid driving up food prices in the developing world, the charity Oxfam has warned.Planting trees has been mooted as one of the key ways of tackling the climate cri...

EFETAC -2 months ago

Shifting to a Bioeconomy

Forests and trees have always been crucial to people’s food security, nutrition, and culinary cultural identity. With a steadily growing world population, one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century will be increasing food production while maintaining worldwide forest health and biodiversity. “I have come to realize that we, forest management experts, don’t […]...

ITTO -2 months ago

G7 ministers pledge to work with ITTO on sustainable supply chains

Yokohama, 27 July 2021: In a joint communiqué issued in May 2021, the G7 Ministers responsible for Climate and Environment committed to working with ITTO to increase support?for sustainable supply chains that decouple agriculture from deforestation and forest degradation. The G7, or Group of Seven, is a high-level intergovernmental political forum consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Ita...

timberbiz -2 months ago

TimberLex portal describes forest laws around the world

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched a new online portal providing information on forest-related laws around the world in order to help promote legal forest management, timber production and trade, and contribute to efforts to make forest resource use sustainable. Source: Timberbiz The first such portal of its kind, developed with support from the Japa...

CBD -2 months ago

How the world can prevent emerging infectious diseases and protect food security

According to a new report co-written by Illinois Natural History Survey postdoctoral researcher Valeria Trivellone, climate change, poverty, urbanization, land-use change and the exploitation of wildlife all contribute to the emergence of new infectious diseases, which, in turn, threaten global food security. Trivellone spoke with News Bureau life sciences editor Diana Yates about how global autho...

CBD -2 months ago

In the world capital of vanilla production, nearly three out of four farmers say they don't have enough to eat

Madagascar, famous for its lemurs, is home to almost 26 million people. Despite the cultural and natural riches, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 70% of Malagasy people are farmers, and food security is a constant challenge....

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