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CBD -2 days ago

Global biodiversity crisis demands conservation action that is both effective and equitable

Few places on our planet remain untouched by humans. The growing global demand for food, fibre, fuels, shelter and freshwater is driving the loss and degradation of natural forests, wetlands, coastal areas and other ecosystems. It has had devastating consequences for biodiversity and the life-sustaining services that ecosystems provide, such as clean air, safe drinking water and a stable climate....

CBD -2 weeks ago

Our wetlands are worth saving

The theme of World Wetlands Day 2019 on Saturday - Wetlands and Climate Change - was aimed at encouraging people to conserve wetlands to mitigate climate change, said U Thein Aung of the Myanmar Bird and Nature Society. Myanmar has many wetlands, which consist of marshes or swamps, either man-made or natural, with either stagnant or flowing water, fresh or salt....

CBD -2 weeks ago

Convention seeks use of wetlands to tackle climate change

With time running out to reduce global carbon emissions by 45 per cent before 2030 and limit global warming to well below 2?C, The Ramsar Convention said wetlands provide a natural solution to making a daunting task more achievable....

CBD -2 weeks ago

World Wetlands Day 2019: "Wetlands and Climate Change"

This year's World Wetlands Day under the theme of "Wetlands and Climate Change" highlights the importance of healthy and intact wetlands to one of the most pressing challenges of our times: climate change....

CBD -2 weeks ago

Importance to planet of saving wetlands highlighted

The power of the planet's most effective carbon sinks - wetlands - can and must be better harnessed in national and global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, says the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands as it marks World Wetlands Day tomorrow....

Mongabay -3 weeks ago

Study finds bears react, then habituate, to drones

Noisy aliens flying above us might stress us out or cause alarm. As drones fly UFO-like over forests, wetlands, deserts, and oceans, serving as tools to monitor wildlife, detect habitat change, or search for poachers, they may be stressing out the animals being studied or other species. Now, though, a team of researchers has found […]...

IUCN -4 weeks ago

Nature: A global fix for global risks

At a time when environmental threats to humanity loom ever larger, IUCN stands as the organisation to fully harness the power of nature in addressing the challenges we face – and to guide the world towards the vision set out in the Sustainable Development Goals, writes IUCN Director General Inger Andersen. Mangroves and wetlands help ...

CBD -4 weeks ago

Protecting the biodiversity of Colombia's unique wetlands

When the river Magdalena in Colombia bursts its banks the water flows into a ciénaga, a unique wetland bursting with invaluable biodiversity. Today, climate change has put this under threat....

CIFOR -2 months ago

Getting forest science to policy discourse: a theory-based outcome assessment of a global research programme

This paper presents an assessment of the outcomes of research carried out under the Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Programme... The post Getting forest science to policy discourse: a theory-based outcome assessment of a global research programme appeared first on Center for International Forestry Research....