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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forests & Invasive Pests, Plants, & Diseases

CBD -2 days ago

Invasive Animals Pose "Deep and Immediate Threat" to U.S. National Parks, Study Finds

More than half of all U.S. National Parks are overrun with invasive animal species, such as rats, pythons, and feral hogs, according to a new study published in the journal Biological Invasions....

CBD -3 days ago

Can We Identify Invasive Species before They Invade?

Scientists uncover patterns that predict which insects will harm North America's conifers...

CBD -3 days ago

Interview: New Zealand manages pretty but invasive "pest plant" Russel lupin: official

WELLINGTON, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- It is time for the blossom of Russel lupins in New Zealand's South Island, which is a well-known tourism attraction at this time of the year....

USFS -5 days ago

Geographical associations with anthropogenic noise pollution for North American breeding birds

Anthropogenic noise pollution (ANP) is a globally invasive phenomenon impacting natural systems, but most research has occurred at local scales with few species. We investigated continental‐scale breeding season associations with ANP for 322 bird species to test whether small‐scale predictions related to breeding habitat, migratory behaviour, body mass and vocal traits are consistent at broad ...

CBD -6 days ago

Matauranga Maori 'needed' to help fight the world's biodiversity crisis

The world is in the grip of a biodiversity crisis, but the issue is often lost in the loud clamour over climate change. The warming planet is just one of a number of human-made factors including habitat change, invasive species, over-exploitation and pollution pushing the planet to the brink of an ecological collapse....

CBD -1 week ago

Invasive American brackish water mussel appears in India

While out on routine coastal surveys this past summer, a group of researchers noticed something odd....

CBD -1 week ago

Invasive species set to exploit climate change in Antarctica

WASHINGTON - In the tiny part of Antarctica where the snow melts in springtime, mosses, lichens and grasses grow alongside flies, mites and colonies of micro-organisms that have fed and reproduced for millions of years....

Elsevier -2 weeks ago

Indicator based integrated vulnerability assessment of community forests in Indian west Himalaya

Publication date: Available online 20 November 2019Source: Forest Ecology and ManagementAuthor(s): Shinny Thakur, Vikram S. Negi, Ravi Pathak, Rupesh Dhyani, Kamini Durgapal, Ranbeer S. RawalAbstractThe Himalaya is often referred to as forested landscape, which provides a range of ecosystem services vital for sustaining life of billions of people. The region is recognized amongst the 35 global bio...

CBD -3 weeks ago

Invasive Alien Species: Protecting Nigerian oceans'll boost economy, shipping trade

With a coastline of 852 kilometres bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea and a maritime area of over 46,000 km2, 80 per cent of transport trade in Nigeria is done through the seas.... -3 weeks ago

Strategies for managing invasive robinia

The North American robinia (black locust) has many positive, but also many negative characteristics. Today, it has become part of ecosystems and the cultural landscape in many places, so neither free and unlimited cultivation nor widespread active control measures make sense....

CBD -4 weeks ago

BRICS scientists could help stem the tide of invasive species

Developed countries are producing policies to reduce the flow of invasive species and control or eradicate existing invasions. But most developing countries are under-resourced to tackle either aspect without help....

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