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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information



Springer -just now

Survival, growth and photochemical efficiency of silver fir seedlings produced with different technologies

Abstract Forest tree seedling production technologies impact reforestation success determined with survival and quality of seedlings. Five Abies alba seedling production technologies were tested: (1) bare-root seedling, three years in the open (3/0); (2) bare-root seedling, two years under a shading net (40% of full light), a year in the open (2/g); (3) ball root seedling, two ...

FRI -just now

Bridging the gap: The Forestry Toolbox add-in for Microsoft Excel | FGrOW Webinar Series #11

Information about the series: Abstract Forestry has progressively become more quantitative over the past 20 years. Advancements in technology combined with large amounts of data, sophisticated modeling techniques and an ever-increasing level of details tracked in regulatory processes, require today’s forestry professionals to po...

CATIE -21 hours ago

Seminario AGROFORESTA: Evaluación de la Tecnología de Tanque de Ferrocemento para Cosecha de Agua ..

Seminario AGROFORESTA: Evaluación de la Tecnología de Tanque de Ferrocemento para Cosecha de Agua de Lluvia El tanque de ferrocemento de alambrado es una tecnología altamente desarrollada en el contexto brasileño, diseminada en proyectos de desarrollo con pequeñas familias productoras en zonas semiáridas, cuyas precipitaciones pueden ser inferiores a 800 mm al año. Su diferencial con respe...

Mongabay -23 hours ago

Math campus multiplies threats to Rio de Janeiro’s dwindling Atlantic Forest

RIO DE JANEIRO – Horto, a secluded neighborhood in the south of Rio de Janeiro with a view of the famed Christ the Redeemer statue, is enveloped by forest. Tropical trees with their sprawling branches and fanned leaves encircle the small houses and hang over the gardens of the area’s 2,000 residents. Marmosets scurry across […]...

CIFOR -yesterday

Image of honey gatherer in mangroves wins photography competition

Mangrove Photography Awards 2021...

Mongabay -yesterday

As seizures of poached giant clams rise, links to ivory trade surface

In April 2021, authorities in the Philippines made a notable discovery. On a beachfront property on Sitio Green Island in Palawan province, they found shell after shell of giant clams, all protected species, laid out on the sand. The stockpile of shells weighed more than 200 metric tons, and their commercial value was estimated at […]...

What Wood -yesterday

Houses from MHM panels will be built in a Yakutian village that suffered from a forest fire

Houses for residents of Byas-Kyuel village in Gorny District that suffered from a forest fire will be built from wood using the MHM (Massiv Holz Mauer) technology, as reported by Aysen Nikolaev, Head of the Region, on his Instagram page. Head of Yakutia said that building lodgings as soon as possible was the key task […]...

Mongabay -yesterday

Guatemala tightens cattle ranching rules, but can they stop deforestation?

Guatemala is getting ready to implement new regulatory programs for the cattle industry in hopes of slowing the rate of deforestation in some of the country’s most at-risk tropical forests. The government has invested in quarantine pens for cattle raised in Petén, a department that has struggled to prevent cattle ranching from encroaching on the […]...

Mongabay -yesterday

Forest biomass-burning supply chain is producing major carbon emissions: Studies

New research has tracked biomass industry carbon emissions, finding that U.S. wood pellet production, transatlantic shipping, and U.K. and E.U. pellet burning, plus a loss of stored forest carbon, combine in substantial unreported emissions....

CBD -yesterday

Yunnan leads the way in protecting rare flora and fauna

"By taking multiple measures to protect biodiversity, Yunnan has successfully protected about 100 species of animals and plants with extremely small populations from the risk of extinction over the past decade," said Yang Wenzhong, an expert from the Yunnan Academy of Forestry during the 15th meeting of the Conference of Parties of UN to Convention on Biological Diversity, or COP15, currently unde...

CBD -yesterday

France's Axa to invest 1.5 bln euros to fight deforestation

French insurer Axa said on Thursday it will invest 1.5 billion euros ($1.74 billion) to support sustainable forest management as part of new commitments to fight deforestation and preserve biodiversity. The announcement comes a day after more than 100 countries called for urgent action on biodiversity with the 'Kunming Declaration' in China....

CBD -yesterday

The Amazon's biodiversity: The real winning lottery ticket

When Brazil's then president Luis da Silva announced the discovery of major oil deposits in 2008, he described it as the 'winning lottery ticket'. As the current incumbent attends the COP15 meeting on biodiversity, the real winning ticket and the key to securing the country's economic and environmental health lies not in those pre-salt deep water oil deposits, but in the heart of the Amazon rainfo...

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