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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information



timberbiz -3 hours ago

VicForest assessing proposed harvesting in Warburton

VicForests is investigating the suitability of a coupe (Apu) in Warburton for harvest. As part of this process VicForests is consulting with the Warburton community and conducting surveys and studies of the area. Source: Timberbiz Consultation with community is integral for VicForests’ planning process for any harvesting activity. VicForests continues to consult with the Warburton community ...

Mongabay -4 days ago

Indonesia forest fires push orangutans into starvation mode, study finds

JAKARTA — The fires that raze vast swaths of Indonesian Borneo every year are having a lasting health impact on the region’s critically endangered orangutans that threatens them with extinction, a new study has found. The fires, which in nearly all cases are started to clear land for plantations, reduce the availability of food for […]...

CBD -4 days ago

Fifteen Years to Save the Amazon Rainforest from Becoming Savannah

The pace of deforestation in the Amazon, coupled with last year's devastating forest fires, has pushed the world's largest rainforest close to a tipping point beyond which it will turn from a carbon sink to a carbon source....

USFS -2 weeks ago

Ecological restoration of Abies religiosa forests using Nurse plants and assisted migration in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Increasing disturbance events (forest fires, windstorms, pest outbreaks) associated with climate change are creating new ecological restoration challenges. Here, we examine the utility of assisted migration in combination with naturally established nurse plants in order to improve the success of afforestation with Abies religiosa (sacred fir), the overwintering host of the Monarch butterfly (Danau...

CBD -2 weeks ago

'No doubt whatsoever': Experts claim climate change causing Australia to burn

There is "no doubt" that climate change is increasing the risk of wild fires around the world, researchers said on Tuesday, as Australia's government faces criticism for denying devastating bush fires are definitively linked to global warming....

Elsevier -2 weeks ago

Multi-century reconstruction suggests complex interactions of climate and human controls of forest fire activity in a Karelian boreal landscape, North-West Russia

Publication date: 1 March 2020Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 459Author(s): N. Ryzhkova, G. Pinto, A. Kryshen', Y. Bergeron, C. Ols, I. DrobyshevAbstractSpatially explicit reconstructions of fire activity in European boreal forest are rare, which limits our understanding of factors driving vegetation dynamics in this part of the boreal domain. We have developed a spatially explicit d...

FAO -3 weeks ago

Better land management is the key to restricting bushfires

By Peter Moore, FAO Forestry Officer, Forest Fire Management & Disaster Risk Reduction In January 1994 there were four fire related deaths, hundreds of thousands of hectares burnt and fingers of fire crept into the city of Sydney. ...

USFS -4 weeks ago

Forests and water: A state-of-the-art review for Colorado

Forests occupy 22.6 million acres in Colorado, or 32 percent of the land area, and nearly three-quarters of the forest lands in Colorado are in public ownership. About 55 percent of the forested area is considered suitable for forest harvest. National forests comprise nearly half of the forested area and approximately 60 percent of the area is considered suitable for forest harvest. There are no s...

MCD -4 weeks ago

We have got to up our game substantially for forests, carbon, biodiversity, and ultimately people

A recently published contribution in Nature by Lenton et al. (2019) shows that Earth is risking an irreversible planetary tipping point. This means that the Earth’s climate system is in a state of emergency, rushing its way towards a point of no return. The authors have identified nine tipping points—inter alia—melting Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, retreating permafrost, changing boreal f...

Mongabay -1 month ago

Indonesia fires cost nation $5 billion this year: World Bank

JAKARTA — Land and forest fires in Indonesia cost the country $5.2 billion in damage and economic losses this year, equivalent to 0.5% of its economy, according to a new analysis from the World Bank. The World Bank calculated the figure based on the fires’ impacts on the nation’s agriculture, transportation, trade, industry and environmental […]...

Mongabay -1 month ago

The role of sustainable finance in Forest Landscape Restoration (commentary)

The recent forest fires in Brazil and Bolivia showed once more that traditional approaches to sustainable development and nature conservation are not sufficient to reduce carbon emissions from land use and stop the ongoing destruction of natural resources. Innovative solutions are needed and Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) has emerged as a promising alternative holistic concept […]...

timberbiz -1 month ago

Swedish stats show continuous decrease in felling

Monthly statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency show a continuous decrease in the notified area for final felling. The total area notified for final felling decreased by 24% in November compared with the same month last year and it decreased the most in the south of Sweden. Source: Timberbiz The total area notified for final felling was 26,058 hectares in November, which is lower than the averag...

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