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timberbiz -2 days ago

Fire tower spotters stop spread of spot fires

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s network of fire towers in the Hunter and Mid North Coast proved instrumental in spotting and controlling several forest fires during the recent extreme high fire danger period, with crews dispatched to half a dozen fires spotted from the towers. Forest Protection Manager Karel Zejbrlik said Forestry Corporation had more than 100 fire towers statewide and the only n...

Forest Sweden -4 days ago

Second highest notified area of final felling in 2018

In 2018, the second most notified area of final felling was reported since 1995. This according to Swedish Forest Agency's annual statistics that are now published. The increase is partly due to the forest fires during the summer. Of the 21,000 hectares in the fire areas, 11,208 hectares have been reported as notified final felling. Swedish Forest Agency...

timberbiz -4 days ago

NZ Prime Minister supports Tas Rapid Relief Team

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has shown her support for the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) who have been feeding hundreds of emergency services personnel and Defence staff battling forest fires in the New Zealand Nelson-Tasman region. Source: Timberbiz Local NZ RRT volunteers have been handing out 700 free meals and nearly 1500 drinks including barista-made coffees, energy drinks and water...

What Wood -6 days ago

In 2019, more than 1.7 thousand hectares of new forest will be planted in the Voronezh region

This was reported in the Forestry Department of the Voronezh region. On the eve of the spring forestry campaign, the heads of branches of the Voronezh forest fire center discussed the strategy of the upcoming works. Spring forest planting in recent years begins in mid-March, which means that there is not much time left for […]...

ScienceDaily -1 week ago

Tree loss from bark-beetle infestation impacts elk habitat

Although elk typically adapt to forest disturbances such as forest fires and logging, a new study found that during the summer, elk avoided areas with extensive tree mortality that has occurred due to the bark-beetle epidemic in the northern portions of the Rocky Mountains in the United States....

GFW -2 weeks ago

Embers Under the Earth: The Surprising World of Coal Seam Fires

By Thailynn Munroe The world is on fire, and not just from forest fires or volcanoes. Across the globe hundreds of fires burn low and slow on dirty fuel beneath the earth, smoldering for decades or even centuries. These fires are known as coal seam fires. They occur underground when a layer of coal in the earth’s […] The post Embers Under the Earth: The Surprising World of Coal S...

ScienceDaily -3 weeks ago

Why large forest fires may not be a big threat to some endangered animals

A new study shows that certain endangered owls may continue to persist and even flourish after large forest fires....

CBD -1 month ago

We Are All DukDukDiya: Humming Bird with One Drop of Water at a Time

There is a Quechan fable about a hummingbird named Dukdukdiya. During a fierce forest fire, while all other animals stood in stunned fear, Dukdukdiya alone took action by repeatedly carrying a single drop of water in her beak to the flames....