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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information


Forests & SDGs

Global Forest Coalition -4 weeks ago

Women2030 global shadow report: Gender equality on the ground

Feminist findings and recommendations for achieving Agenda 2030 This global shadow report aims to capture the inspiring and diverse range of work that has taken place through the Women2030 programme over the past five years, which GFC and our member groups have contributed to extensively. It provides bottom-up and evidence-based civil society perspectives on SDG and gender equality progress with a...

IISD -4 weeks ago

HLPF Event Explores Forests-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus

The event illustrated the potential for synergies among SDGs that focus on sustainable land and resource use. Speakers highlighted that forests can help prevent zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19 by ensuring the balance between pathogens and host species is restored....

IUFRO -4 weeks ago

Forests and transformative pathways to sustainability - IUFRO-WFSE Side Event at HLPF, 9 July 2020

Forests can be directly or indirectly linked to almost all SDGs and are central for nature based-solutions and transformative pathways towards sustainability. This side event discussed the role of forests and forestry in transformative change, the levers of change across complex systems and ways to accelerate the progress towards sustainability. Special focus was devoted to equity, gender and gove...

Global Forest Coalition -1 month ago

New gender equality report on Latin America cites gap between UN goals and local realities

July 8, 2020 — A report released today sheds light on gender equality in Latin America through community-based assessments in five countries, suggesting that a significant gap remains between progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and women’s rights on the ground. This situation is exacerbated by the abuses of corporations whose interests are often prioritized over those of ...

Global Forest Coalition -1 month ago

Latin America report: gender assessments reveal gap between real life and the UN’s good intentions

World leaders have gathered virtually for this year’s edition of the UN’s High-Level Political Forum. Top on the agenda is assessing how progress is being made globally to achieve gender equality, tackle climate change and protect forests, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve just published our own assessment of this progress, “Toward Buen Vivir with Gender Equali...

Global Forest Coalition -1 month ago

Respect for women’s rights at stake: The gap between real life and the UN’s good intentions

by Juana Vera Delgado, Global Forest Coalition In general, all these United Nations instruments [related to gender equality] have contradictions, because they are important in symbolic terms, but they do not reach down into real society … There is a gap between the SDGs and real life.* Assessing progress on gender equality and the impacts of COVID-19 are top of agenda at the UN’s High-...

UNECE-FAO -1 month ago

UNECE Annual Report 2019

Description: UNECE helps countries to address some of the key sustainable development challenges facing the region. Our tools can support accelerated progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals in critical areas: ⚙️ #Sustainable use of #NaturalResources ⚙️ Sustainable & #smartcities for all ages ⚙️ Sustainable #mobility & smart #connectivity ⚙️ Measuring & monitoring pr...

IISD -1 month ago

SDG Index Measures All Countries' Progress Since 2015

SDSN's annual Sustainable Development Report and indexes track the performance of all UN Member States on the 17 SDGs, measuring the distance remaining to achieve each target. The 2020 report focuses on ‘The Sustainable Development Goals and Covid-19’. According to the country-level index, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, and Cambodia have progressed most since 2015....

UN-REDD Programme -1 month ago

Forests and SDGs


IISD -1 month ago

Forests, Progress on SDGs Contribute to Recovery from Pandemic

Policy briefs from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs explain how pre-pandemic progress on the SDGs may be reducing the impacts of COVID-19, and how forests can make a unique contribution to recovery. DESA plans to release the 2020 edition of the annual Sustainable Development Goals Progress Report on 7 July 2020....

FAO -2 months ago

Why We Need a “New Normal” for Production and Consumption

People are consuming more than ever. Our choices are having an unprecedented impact on the environment. The jeans, skirts or suits we wear, the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics we use, the food and drink we consume – all of these products have an impact, to varying degrees, on the environment....

FAO -2 months ago

Forests and Pollinators – Close Companions with a Shared Destiny

Unobtrusive and often unobserved, the insects, birds, and mammals that help to keep plant populations diverse and abundant are easily overlooked as they go about their tasks. Yet their contribution to food production in terms of quantity, quality, and diversity is incalculable, through the act of pollination....

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