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Collaborative community of 350+
partners promoting forest information

Collaborative community of 350+ partners promoting forest information



timberbiz -17 hours ago

Building from the basement up in wood

In Thun, Switzerland, the first apartment building with a basement made of wood is currently under construction. The construction industry has a responsibility and must significantly reduce its CO₂ emissions to comply with the Paris Climate Change Convention. This can only be achieved by dispensing with more steel and concrete in building construction. Source: Timberbiz There is a lot of CO₂ i...

timberbiz -17 hours ago

Marrickville Library wins multiple timber design awards

The Marrickville Library project has won this year’s overall 2020 Timber Design Award. The project, produced by architects BVN and engineers TTW, also collected the Public Buildings Award. Source: Timberbiz The awards were presented on Wednesday night at a virtual ceremony hosted by Julian Brenchley, from Brenchley Architects. The Marrickville library and community centre is located on the site ...

timberbiz -17 hours ago

Friday analysis: Victoria delays timber salvage but grants program steps in

The Victorian State Government has been rightly condemned for taking so long to release timber burned in January’s bushfires in north-east Victoria and Gippsland. Yes, the burnt timber will be saved from going to waste through a grants program funded by the Federal Government and the Victorian State Government. Source: Bruce Mitchell Good news. The grants will be available Victorian timber and f...

What Wood -3 days ago

Segezha Group launched production of CLT panels

The new production began at Sokol CLT plant, where the first pilot CLT panel 3 by 6 m was produced. The plant equipment is capable of producing CLT panels up to 16 m long, 3.5 m wide and 0.4 m thick. The investment value exceeded 3 billion rubles; the company’s capacity is 50,000 m³ of […]...

timberbiz -1 week ago

Stora Enso enter US CLT market for tall timber

Wooden buildings are on the rise in the US and Stora Enso will enter the market with its cross laminated timber (CLT) product complying with the International Building Code (IBS) that is necessary for the US American market as of 2021. Source: Timberbiz Enso has received approval for producing and delivering CLT panels to the United States of America in accordance with the International Building C...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Experimental seismic behaviour of a two-story CLT platform building: design and shake table testing

Since its introduction in Europe more than two decades ago, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is viewed as a new-generation of engineered wood products and has found its way into the US construction market. Recent research efforts have demonstrated that CLT can be effectively utilized as a seismic force resisting system. This paper presents the results of part of a study conducted at Colorado State Uni...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Shaping cross-laminated timber panels to rock and roll as seismic pendulum isolators

While research of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) structures prioritizes force-based design for earthquake hazards, this project navigates a complementary displacement-based route—charted by United States building code provisions for seismic isolation. Curvilinear cuts to the load-bearing edges of stock CLT panels enable walls to roll through pendulum motion. Elliptical geometry provides the mechan...

USFS -2 weeks ago

Experimental seismic behavior of a two-story CLT platform bulding: shake table testing results

With the increased usage of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in the United States, research efforts have been focused on demonstrating CLT as an effective Seismic Force Resisting System (SFRS). Presented in this paper are the findings of full-scale shake table tests of a two-story 223 m<sup>2</sup> (2400 ft<sup>2</sup>) building with two sets of CLT shear walls on the first and...

What Wood -3 weeks ago

Z-Press for CLT cross layers at Stora Enso put into operation

Despite Covid-19 and the consequencing difficult conditions, a complete CLT cross-layer system with a new Z-press CL was assembled on time and on schedule at Stora Enso in Ybbs. This system is specially designed for the quick and easy production of cross-layer panels. There are very few interfaces, as the system was mostly implemented by Ledinek. The newly […]...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

New American hardwoods guide is a visual tech tool

The American Hardwood Export Council has brought together its species and grading guides into a single Guide to Sustainable American Hardwoods, complete with illustrated application case studies. Its aim is to provide a publication that ‘informs, educates and inspires’ and meets the needs of abroad audience, from timber traders, through end-users to specifiers. Source: Timberbiz “The idea wa...

timberbiz -4 weeks ago

Stirling Machinery expands to NZ from strong Australian base

Australia’s Stirling Machinery has entered the New Zealand market to supply and install premium machines and provide a fully integrated service, from consultancy through to servicing. Source: Timberbiz A division of tooling supplier, Accurate, Stirling has enjoyed strong and steady growth in Australia since its establishment five years ago. Mark Bate, Stirling’s Sales Manager NZ says it’s cl...

INBAR -1 month ago

Webinar Live: Structural use of engineered bamboo

Session 5: Structural use of engineered bamboo Speaker: Yan Xiao, Changjiang and Expert Distinguished Professor at Zhejiang University-University of Illinois Joint Institute Topic: Development of glued laminated bamboo (glubam) and cross laminated bamboo and timber In this seminar, extensive research studies by the author’s group on glued laminated bamboo, or glubam, the bamboo-based glulam, ...

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